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Love reading almost any Rogue/Logan fic. My faves are comicverse or AUs though. But I read almost anything that has to do with them.

Well lets see what else? I've always been a comic geek. I loved "X-men The Animated Series" of the nineties and I still to this day keep tabs on the comics. I didn't mind Evolution. And "Wolverine and the X-men" Seems to be promising. I just hope they make a second season so that I can judge it better.

The movies, well they were ok. As a hardcore comic fan, I have my 'meh' moments. But they were ok.

I've always had this super fascination with Rogue. She just pulls me in. Her character (not all the powers and stuff) but her 'being' is just so realistic. Someone ppl can relate to I guess.

Wolverine. What can I say? As a Canadian, it would be wrong for me not to Love the man. Come on. It's almost a sin.

From the first series plug and commercials in the 90's introducing the cartoon. I was hooked on Wolverine. He just stood out. And I don't care what anyone says, the fact that he can have a solo series, still be on the X-men team, be a lone wolf, be Canadian and still to this day be one of the biggest names in Comic history and STILL to this very day be popular. Come on, that alone speaks for itself. The character just has this thing about him that draws ppl in. Nuff said ;)

For myself. I have all these ideas, and could never seem to find a way to put them out there, into the real world. And fanfiction, well that just helps.

Knowing that now it's not just me that sees these two as an obvious pair, well that just gives me more wood for my fire and want to write. I guess knowing that ppl will read my stuff helps too. Because why put something out there, if no one is going to want to read it anyways right? Might as well just stay in my head.

I'm not that great of a speller. God, I'm just horrible. My grammar could be a lot better. But I try. I just need to get these stories out of my system I guess ;)

All in all. I love being here. I feel like my stuff will be understood and maybe even appreciated. And that is way cool.
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Events taking place after Golgotha. A return and a plot so crazy, it threatens to change the Xmen forever!

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3 levels of punishment. No way to escape. Two rules, do as your told and behave. Mutants are being rounded up for experiments and left in the hands of a secret government cooperation. Rated Adult for a Reason.

Rated: Adult
Categories: AU, Comicverse
Characters: None
Genres: Shipper
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Warnings: Rape/Non-Con

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