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Marks the spot. You Know You've Been...

You Know You've Been Reading Too Much Wolverine Rogue Fic When....

We've disabled the "add your own" feature due to an influx of spam.

1) Someone calls you kid, and you get all warm and fuzzy before you realize it's not always a term of endearment. -Diebin

2) Despite not actually performing any chemistry pracs that day, you take a pair of latex gloves and merrily wear them around for hours later. When asked during the aforementioned hours later, why you're wearing them, you reply your life long dream is to be a proctologist. -Charon

3) You happen to be looking through the TV guide and see a movie called "Logan's Run" advertised. You immediately think it's a story about Logan running from his feelings (and Marie). -Sarah

4) You spend forty-five minutes actually trying to convince a comic-book-cannon-freak-fanboy that yes, Logan is using Jean as a cover to, umm, hide his feelings yeah. It's all a big conspiricy -Diebin

5) You're driving in your car and you see a license plate with the the letters RL 1234 and you immediatly think, "Rogue/Logan fan number 1234!" and then you start laughing hysterically at the thought of flagging the car down, telling the driver what you thought the plate meant and trying to convert them. -AKScully

6) You tell your boyfriend your leaving for an older man who smokes cigar and doesn't shave...all in a bad southern accent. -Saurion

7) Gleaming metal gets you really hot. -NapalmNacey

8) Plaid and paisley make you all warm and fuzzy inside. -NapalmNacey

9) You're spending all night submitting YKYBRTMWRFW's to your mate in America in the vain hope she puts them up, even if they suck ass. (Note from Diebin: They don't suck ass silly. Kiss kiss!) -NapalmNacey

10) You own full length Opera Gloves. You wear them. You have a chunking kit in your bathroom drawer just waiting for the day when you decide your bangs need to go platinum. -Diebin

11) You own full length Opera Gloves. You wear them. You have a chunking kit in your bathroom drawer just waiting for the day when you decide your bangs need to go platinum. -Diebin

12) You have actually uttered the words, "But I can't have Logan, he's Marie's." -Diebin

13) Every time you hear a new song on the radio, you try to imagine a Logan/Rogue Fic that will work with it. -lurknomore

14) You go to class and try to pass one off as an essay on the mating habits of mutants. And trust me, it doesn't work. It just gets you a strange stare and an F. -Errie

15) You try to find a slow and painful way to kill all the Jean/Logan shippers. And that book of painful ways to kill J/L shippers was written by someone else, honest... (Note from Diebin: This site does not promote the torture/maiming of Jean/Logan shippers. They're not bad. They're just misguided. *wink*) -Errie

16) You search for good full-body pictures of Rogue and Wolvie so you can cut them out and make paper dolls to act out your own little plays of your favorite fic. (My personal fav-acting out in Diebin's "Cupid Doesn't wear Leather" - You can change their clothes into all kinds of neat little outfits!) -the gerbil

17) You wander around your dorm for a good hour aking if any one has a pair of nice gloves you can borrow because you have a date with a guy who kinda looks like Wolverine if you squint and you want to be prepared. (Keep fic in your purse for extra inspiration/ entertainment if he doesn't live up to your growling bad ass expectations.) -the gerbil

18) Absolutly every song you hear reminds you of L/R or an L/R fic. Whether it's sad, happy, angry whatever, they all remind you of them. -Erin

19) You've started smoking cigars just so you'll know what it will taste like for Marie to finally kiss Logan. -Sare Liz

20) Not only does every song sound L/Rish, but you've started ripping CD's of the perfect songs for each fic. Soundtracks. -Sare Liz

21) When your 9 year old son comes to you everyday and asks you if he's got the eyebrow thing right possibly thinking that this is the one thing that will tear his mommy away from her W/R fic reading/writing so she'll notice him. -Jaded

22) When you keep putting off giving your hubby that haircut, and beg him not to shave AND then attack his jawline with an eyebrow pencil just to make it look a little more realistic! Oh yeah and loads of hairspray to help with the pointy 'do'. -Jaded

23) You try and create a replica of Rogue's DNA so that you can figure out how to alter it so that she can be touched (by Logan, of course) in biology class. -Mad rADhaMtte

24) You go to an army surplus store and have "Wolverine" dogtags made so you can wear them around your neck (with your opera gloves of course). -Ashleigh

25) No matter who you are talking to... you have to quote at least one of your favorite fan fic authors. Which can be a little on the strange side when you great a total stranger with a phrase like...."Hey, sugah! Come here and let me show you my gloves." -Kia

26) You open and sniff every bottle of shampoo at your local Rite Aid, trying hard to find the one that smells like wanton desire and strawberries all in one. -Dark Ferret

27) You pull up your favorite stories at work, and paste them into an empty email message so you can read them while you're supposed to be working. -lurknomore

28) The sight of block writing in red pen makes you really horny. (All hail the Goddess Nancy.) -Diebin

29) You argue constantly with your family who are all Wolverine/Jean Grey and Rogue/Cyclops fans, that "No he isn't too old!!" and give them certain fanfics to read. And when they *still* aren't convinced, you call them weird. -Erin

30) You check your email every hour to see if you've got anymore L/R fanfic, and when you accidentally read R/? and W/? you feel sick and need to read *any* L/R fic. -Erin

31) When, you can't keep all the Rogue/Logan fanfic straight and it all turns into this crazy roller coaster ride of near death experiences, hot&lusty scenes, crying, screaming, pain, need, fear, games etc, etc,. . . but you don't really care cause it's Rogue and Logan and WHAT A RIDE!!! -Angel

32) When people calls you a weirdo for talking all the time about L/R, and you growl back at them, saying it's not your fault since *they* were probably the ones who did weirdest experiment on you. -Mars

33) When you keep on asking your brother-in-law who (thanks God, he's an engineer, he MUST know), where to find adamentium. -Mars

34) When you hope to have awfull nightmares about even more awfull experiments done on you, and that a cute, roguish, gal is going to smooth your pain. -Mars

35) When you hope to have awfull nightmares about even more awfull experiments done on you, and that a cute, roguish, gal is going to smooth your pain. -Mars

36) When you try to find a logical, acceptable, way to get your girlfrient to agree to get that (oh MY!) white streak on her hair. (Note from Diebin: Ask one of the girls above out. They'll do it.) -Mars

37) When you rent a trailer and ask your girlfriend to hide in it, in winter, then have her eat jerky in your camper. -Mars

38) When you insist your girlfriend sleep in the guest room, so you can wake up at night and watch her sleep. -Mars

39) When you refuse to touch your girlfriend unless she wears a long-sleeves shirt and opera gloves. -Mars

40) When you finally beleive, despite the artic winters, the low change rate of currency, the never-ending constitutional arguments, etc., that being a Canadian GUY IS WONDERFUL, bub! -Mars

41) You look up after a long evening of reading everything on a website, only to discover that it's almost ten A.M. and you have no good excuse for being two hours late to work. -Magdeleine

42) You move to Canada, just because. -the gerbil

43) You scream at anyone near "I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!" when you find that 'Logan´s Run' was also a Marvel Comics comic- and then go into rabid Logan-*will*-come-back-for-Rogue hysterics upon hearing the sequel: 'Logan´s Return'. (We knew it!) -Eilla

