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Marks the spot. Quote Game
The Wolverine/Rogue Fan Fiction Quote Game, Version 1
Based on stories posted before February 20th, 2001.

#1: "Jubilee's eyes were still bugging out as she stared at the significant triple digits on the register. 'I take it back. That's love, man.'"

#2: "In the darkness, she felt small and alone and young, too young to be worried about her place in the world and why it was such a solitary one."

#3: "When did you start caring about my social life?"
"You still smell like him."

#4: "You don't like the old man anymore."
"That's not true an ya know it, Logan….you're my best friend."
"So talk to me."

#5: "Because he had all the time in the world to build his memories, and as long as he could build them with Marie, then he could face his future, just as she had learned to face her past, and he had learned to cherish, not hold on to, it."

#6: "You can tell me anything, darlin'," Logan said. "No translation necessary."

#7: "The man has long claws. I know pretty much everyone knows that in theory, but I can tell you, he has long claws, and they extend his reach like you wouldn´t believe."

#8: "Ah'm not afraid of anything!!" Pulling her hands from her ears, Logan repeated the truth that had buried itself deeply in Rogue in a low grumble. "You are afraid of being touched."

#9: "Wanting to get it on with someone who can kill you by touching you is /always/ dangerous. But there were ways around that."

#10: "No, he thinks it's cool talking in the third person when expressing a personal opinion."

#11: "I kind of figured you'd be a little upset." A little upset? A little upset was what I was when I walked into my closet one day and found most of my clothes replaced. A little upset was waking up one morning to find her--God--hanging up those duck shower curtains and giving me a sunny smile. Comparatively speaking, a little upset I would be if Sabertooth attacked right this minute. I'm not even in the fucking *ballpark* of a little upset.

#12: "Stop. This is Marie. Ten demerits for lecherous, incestuous, illegal thoughts."

#13: "Seal sex -- what a thing to share."

#14: "Fuck the world... I got my girl."

#15: "They were in the middle of the floor, wrapped around each other and...not really dancing, per say. Actually, I think the best way to describe it would be 'having vertical sex, while fully clothed and having no skin-to-skin contact because of one participant's deadly mutation.' Yeah, that about covers it."

#16: "He presses a kiss onto the top of my head, and for one more long moment, we dance. Swirling, turning, touching. Living. Then he moves his lips next to my ear and tells me how he wants to die."

#17: "His back muscles rippling and his hair dripping with sweat as he worked the weights up and down at a seemingly frantic pace. She decided as she watched him that she had found a new sport. One that didn't send her to Jean for a dismissal slip. She nearly burst out laughing. Logan Watching the spectator sport of the huddled masses."

#18: "You know, I think giving them the room next to us was Charles' way of saying he thinks I'm a little to uptight."

#19: 48. "Well, you're gonna play with me now."
"I mean we're playing some pool."
"Ah thought you wanted me ta play."
"I can't help it if I'm good."

#20: "--because God, it had been too long and it was the first time both. And it was him beneath her hands and mouth and it was the achievement that only years of endless patience had managed and even if it was only once, she wanted it burned so deeply in her mind that no other memory could ever compete. She wanted it burned into him so no one else could ever dim it."

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