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Marks the spot. Drinking Game
Welcome to The Official Wolverine/Rogue Drinking Game. In order to play you need some type of beverage (Non-alcoholic if you're a minor!) and a stack of your favorite fanfiction. Ready, set, read.

Drink every time . . .

  • Logan runs
    • Twice if he takes Scott's bike
    • Three times if he puts Marie on it first.
  • Rogue has one of Logan's Nightmares
    • Twice if it involves the smurfs
  • Rogue saves Logan's dogtags
    • Twice if she wears them
    • Three times if she wears them constantly
    • If she wears them during sex with someone other than Logan, finish your drink
  • Scott doesn't approve
    • Twice if he tells Marie
    • Three times if he tells Logan
    • If it's the title of the story, finish your drink
  • Jean doesn't approve
    • Twice if she tries to break the couple up
    • Three times if she sleeps with Logan
  • Rogue craves a cigar
    • Twice if she's secretive about it
    • Three times if it turns Logan on
  • Rogue craves bad canadian beer
    • Twice if she goes out and finds some
    • Three times if Logan gives it to her
  • Jubilee has a mad plan
    • Twice if Kitty doesn't approve
    • Three times if Logan finds out about it
    • If Rogue actually goes along with it, finish your drink
  • Rogue dates Gambit
    • Twice if she breaks it off with him for no reason
    • Three times if she breaks it off because Logan just came home
  • Rogue dates Bobby
    • Twice if he's just not man enough
    • Three times if he's gay
  • Logan refers to Rogue as 'his mate'
  • Rogue calls Logan 'sugah' (sugar doesn't count)
  • Logan has sex with someone else while thinking of Rogue
    • Twice if she has brown hair
    • Three times if he makes her wear gloves
  • Logan has sex with Jean
    • Twice if Scott then goes after Rogue
    • Three times if she sleeps with him
    • If all four of them have a massive orgy, finish your drink
  • Logan comes home because he couldn't live without Rogue.
  • Rogue decides to go after Logan.
    • Twice if she finds him.
    • Three times if she finds him in a bar.
    • If she has sex with him in the bar, finish your drink.
  • Mystique pretends she's Marie to fool Logan.
    • Twice if he believes it.
    • Three times if he sleeps with her.
    • If Mystique pretends to be Logan and Rogue sleeps with her, finish your drink.
  • Logan calls Rogue 'Marie'. (Small sips are acceptable for this one.)
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