44) You own the action figures, and when a slow song comes up on the cd you are listening to, you think it's normal that they should dance. -JO

45) You think growling is a turn on... so you do it yourself and think everyone wants you even when they make these you're-crazy-you-need-serious-help looks. They're just in denial. -Spyre

46) You take the long way home so that you can drive through the sticks and see plaid, trailers, stogies and unshaven faces... not the best substitute, but you take what you can get. -Spyre

47) Every pet you get, you impulsively name it something Roganish... like Gloves, Tags, Wolvie, and even "On-the-run-from-what-you-truly-want-and-love".... but you call 'em Logan for short. -Spyre

48) Every movie or book you read, you picture Logan as the unwilling hero and Rogue as the rough and tumble damsel. They both might be from Mars with three eyes and seven legs, but the heart of the idea's still there. -Spyre

49) You've watched the movie all the way through only a dozen times, while you've fast forwarded, paused and put slow motion on the Rogan scenes nearly a thousand times. -Spyre

50) In school, you make it your business to get the trouble maker guy and the innocent girl together... if it's the last thing you do. -Spyre

51) Cover your walls with chain link fencing... still king of the cage. [note: seek help] -Spyre

52) The first thing you ask a guy when you meet him is, "Were you in the army? Doesn't that mean you're in the army?"... give them a look, wiggle the eyebrows suggestively. -Spyre

53) Mouth every line in the movie... and act out every scene with Logan and Marie... playing both parts or sometimes pretending the pillow has adamantium claws. -Spyre

54) Make faces in the mirror... trying to imagine what it feels like to have your life force sucked from you by the most beautiful girl in the world. You find this romantic as you pretend to approach death just from her touch. -Spyre

55) If someone asks you for a pencil or an eraser, you turn to 'em and growl, "You keep this up, you'll lose somethin' else." -Spyre

56) When you're asked what you'd like to drink you say, "I'll have a beer," even though you don't drink beer -- and you're at a church gathering... -- and it was the pastor who asked you. -Spyre

57) Beef jerky... even at a dollar for a stick... will be bought... WILL be consumed. -Spyre

58) When it snows, you stand outside... sniffin' the air for any sign of danger. NO ONE'S GETTIN' MARIE! -Spyre

59) When you find yourself a harem boy who will actually let you call him Logan and who growls for you and calls you darlin' -Wolvies 1

60) When you give said harem boy hot fanfic to read and talk him into acting out the good parts for you. -Wolvies 1

61) When you use Halloween as a perfect excuse to wear those opera gloves and forest green cloak to work and bring along your Wolvie Power Basher doll because, duh, Marie would never go anywhere without Wolvie!! (note: won the costume contest for that one) -Wolvies 1

62) When just the sound of a Harley in the distance makes you swoon. -Wolvies 1

63) When you realize your harem just won't be complete without a guy who owns a Hog. -Wolvies 1

64) You know approximately fifty-eight different ways of getting Wolverine and Rogue in physical contact with each other that when someone argues the point of Rogue's "condition", you laugh it off and begin to list the ways, naming off each fic and the author who thought it up. Of course, the ones when Wolverine is the only one who can touch her are listed first. -Spyre

65) If someone asks you whether you would want to be Rogue or Logan in the pairing...your head explodes. You can't answer a question like that! To be untouchable or to be unable to touch? Never ask me a question like that again! Therapy costs too much! -Spyre

66) You see another couple (in a movie/TV show/fanfic/real life) and think, "No, don't touch, she'll kill him with her poison skin!" -Caged Bird

67) You perk up every time you hear the words leather, claws, blackbird, etc. -Caged Bird

68) Any of the above words, mentioned in any context, remind you immediately of X-Men. -Caged Bird

69) Yyou quote from the fanfic. Obsessively. And then everybody looks at you weird when you try and explain yourself. -Caged Bird

70) You find yourself in the mall looking at opera gloves and dogtags for no particular reason. -Caged Bird

71) You see the new X2 trailer come on and have to REALLY fight the urge to throw something at Bobby's head when he's kissing Rogue! (Boy is it hard!) -Marie

72) You want to have white bangs now, after seeing Rogue's and thinking how cool it is. -Marie

73) you think its real when your dreaming about L/R and think your dreaming about not dreaming about them when your awake. -obsessed

74) your friends and family are screaming at you to shut up about them. -obsessed

75) your waiting for that tall, dark, clawed,spiky haired, handsome, and animal-like man to show up someday. -obsessed

76) any thing that reminds you of Logan/Rogue makes you horny. -obsessed

77) You see a guy with a big buckle, you try your best to see if it's anything like Logan's - even at the risk of your boyfriend being mad at you because you've been staring at someone else's crouch for hours. -White Witch

78) your sister is making fun of you just because you're obsessed about L/R. -obsessed

79) you pretend that one of your friends is bobby and another one is the person who thought about making bobby Rogue's boy friend and they have to run from you because you're attacking them with assorted fruits. -obsessed

80) on first day at a new job you put up your x-men action figures and your new boss starts getting pale in the face. -akikat2278

81) you start caling that person, "One-Eye", "Cyke", "Pansy ass", "Wuss", not forgetting, "Bub" just because he wears ruby-red glasses - and really is a pain in the a**! -White Witch

82) your best friend is Marie. -obsessed

83) every thing you can think of reminds you of L/R. -obsessed

84) every where you look it reminds you of L/R. -obsessed

85) every time you close your eyes it reminds you of L/R. -obsessed

86) you find yourself swearing at the t.v. because the cartoon makes it look like Logan likes jean and Rogue likes scott(god i hate that!) -obsessed

87) you dated a guy only because his name was Logan, ask a court to legally change your name to Rogue and tell everyone you meet that you can't touch them cuz you might harm them. -Asder Blair

88) you feel weak from the lack of being on this site. -obsessed

89) Nobody dares mention the fact that the movie is coming out because it sends you into a fit about Marie being with Bobby and Logan kissing Jean and telling everyone your master plan on killing Jean and Bobby slowly. You tend to get a weird look from everyone. And then you try to convert anyone who will listen that they are ment to be together and by god, you'll make it work, damnit. -VIvianeAeryn

90) When you read other non-Xfics and start to protest when they have skin to skin contact, and start to yell to the computer before you figure it out. -Allison

91) You can carry on entire conversations without thinking up any of your own words, there's an L/R fic response for everything. -Moonbeam

92) ONLY IF YOU'VE CONVERTED A FRIEND! Carry on dual sided conversations made up entirely of your favourite lines from the movie and L/R fic (note: a fabulous way to while away the wee hours of freak out weird people on the bus). -Moonbeam

94) You no if you just consentrate hard enough the claws will come out of your knuckles, someday. -lelu

95) you start smoking sigars youself, drink beer and can'r love anymore... -Emppu

96) You try and get your cousin who looks like Rogue to die her bangs and then you try to get her to go out with your friend named Logan. -Kitty

97) Your friend gives you the cover of a magazine because it has Wolverine on it and then they steal it just so they can watch you freak out about it. (This happened the other day to me ! *sob* lol ^_^;) -Kitty

