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3 levels of punishment. No way to escape. Two rules, do as your told and behave. Mutants are being rounded up for experiments and left in the hands of a secret government cooperation. Rated Adult for a Reason.
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Complete?: No - Published: 02/22/2010 - Last Updated: 08/23/2011
Story Notes:
I've had this plot bunny bouncing around now for a while. I've wanted to do a darker story, but never really thought I should write anything. However, I've decided that I like having the option of bouncing from one story to the other, that way there I don't get bored.

Well I hope you enjoy and I hope that you can catch some of the references I make towards the comic stuff.

Please Review, I wuv that!

Warning : Not Beta Read. This story is very dark. Contains graphic violence, partial nudity, sexual content, coarse language. Viewer/reader discretion is Advised.

Disclaimer : Most of the Characters belong to Marvel

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