98) you get a can of dr. pepper with a picture of rogue onit, and if it happens to have a picture of bobby on it, youstab every part of the can, coincidentially missing the parts with rogue -obsessed

99) your friend named logan starts looking cute in your eyes because he just so happens to be named after your honey with claws -obsessed

100) youre diabolically planning to dye your bangs white agianst your mothers orders -obsessed

101) people have to literally drag you away from your computer because you cant stop reading w/r fics -obsessed

102) you stay ot of the sun as much as possible because you have the need to be as pale as rogue is -obsessed

103) pale is in,bub! -obsessed

104) you tell people you have a very big friend named Logan, whas born in Canada, fight's in Australia, have been almost everywhere around the world...and almost believe yourself that he exist and is sitting next to you....Booohoooo..... -Emppu

105) You watch every "X-Men Evolution" cartoon episode along with your little sisters hoping to see Logan very soon and not knowing, that the dude,looking like a squirrel that took too much steroids,IS that sexy man you saw in the movie. And he's not really a squirrel-he's Wolverine. -

106) You watch every "X-Men Evolution" cartoon episode along with your little sisters hoping to see Logan very soon and not knowing, that the dude,looking like a squirrel that took too much steroids,IS that sexy man you saw in the movie. And he's not really a squirrel-he's Wolverine. -Sable

107) You keep forgetting that the show “The X-files’ isn´t about the x-men, and every time it comes on you´re left wondering where Wolverine and Rogue are. (I've actually done this...) -Kat

108) You refuse to accept your parents explanation to your lack of mutant powers, "Maybe you're just a normal human,", and go continue banging your head on the wall, trying to bring them out. -Kat

109) tears are streaming down your face when there is finally aroganish episode on "x-men: evolution", which are only two. then people are running to see what is the matter, they get mad at you(careful, they might be with the goverment!) -obsessed

110) You tell your spouse not to have sex with you for a month; instead ask him to punch things, pant, growl, grunt, sniff the air, etc... "Try it, Sugah. The hugs will be so great..." -Bailey

111) When you start trying to write your own, of course!!! -Bailey

112) SNIKT!! becomes a word you use in conversation. -Bailey

113) You tell your husband "That's okay, Sugah, I'll do those dishes - why don't you go, like, work out with your punching bag instead." -Bailey

114) The Love of Your Life cuts himself with a kitchen knife, and you stand there staring at his finger waiting for it to heal instead of getting him a band-aid. -Bailey

115) You're flipping the channels and hear a young woman's voice say "Wolvie" and your heart goes WHAM! before you realize it's the movie "Amadeus" (which is a good movie nonetheless). -Bailey

116) If you've ever answered "no" when your man asks "Should I take a shower before I come to bed?" -Bailey

117) You have to take the cigar stub outta your mouth to touch up your lipstick. -Bailey

118) You realise that being an Ozzie has distinct advantages, since everyone know's that Wolverine is really Australian, if only he'd get his memory back, you just know that he'll realise you're the girl of his dreams. (failing that, Hugh Jackman will suffice,have you seen that hair lately???) -Jaded One

119) You actually finally to that white streak in your hair...and 16 year old boys working at KFC swoon. -Amanda

120) You become proud of your white impossible-to-tan skin. -Amanda

121) You think you are Rogue and the neigbour's dog is Wolverine... -oneofall

122) You start wearing scarves on your face and wondering what it'd feel like for a certain X-man to kiss you through it, then you develop a habit of wearing them constantly. -Vehred

123) You run around screaming "YES YES, OH GOD YESSS!!!!" when Rogan-ish scenes come on in the X-Men movie. -Marron

124) You start calling your boyfriend "Wolvie" and telling him to call you "Rogue". -Marron

125) You've been to every W/R site on the internet and are still eager for more... -Marron

126) You cry when you find out that adamantium dosn't really exist. Your friends have given up trying to convince you that mutants don't exist. -Shadow

127) Before bagging out bobby remeber he dies to save rouge and then not only is rouge alive but she'e single. You lose friends if you get to cross at actors and directors in public. (Ow I can't wait till bobby dies. Let the next movie come...I'm not meant to want Innocent ppl dead...am I?) -Sico ranta

128) Before bagging out bobby remeber he dies to save rouge and then not only is rouge alive but she'e single. You lose friends if you get to cross at actors and directors in public. (Ow I can't wait till bobby dies. Let the next movie come...I'm not meant to want Innocent ppl dead...am I?) -Sico ranta

129) You cut three deep wounds in your hand and put a kitchen-knife into each one with hope, that You'll learn how to move them in and out. -Logan

130) You have the sudden urge to eat lots of beef jerky, even though you're a vegetarian. O_o -wicked kiwi

131) you and your friend have a discussion on things X-MEN and you start telling them things about his past that aren't quite in Origins. And then you realize as everyone gives you weird looks that you got all of that from this really great fanfic you read earlier that day... -wicked kiwi

132) you start calling people and pets logan or marie depending on their gender -david

133) You piss off the Nice ‘N´ Easy clerk by standing at the checkout for ten minutes trying to determine if Logan would wear the Flag or Eagle buckle. (You dismiss the “Trucker’ and “Budweiser’ out of hand.) TRUE STORY!!! -N.E. Star

134) You have to print out AT LEAST one W/R fic a day just so you don't have to go to school deprived. -Rua

135) After reading how creative Logan and Rogue can be in fanfic, you are suddenly struck by how surprisingly delicious scarves can actually be. -Rua

136) When someone mentions porn, you think they are referring to that "Mating Rituals of the Wolverine Species" special that's on the Discovery Channel tonight... -Rua

137) When there's a power cut on the train and you instantly panic because noooo! Magneto's coming! -Liz

138) At the meer mention of a future Gambit+Rogue pairing makes you glare at any guys with bloodshot eyes and stubble. -Empathy

139) You spend your free time searching for Canadians named Logan, and try to develop a charming southern drawl. -Empathy

140) you're watching that particular scene in titanic, when jack is dancing with the little girl Cora, and then he ditches her for Rose, and he says to Cora, "You're still my best girl"...and you start mumbling, "What a liar. Rose isn't that great looking anyway...grumble..." -flaming flamingo

141) You look up from the WRFA and realize that, OMG it's 4:30 a.m. and you have to go to work in the morning. But then you find another intersting story and think to yourself "just one more" again and again until 9. -Jess

142) You write your own fanfic, and then get pissed at your own character for making out with Wolverine before she finally falls for Kurt. -Jess

143) You see the letter x anywhere including x-rated and you instantly smile and your heart leaps before you realise its only porn, or x-files and in realising this, become sulky until you get your hourly fix of L/M fics...(that really does happen to me...quite pathetic really, lol) -Liz

144) You go to zoo which have a 'Wolverine Special' before you realize it means the animal, not Logan... (it happened to me once...) -Alexandra

146) you think your accent is a little less Jerry Springer and a little more Southern Belle -Amanda

147) You see the advert for BBC's 'born to win' thing, which is a 'clever' copy of x-men's intro/trailer and you grin like a fool and look for the date of its airing and then realise that its only a stupid athletics thing and that none of them are mutants...darn it... -Liz

148) Everytime you go to login in anywhere you read Logan...and wish that you were actually logging in to him!! :) You spend over an hour printing out as many WRFA fanfics as your ink cartridge will manage when you are faced with the prospect of two weeks without a PC...and horrors!...without the internet...You just can't survive a day without reading at least one fanfic...!!! -UKTara

149) When you see the bar seen in the movie and you start jumping up and down cuz you know that they felt a mutial attraction. -APRILRENEE

150) You not only read through all the YKYBRTMWRFW but your postive the reason that Rogue is so pale is because she stays up all night reading fanfics about herself and Logan. It's called that nice healthy computer glow! -Meagan

151) You read this entire list, and they're all true. -Emme

152) You start wearing dog tags around your neck even though you're not in any kind of service. -Liz

153) You start calling everyone you know "kid" . (And then you hope that they don't realise why because they will tease you about it forever.) -Slash

154) You start only looking for guys who remind you of dear ole Wolvie -Marron

155) You wish you were old enough to go into a bar so you could see if anyone was even close to Wolvie... -Marron

156) Not only do you identify with at least 50 YKYBRTMWRFWs, but you own a Canadian dog tag imprinted with 458 25 243 WOLVERINE and that I secretly wear it every day like the sad little shipper I am. ...Umm....Uh oh... -Wolvietat

157) You spend upwards of fifteen minutes bitching out the computer screen whenever you happen on a Logan/ROUGE fic, because if the writer doesn't care enough to learn how to spell her damn name then he or she is obviously not a true fan of the greatest pairing that ever was and--aww, I'm doing it again. -Emme

158) To keep yourself awake at band practice (or school, or the office, or anywhere that you are not in direct contact with a Wolverine/Rogue story), you start reciting smutty L/M lines in your head. Not that I've ever done that, of course. No way. -Emme

159) The best compliment you've gotten in a long time is when your friend tells you your new hair cut makes you look sexy, like Rogue, with the blonde streaks now showing. -

160) On your favorite message board, everyone knows to come to you for good recommendations. And thanks to said recommendations, you've converted a few others who just happened to be lurking in that thread. -Raksha

162) You are SURE That R and L exist and you blush as you clean out your favorites hastily, hoping they don't have a Fangirl hit list. -Empathy

163) After cleaning out your favorites, you take extra steps in not upseting any powerful mutants. You make sure nobody resembling Hugh Jackman or Shawn Ashmore is near you when you gush about a spicy L/R fic to your best friend. -Empathy

164) You're sitting here reading these to your friends, slowly realizing you are the only one laughing... yet you yell at them for not appreciating the humor... -Rua

165) You name all of your Neopets after them and you dream all night about xmen and you wake up daydreaming about xmen and you fail most of your classes cause of xmen and you get told to close your mouth (flies might get in) by some dude who-how dare he speak to me cause he looks nothing like logan- and you fall asleep thinking about xmen and you get yelled at constantly by your mom cause you are taking up the phone line by reading l/r fanfics online and you scream at the computer and the authors when they dont update, even though they can't hear you and you have an anxiety attack when logan says something oh so romantic and you seriously feel the love...lol im not joking-this is all real for me- and more. -Kayla

166) you begin to use the same facial expressions as l/m everyday and you become sure of the fact that the xmen are going to come rescue you from the clutches of this evil world within 15 minutes and you are rushed to the hospital because of heart palpitations due to accidently running into a bobby/marie or jean/logan fic and you wake up at 3 am on the morning of may 2nd, 2003 just to be the first in the door of the movie theater so you can see X2 and you camp outside of the local video store all night for a copy of X2 on dvd AND video and you have xmen bedset, lunch box, tshirts, hat, backpack, and toothpaste/toothbrush set and nobody can see your walls or ceiling cause all you see is l/m pics and your locker at school is wallpapered with l/m fanfics so you can get a tiny dose between classes and you have your own xmen website and you write all your poems for poetry class about xmen and you talk your teacher into accepting your xmen poetry...lol...and you cant breathe unless you are reading l/m fanfic...well, i think you get the point...im crazy...lol -Kayla

167) you own both movies on dvd and video and you have all the video games for every video console, even though you only have a sega and you own every episode of the cartoon on video and you own more than 300 comic books and you hear people saying "logan" and "marie" and "wolverine" and "rogue" when nobody is saying anything and i am not schizo- i am just crazed! -Kayla

168) Your best friend is getting you dog tags ingraved with 458 25 243 WOLVERINE for Christmas. -Kitty

169) Your friends hair starts coming in platinum blonde at the front and you freak out because you think she's actually Rogue in disguise! (This is happenign to my best friend's hair ! She not dying it either!) -Kitty

170) You've read the X2 novelization, and you are NOT happy about the amount of Logan/Jean in it!!! -GaeaMalfoy

171) You hear someone say "she wore gloves all through class" and excitedly turn around to ask whether she had long brown hair with a white streak in front, and the get REALLY excited when you hear "no, but it was brown" and track the girl down to try and convince her to put a white streak in her hair. -GaeaMalfoy

172) while disscussing a possible L+R fic with your friend/sister, you always add SORRY very loudly while walking past a bush to appease any possible lurking Xmen who may frown upon your L+R writing attempts. -Empathy

173) When you make a "radiodrama" about Logan and Marie´s love for your radio class and your teacher just says: "Ohh the hell not! Not again those mutants! *creepy lady* -Cexy

174) You choose your body lotion carefully, afriad of offnding the delicate nose of a passing mutant. That is also the only reason you shower more than 4 days a week. -Empathy

175) The only reason you HAVEN'T dyed white streaks in your hair, is because you don't want the attention of Pyro maniacs , and you're not ready to commit to the burly lab experiment of your dreams. You wouldn't want to be noticed until then. -Empathy

177) You pass a display of joke-greeting cards and arrange the southern jokes next to the canadian ones, and don't give up at trying to arrange them into the shape of a X. -Empathy

178) You are OBSESSED about X-men and somehow you can always find some way to associate EVERYTHING with X-Men. -Rachel

179) You read a few fanfics then start calling your boyfriend and male friends 'Sugar' -Britt

180) You a buy a PDA with tons of memory, put a cute W/R shipper pic on the front page and stuff all your favorite W/R fic on it in order to feed your obsession during working hours. -obsessed shipper

181) You carry a copy of Jen Sweeney's fic 'X-Men:An Alternate View 1: The Movie' because Marie leaves with Logan at the end of it and he takes her on a road trip with him. I love this fic, its like my all time fav. -VivianeAeryn

182) You won't let your Significant Other touch your skin, or you won't touch hers. -GaeaMalfoy

183) A big reason for attempting early graduation is so you can go to Canada and see if you can pick up a redneck with claws and a belt buckle. -GaeaMalfoy

184) You start making plans for when you can dye your hair brown and white and need black, leather gloves. -Rachel

185) What´s the difference between "Darling" and "Darlin´"? The way Logan says it! (To Marie of coarse) *wink* -Cexy

187) When your english teacher tells one of your clasemates "Enough, BUB..you are putting the class behind with your jokes..cut it out" and you start wondering.."Ok..now when are the claws coming out?" -Cexy

188) When your family/friends/boyfriend ask you.. "What the hell are you doing more then 8 hours on internet? and you just answer "Ohh I´m doing a lot of reaserches lately..for college you know..I must get them delivered buy tomorrow" and its bull$%&/..You know that you are spending your precious time READING WOLVERINE AND ROGUE FICS! (And boy there are a plenty of them) yay! -Cexy

189) Just making a lil note..hehe I had some grammar/spelling mistakes early..Its not -then- in the first line it´s "than" and above it I wrote -buy-..and it´s "by"..sorry folks..Won´t happen again *embarrased* Guess it´s Logan fault! *wink* -Cexy

190) while reading these you realize you do every single one of them -indigo2red

191) You use this list as a checklist of things to do. -GaeaMalfoy

192) u try to bleach your hair to get the blond streak but it comes out horribly wrong and u have weird lighter shade then the rest of your hair and you walk around in long black opra gloves and try to convert other people to the gosple of logan and marie but people just look at you like u have grown another head. trust me...i've done it. and now my hair wont go back to normal -GV

193) When you've been reading Wolvie/Marie fiction all day and realized that it's 12:00 at night and you still haven't finished that story and another one is just as great....no sleep at all this past week. I'm not complaining...really! -Lady Claws

194) You hand one of your newer friends (whom you really really really like and are already extremely close to) something to read and after several seconds she says, "Who's Logan?" And you seriously consider cutting her out of your life forever. -coyote-zoe

195) You go to the beach and cheerfully wear opera gloves with your bathing suit--making sure, of course, that no one comes within five feet of your bare (and, thanks to SPF 50, snow-white) skin. -Emme

196) Your deepest, darkest secret is that you once read a Rogue/Bobby fic...oh, the shame, the shame! -Emme

197) Your best friend--who you love dearly and would probably waste away without--says he thinks Jean is prettier than Rogue, and you refuse to speak to him for a week. -Emme

198) You hear a growl, and, forgetting that you are walking your dog, immediately look around in search of Logan. -Alexis

199) YKYBRTMWRFW You make full-scale models of Logan and Rogue just so you can have imaginary conversations with them. -Elizabeth

200) You freak out whenever somebody labels poor Logan as WOLVERINE!!! HE HAS A NAME!!! HE'S NOT SOME MINDLESS CREATURE THAT LIVES TO KILL!!!!!!!!!!! *pant pant*.....like that. -Elizabeth

201) You devise an ingenious plan to fool your mother into thinking that you ARE NOT on R/W FanFic sites at Four in the morning. (I'm doing it right now!!!) -Elizabeth

202) ur birthday wish for the past two years is that logan will come a put u on the back of his bike (or scotts bike) and take u back to his cabin in canada...happy birthday to me!!! god i am pathedic -gv

203) You read this list of YKYBRTMWRFWs, and you think, 'Gosh, are these true? These people are cool! I wanna be like them! Also: **Grabs bleach for bangs** Hmmmm.... And, of course,LBNL, "Must-date-WR-shipping-guy!" ((Yes, it did occur to me. Don't tell me you don't agree with at least oneof the three.)) -Jessamyn VampyreDaughter

204) You look into every window of every camper and 18 wheeler that has a Canadian licence plate, just hoping... -Jami

205) You're getting off a plane in England and realize that there's a guy standing innocently in line. Looking closer, you see him wearing vintage blue jeans, a semi-big buckle, a white t-shirt, really nice hair, and Brown/hazel-ish eyes. You scream and point, mouth hanging open and spittles of saliva dripping as you shout, "It's the British Logan!" And as the escalator starts to move you climb over people, trying to get to him. (Note: I would have got him too, if only some lady hadn't hit me with her purse. Grrrr....) -Gwynje

206) Your vanity plate IS 45825243. (Good thing NC allows for up to eight letters!) -ILikeBeingCalledAMutant

209) you tell your boyfriend (whom you've convinced that wearing flannel and jeans with big buckles is totally hot) to buy you dog tags for your birthday, which you just *have* to have. When the day comes and he gives them to you, you smile adoringly at him and push him out the door, telling him to come back for them in a couple of months. Then you wipe away a tear as he speeds off on his motorcycle (which you also convinced him to buy), murmuring to yourself,"Ah'll Miss ya, Logan." -Gwynje

210) Three months before Halloween you try to figure out which version of Rogue you want to be, when you can't decide you try to make a list of 'pros and cons' for each verse, but can't actually think of any cons. -Flicker

211) One month later you finally decide which Rogue you will go as, anounce it to everyone you know (including people on LJ, GJ, Xanga, Melo, Neopets *and* Gaia) and then search the internet for the *exact* clothing. You then read all your favorite fanfics over trying to see which color Rogue paints her nails the most and try to decide whether you should buy white hair mascara or just have you hair colored. -Flicker

212) You notice when various College classmates have white and/or blond streaks in their hair and are greatly disapointed when they don't have the right accent. -Flicker

213) You do a search for Xmen fanfiction and say aloud " Gambit...oh yeah him." -Empathy

214) If you have read soo much fanfic the night before and wake up the next day thinking your Rogue...or if you're a boy Logan! {I've done this 3 times!!} -Logan's Lady

216) you stare after every motorcycle on the road with two people on it, thinking "Oh my god! I'm sure that's Logan and Marie on a love trip...wow!" -Chris

217) You convince your very creative/talented baby sister to finally watch XMen, and then stifle the desire to jump up and down screaming with joy when she promptly describes her new fanfic ideas, and narrates an entire W/R shipping story verbatum. And, it's a good story, by the way, never say otherwise! I MEAN IT, THE STORY IS GOOD!!! **Panting** Why, yes, this did happen to me, but, how did you know??? -Jessamyn VampyreDaughter

218) You take the W/RFF quote game. You get sixteen out of thirty correct. You do this mostly by logic, and by the personalities of the authors. You know that this is how you did it, because you've never read a single one of those fanfix. You are now creeped out. Yes, that one happened to me too. -Jessamyn Vampyre Daughter

220) You read Logan's Lady's and find yourself hoping to wake up thinking you're Rogue... or Logan. -Lieu

221) You've read just about every story and you come across one thinking, "Why didn't I think of that, and why can't I finish mine?" Been working on the same one for three days and only have three chapters. UGH!! -Lady Claws

223) When it's 4am in the morning, you've been working on the computer from 10am till 7pm (programmer) and you come home to sit in front of the computer to stare at the screen and read Logan and Marrie Fanfictions when you swore when leaving work you would never ever ever look at another computer screen. (Yes me...all the time) -Lanthirien

224) You've got your story written and you realize that instead pairing Logan and Rogue you've made them relatives and it's to late to change it!!! Oh the pain the pain!! -Lady Claws

226) While on a family road trip this Summer you drove through BLakchills South Dakota in time to see thousands of bikers headed for the Sturgis rally, you spent ever moment awake carefully looking at the passing motor cycles and were very disapointed to see none of the women on the back of the bikes had white streaked hair. None of the men were attractive and most of the women looked afriad unless they had their own bikes... This snuffed many of your favorite 'happy place' scenerio's.( Actually happened to me, almost got a Sturgis Rally t-shirt) -Empathy

227) You relise your bangs are going platnum blone and happily point it out to your best friend during french while reading L/M fanfics IN FRENCH so your teacher can't complain (even though you don't really understand french all that well)((yep i am getting platnum-blone bangs naturally ^_^; and yes i do read the fics in frech during french...)) -Kili

228) You begin to address everyone--EVERYONE--as 'sugar', including friends, family, would-be boyfriends, pets, etc...and since you live in the Deep South, you can use the accent and no one says a word. -Emme

229) You hear about all the trouble the suits have been having with 'X3', and your first thought is, "Why not just have the WRFA take care of it?" Your second thought is, "Nah. Then they couldn't write." Your third thought is, "But they COULD make the movie all Rogan-ish!" Your fourth thought is, "But it would take a while, and until it came out, there'd be no good fanfiction to read." And you continue on like this for upwards of fifteen minutes. -Emme

230) You discover a brand of jeans called Rogan. Next month, when you can't pay your phone bill and have to get your mom to cover it and she asks if you're having money problems, you fight the urge to run for your closet--in which lurk fourteen pairs of unworn jeans, in every size the store carried. -Emme

233) you see rogue or logan at school every single day . ihave lots of time!!!! -

234) you start dreaming that you are rogue and makeout with logan. -

235) every thing you say is about logan or rogue and your friends family tells you to shut up. -

236) You start having dreams made up of several steamy fanfictions that make no sense, with "clips" of moments from many different X-men Universes. Including both TV series...and any comic version you may have read. You wake up with a sudden urge to smoke a cigar, wear leather gloves...and get frisky in a speeding motor boat. You brush your teeth after waking up and try to cleanse your thoughts with fluff. Lots of sugary fluff. -Empathy

237) you stay in your room and avoid the sun so that you can look as white as Rogue !!! -Renee Jackman

238) You have dreams that you are Rogue and join the x-men and your boyfriend is Logan. - Renee Jackman

239) When your at school and scream "Logan i love you." for no particular reason. -Renee Jackman

241) ...The guy that's had a crush on you for ages but you've never noticed learns of your obsession and does the following things; a) stops shaving and grows really Logan-like stubble b) starts addressing you as kid c) buys you a pair of leather gloves for your birthday because he heard from your best friend that you really wanted a pair. Once all this is done, he's suddenly the most amazing guy in the world and you snatch him up in a second ^.^ (true story lol) -Wings of a Dream

242) You buy leather gloves anmd wear them every were. When people ask why you are wearing them you say stay away from or i will hurt you. -rennee jackman

243) You read all the YKYBRTMWRFW's people have written and find that more than ten of them apply to yourself. -Vicky

244) You real all the YKYBRTMWRFW, period. -Vicky

245) When you spend hours creating Sims X-Men characters, build the institute for your characters to live in, and set up the entire community of other mutants for them to interact with. Then get really ticked off because you can't get Rogue to punch Jean at least one time! (But hey, if you have "Hot Date" you can get Logan and Marie into bed. And if you turn the sound up and pan in close, you can hear them growl!) -- This makes me pathetic, but it's oodles of fun. -Ashnan

246) You stumble on to this site, read everysingle YKYBRTMWRFW -Sara

247) You stumble on to this site, read every single YKYBRTMWRFW, realize over ten apply to you, start reading Wolverine and Rouge fic, and have always thought Logan and Marie should get together. -Sara

248) you totally agree that logan and rogue should be together cause that leaves Gambi free for some fun -Quilla

249) You are in love with Logan.You start to write a fanfic about you and Logan,which is about how you meet in real life with him and how he fells in love with ya... -Nicci

250) you start to look on men at least 40 cuz under that age 'cmon its a boy' -

251) When you start to say what they say (Damit Logan) When you drean about them and when you know all of the storeys. -sophie

252) when you write in 'You know you've been reading too much wolverine/rogue fic... -

253) and you wrote more than 10 -Nicci

254) and you still cant stop to add another -Nicci

255) altough your family wants to get the computer :) -

256) ... you start writing W/R poetry based on the fanfics themselves. -Abbs

257) when you read all those ^ and realise youve alredy done them all. -jennifer

258) you throw a temper-tantrum when you find out your internet's down and you cant get on this website (happened before my friends just gave me really wierd looks) -jennifer

259) even your pet dog starts lookin at you odd coz u accidentaly called him/her sugah/darlin etc etc -jennifer

260) when your art teacher asks you why you're doodling pictures of X-Men instead of drawing 'still life' -jennifer

261) when everytime you start a sentance your parent/friend/partner says "if i hear one more word about THAT subject im gonna take your internet away/find a new best friend/leave you -jennifer

262) you watch the X-Men movies and everytime you see a possible romantic situation between L/R u scream at no-one in particular 'LOOK CANT U SEE THEY LIKE EACH OTHER???!!!' and then your friend looks at you really bored because she/he has seem this movie so many times with you and she/he just gives you 'The Look' -jennifer

263) your parents/friends/relatives SERIOUSLY consider getting you phsyciatric help -jennifer

264) when your teacher/boss asks why you haven't done your homework/work and you answer dreamily that you were reading the lastest fanfic on this website and begin explaining it and everyone in the room just looks at you like your some kind of . . . well, mutant -jennifer

265) when you glance at the clock and realise youve been reading for over 9 hours and didnt notice -jennifer

266) when youve read loads of fanfics n tried to work it out but cant quite figure out what a 'shipper' is . . .and start banging your head off a wall coz ure so dumb when you still dont know two days later -jennifer

267) ... you name the virtual labrats in your psychology class after your favorite W/R authors... and consider it a great honor. -Abbs

268) You think you're destined to meet a guy like Logan just because your middle name is Marie. -Blix Howlett

269) You confuse your own real-life experiences with what's happened in L/R fics. -Blix Howlett

270) ...you stumbled on this here site acccidentally, just a few weeks ago, while doing some background research on this incredible Logan character, and discovered being forty and unable to quit smoking mightn't be all that bad, after all. If you got something to work with. Like still being tall and trim, still having a lot of your own hair, and bushy eyebrows and hazel eyes. -Scratch

271) ...you hit the workout bench that same night you discovered this place, and kept at it, every single day since then. The tris and bis and pecs and stuff sure are shaping up swell by now. Dusting off the old motorbike and taking a ride even went better than I ever imagined - I still can hit the road with the craziest of them, take up a challenge, burn the rubber. My old black leather outfit fits likeI've never taken it off. Some things never go out of style. -Scratch

272) ... you come back here to proudly report that you've made some real significant changes to your life thanks to the inspiration and sense of community you've found at this site - and suddendly find that maybe you've gone slightly overboard in your obsession with Logan ... ...that maybe for a single, straight female over forty this isn't exactly the best strategy to attract that big, brawny, sexy guy you've been dreaming of . Oh well, old girl. Maybe there are ways to make this work. Like: "Light my cigar, honey?" -Scratch

273) You read the comic and only bother to read the scenes with Wolvie/Rogue. -Jean G

274) You take a personality quiz that reveals that you're really Rogue and start looking for your Wolverine. -Sara

275) You've memorized this list >_<;; -Loki

276) You forget what's comic, movie, and fanfic. -Loki

277) You have a huge crush on a teacher that is 50and start dreaning about how your lifeill be toghether and realize that you already have a boyfriend/girlfriend. -Marie R.

278) you go to bed after a late night of reading and wake up with the soul purpose of finding your mate to make some babies. -Krystal

280) You try to convince your girlfrend to go as Rouge for halloween insted of the hore Jean. -Wolvi112

281) you spend 3 houres arguing with a 13 year old over Logans real identity as James Howlet (which is true muther fucker!) -Wolvi112

282) When you search and search every possible website, group and mailing list on the web..only to realize you've already read EVERY Rogan story out there. -AShnan

283) When you hover over the refresh button praying for a new Rogan fic. -Ashnan

284) When you begin reading the fics on this site for the 100th time because you can't find any Rogan fics you haven't read. -Ashnan

285) When you know what ROGAN means. -Ashnan

286) When you are so desperate for more Rogan, you start your own pathetic website dedicated to the couple, only to realize that said website does not magically produce new fanfics. -Ashnan

287) you have a split personality disorder and Logan is one of them. -Wolvi112

288) when you start making out with you best friend whom you lovingly call Rogue, while your being bord out of your wits trying to wach arabien nights on movie night and your other friend you lovingly call jean is puoting in the corner because you don't get to join the snog fest...(ok that never happened but some waky stuff happens at movi night) -Wolvi112

289) when you get your girl freind gloves for her birthday and think its the gratest gift in the world, and expeckt to be rewarded by a good fuck fest latter while whereing the new gloves, but sadly yuo are destuned for rejection as so many are. -Wolvi112

290) You see the recent comic cover with THE KISS on the front, your eyes well up with tears of joy, and you accidentally trip over your own feet in your rush to buy out every copy that Books-a-Million carries, falling flat on your face in front of the adorable, single, and--until he witnessed your spastic, Rogan-induced fall--*interested* cashier guy. -Emme

291) You despretly want to go to Canada and open your own bar, meet hotty run away girls and totaly fall head over heals for them. -Wolvi102

292) when you fallow your big brother wolvi112 on to a site and start wandering why you haven't done it before. -Wolvi102

293) When you hound your mail carrier everyday for the next issue of X-Men because you desperately need to know the reactions to the KISS in #169. Then when you have it in your greedy little hands, you stand at the mail box the next day asking about issue #171. -Ashnan

294) Everything...and I mean EVERYTHING...can be related to W/R. -GaeaMalfoy

295) When you have an msn friend who you meet with monthly specifically to discuss the current comic issues and go over each cell analizing them for possible Rogan reference or future set ups for Rogan. -Ashnan

296) For pretty much the first time in your life you're seriously upset that you're tall and blonde b/c you can't really put platinum streaks in your platinum hair, and you'd never be short enough to pass anyway! -aislyn

297) Your horrible attempts at other genre fanfic have convinced you that you should be a reader of Rogan, not a writer, but you want to contribute anyway, so you've made 2 LR music vids, but find you have no where on the net to put them!!! If you'd like to see, 'mail me. If you'd like to host, LET me KNOW!!! I'd love to share the wealth! -aislyn

298) When you add your own romance scene to X men. exp: Logan: I just can't remember anything.... Rogue: maybe..I can help. he reaches out his hand for her to touch,but instead of holding his hand....she kisses him. -

299) You find out Logan's real name might be James Howlet and you get all excited because your boyfriend's name is James too. -Ryony

300) You wear long black opera gloves with almost every outfit even though it's July and you live in Florida. -Ryony

301) Suddenly, the fact that your middle name is Marie makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside...of course, this name never mattered to you until you saw X-Men. -Lisa

302) When you watch the X-movies over and over until it's borderline obsessive, and actually have a hit list for anyone who threatens the Rogan relationship in any way. Especially Jean. *twitches* Oh yeah, and screaming/cursing/BOTH at the screen every time Jean or Bobby comes on. Hey, I'm crazy, deal with it. -Lord of Squirrels

303) When you memorize lines from your favorite fanfics ti replay in your head while you're taking final exams. After you finish replaying the movies in your head, of course. Sigh....I'm a sad little shipper, aren't I... -Lord Of Squirrels

304) When you spend more than an hour trying to convince your cousin that Logan and Marie belong together. You bring up every possible reason you can think of (and some completely pointless ones) then ramble on about how they could defeat her mutation. Finally, when your cousin finally smacks you over the head and tells you to shut up, you realize your ice cream has completely melted...happened to me yesterday, I swear! -Lord of Squirrels

305) You're in the middle of a fic, and then your friends/parents/roommates tell you it's time to go somewhere, and you scream GODDAMNIT! WILL I NEVER GET TO FINISH THIS STORY?! And then they stare at you like you're crazy. Especially after you come at them in a rabid rage. -Lord of Squirrels (again)

306) You and your friend get kicked off a public computer for crying too loudly when Logan finally tells Marie that he loves her. And then the two of you rant on the bus for 45min about how most people just don't get the beauty of Logan and Marie's love. -Phina Rei

307) You print out a stack of your favorite fanfiction, and smuggle it off to camp. Then, you seriously scare everyone in your cabin/bunk by giggling madly at 2 in the morning. -Lord of Squirrels

308) add to this list -Wolvi112

309) you relize that slash just isn't as good as it used to be. -Wolvi112

310) you start wirting it in the middel of class just to see if you can make the glory happen too. -Wolvi112

311) When you hear a nasty (and I do mean nasty) rumor regarding Logan's love interest in the next X-Men Movie, you nearly burst into tears because the idea of Logan with anyone else makes you feel as if he is cheating poor Marie and that just won't do. -lisa

312) You see all the ladys with white hair -Slim in the Dark.

313) you and your frind do thees things at 3:52 in the mornig! -Slim in the Dark.

314) You see all the ladys with white hair -Slim in the Dark.

315) When you name youre first born son Logan, and you notice that he was born with side burns and a serious look on his face. -Gabriell

316) When, for the first time in your life, you thank the gods above that your medical condition requires you to wear gloves all the time. You can now smile smugly and assume all the weird looks you get in public are just ones of jealousy. -Ashnan

317) -

318) you've switched from a Romy fan, to a Rogue/Logan father/daughter fan, to a now die-hard ROGAN FAN! *aren't you guys happy for me?* besides. we all know Logan's more of a man than Remy ever will be. ;) -sheisbeautiful-sheisnotme

319) You read the supposed script for X3 and want to hunt down the writer and beg him to rewrite it with more claws and gloves, and incorporate into the film a white-haired weather witch hanging by her neck from the rafters. -charlietheboa

320) You feel like a peace of you is missing because you hav't updated on this list lately. -Wolvi112

321) You actuly read all of these coments. -Wolvi112

322) Hearing who Logan will be involved in in X3 makes you want to form a group to go protest outside where the film is being made and you actually start wondering if you could pull off such a stunt. That is when you realize you have a sickness. -greeneyelove

323) You've played the L + R drinking game, with other shippers, and won. -Waldo

324) You start looking at the belt buckle of every man you meet and staring in that region can get you some curious looks. -greeneyelove

325) you have a thirty minute arguement with your brother about how logan secretly loves rogue and how jean is just a cover up and then you refuse to buy him a christmas present when he tells you that he thinks jean is better for logan anyway. then you spend your whole saturday evening watching the movies with him just to prove your point. -princesslolli

326) You're pleased about Storm in x3 because it makes photo manipulation a bit easier, SOME of her hair is white. -Waldo

327) (SPOILER FOR X3) You do a dance when you hear Gambit is in X3, form a complicated scenario where Rogue flirts with him to get back at Bobby for what he did with Kitty...and then feel like atraitor when you realize you've accepted the Storm + Logan pairing. You go read WR fic as pennance. -Waldo

328) Spolier. You actually find yourself considering not even seeing the moive in the theater because you fear you will disrupt the other patrons by throwing up when you see Storm and Logan in a love scene. Then you realize, you most likely won't be the only one being violently ill. -greeneyelove

329) you read this list, and decide to use it as your "to do" list. -strange

330) when your friend starts calling fruitloop and you reply "The Rogue colored (red)? or the Wolverine colored one(blue)? -danceswithwolves

331) You're proud of being southern, and feel it gives you a darn good reason to start calling your boyfriend 'sugar' out of the blue. He in turn, thinks you are quite odd for actually liking the idea of him calling you 'kid.' -Anna

332) You see two of your friends attracted to one another, see that neither one will recognize it, and start calling it the "Wolverine/Rogue" drama. You also have quite a few plots to get them together, thanks to your Rogan reading list. -Anna

333) you start looking for guys that are older than 18 and think that your found "the one". Write stories about Logan and Rogue pretending that they are bout you and your boyfriend.Hoping that one day he will get the hint. -renee

334) When you convince your husband to have sex in the living room because the movie is on tv, and nearly call out the wrong name... (oh yeah. It almost happened.) -FeeferJ

339) You find a scarf you got for your birthday, wear it and realise how much you feel like your marie and expect Logan to walk through the door! :D -Beks

340) You have actually had dreams revolving around the fact that no one could touch your skin/had a fantasy where you actually thought it was real and were trying to figure out ways around it. (Yes, guilty of this one) -Hailli

341) Everytime you start to write a steamy fic you wonder how seriously either of them would mutilate you for invading their fictional privacy. You Delete the first few sentences you've written and stay up all night in fear. -Waldo

342) When somebody takes a look at a fuzzy webcam shot of you and says you look like Anna Paquin, you don't correct them and are very pleased for the rest of the week. -Empathy

343) you know what happens with Jean and Logan in X3 and you want to kill Jean and the men who wrote the script, and you also want to scream and break everything that's around you when you think about it. Logan is only happy with Marie! Can't they see it?!!! -WolvieRogueLover

344) you just don't want to know ANYTHING about Gambit/Rogue because in your heart and soul there's only Wolverine and Rogue. You keep tellin' to yourself "logan belongs to marie" "marie belongs to logan" and that's the way it has to be! Yeah! -WolvieRogueLover

345) you feel happy, you're not alone. there's a lot of wolverinerogueshippers. Go! -WolvieRogueLover

346) you can't stop yourself writing here -WolvieRogueLover

347) When you find yourself sitting here while your children destroy your house reading fics and dreaming that you could substitute rouge with yourself, even though you've just recently been married to a Tall scruffy man...(yes my hubby is 6'4 and scruffy.. a loganish quality i enjoy) -Clawlicker

348) When after being on this site you decide to RP as Logan even though you are FEMALE... (i do this, much to my dismay.. view my logan-y goodness at http://vampirefreaks.com/profile.php?user=Logan_the_Wolverine) -Clawlicker

349) Suddenly you hate comics for not getting rogue and wolverine together, because for comic it's always gambit&rogue and I SWEAR I'm just getting rid of it, I hate it. Come on! Change that! It's soooooo boring -PicosPardos

350) you watch the last 3 tv spots and that kiss in the third one makes you feel really bad, like you've never felt before. Logan, that was SO WRONG. It sucks :( -Under a Red Sky

352) When you write your own stories about Logan and Rogue.(I have lots of stories about them if you want to see just email me and I will send them to you.) -Renee

353) you'd love to be a film director and write a script based on a w/r fanfic, of course with Hugh Jackman and Anna Paquin playing the characters :) -gone with the sin

354) The guy you have a thing for says that you look really hot in scarves, and instead of getting excited that he said you look hot, your first thought is, Damn. If only Logan realized that about Rogue. -Emme

355) You die your hair red, love it, get tons of compliments, find that your crush suddenly reciprocates, then you see the X3 trailer (featuring one Miss Jean Grey, with hair the *exact* shade of yours)--and it's brown again the next day. -Emme

356) You parents try to take the remote from you because they are sick of watching X-Men over and over in the living room because you broke your DVD player from watching it to much. -Tbpeppy

357) When the idea of looking like Marie motivates you to excercise. -Tbpeppy

358) When you start doing better in science so you can figure out a way to make yourself as tall as Marie. (3 inches to short dang it...) -Tbpeppy

359) When you seriously consider running away from home to go to Canada. -Tbpeppy

360) When your heart stops because you laptop's battery died while looking at Marie/Logan fanart. (Mine just did.) -Tbpeppy

361) When you start screaming "YES!" at the information that there will be a movie based off Logan in 2007. (See http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0458525/) -Tbpeppy

362) you see the "hot scene" between logan and jean and... man you feel like you're going to die (almost) It's so disgusting -gone with the sin

363) brett ratner is the villain in your fanfics; of course he always dies at the end of the story -gone with the sin

364) one of your friends tells you that logan and jean should get together and it's ok they do in x3, and your face almost says "you can't be serious!!" -gone with the sin

365) you can't help but try to make jean/logan shippers understand THEY'RE SO WRONG. You also bitch every time someone mentions "how lovely was the final scene" in X3, and then... you laugh at their faces! Come on! What movie did they see? -katzen

366) You wonder how much it would cost to go from London, Ontario, Canda to Laughlin City, Alaska, U.S.A -Kili

367) You purposefully write a fic for the W/R Drinking Game just to get your non-Rogan friends drunk enough to convert. Hehe, it worked on 2 of the 3. ;) -Toxic

368) When you space out during class, then when your teacher asks you where that coma goes in eh sentence you look up and relies it isn´t Scott. -Sabor

369) When a girl at school walks in with to bleached streaks you automatically think, 'OMG is that Rogue?´(yes it really happened) -Sabor

370) You buy dog tags engraved "458 25 242 WOLVERINE" for your haloween costume, even though Haloween is not for over another month. You wear them around everywhere, and when someone points out to you that they were supposed to be for your costume, you growl at them. -Wolveriness90

371) when you come back here time and time again just to see if there´s a new fic and then cry when there isn't. -wolvi112

372) when you hate redheaded women name Jean and you ask your friends to get you elbow length gloves and dye your bangs white-plus you like hairy guys*wink**wink* -Roguester

373) You spend your passing, lunch, before and after school Role Playing as Rogue while your Boy calls himself Logan and your group of friends believe you all attened a certan school for mutants. -Marie*Logan's*Angel

374) You fast forward through all the movies and only stop when it comes to a scene with Rogue and Logan. Well beacuse, the other parts of the movie aren't important. -Deborah

375) Slow down the movie (X-2) when Mystique turns into Rogue and sigh dreamly. -Deborah

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