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Marks the spot. Quote Game
The Wolverine/Rogue Fan Fiction Quote Game, Version 1
Based on stories posted before January 31st, 2001.

#1: "It was incestuous pity weird surgical glove wearing sex."

#2: "Because with all the people out there trying to fool luck, I was going to be the one smart enough to embrace it."

#3: "Every girl suddenly looks up and watches the doorway to wait for him to pass by. They all hold their breath as he walks by, then let it out a little sigh when he leaves. Every single girl. Like I said, creepy."

#4: "I wanted you to bury your anguish and rage in me because I wanted you bound to me by your guilt for fucking a little girl".

#5: "We've just made each other real. I make her feel real. She makes me feel real. In the end, that's all anyone can ask for--feeling--no matter what you believe in."

#6: "Oh she's beyond glad that he loves her, but she wonders how much of that is because of what he's given her, if she could ever have been whole without it. Yes she needs him, and she's glad of that, but she's never had the chance to taste and see someone else, not since he branded her and invaded her, filling her heart and mind with his."

#7: "You were naked."
"Umm . . . any time in particular you're talking about there Marie, or was that just an in general statement . . "
"Just now--I walked in on you in the shower and I didn't even think to get a good look at--"

#8: "How long has it been since you been laid?"
"Why, you wanna rectify the situation or somethin'?"
"Sure. Got some condoms?"

#9: "Logan, what the hell are you doing on my computer?"
"I was just...."
"You were just, what Logan? Playing a innocent game of solitaire? Checking your horoscope..what?"
"Oh..I see now! Indulging in a little homo-erotica, Love. I always wondered why you didn't get along with Scott. It was veiled attraction, right?"

#10: "If it makes her happy to be all googly-eyed with the meanest motherfucker on our side, I say put another steak on the grill and offer him a beer."

#11: "Um - it's - it's a 'Sorry I drowned You' pie."

#12: "Pieces. That's all that there would be left of such a person. Bloody little slices three centimeters thick. Slice and dice, baby."

#13: "There's a fine art to growling. Most men will never get a real growl off in their entire pathetic lives--but I happen to be the leading expert on it in this day and age."

#14: "Do I look like a fucking child to you?! What red blooded man WOULDN'T wanna jump me? I'm young, firm, got two breasts and a heartbeat!"

#15: "It had smelled like that blue bitch, a young boy with a crush and other people he couldn't identify. It had smelled like self loathing, running and goodbye. And underneath all of that, it had smelled like Marie."

#16: "Logan managed to make Rogue angry three days before she saw him again."

#17: "Four hours a week for six months, sweetie. What do you guys do? You roll around on the ground in the woods, wrestling, fighting over who gets to be on top. It's called dry humping, Rogue, and it is considered foreplay."

#18: "My name is Marie." I said, rising slowly to my feet, burning my eyes into theirs as my hand lifts the gun toward them.
"And I remember."

#19: "My absolution was in her fatal caress."

#20: "She liked it all halfway-- half-undressed, half-obscene, half-seated on the dingy discolored porcelain as he pressed one hand to the mirror where his face would have shown up and wrapped his other arm around her waist."

#21: "I also like cheeseburgers but that doesn't mean I'll go into fucking northern Canada to get a good one."

#22: "There's something else. I know there is. I think Dr. Red told me earlier but I don't remember. Something about another surgery. Or maybe it was the first one. Whatever it was, it stopped the bleeding, I remember that. Stopped the bleeding and put something back on. I can't imagine what, though. I'm a completely whole person - what part of me could have fallen off?"

#23: "She was one who enjoyed the chase as much as he did; sometimes playing hard to get, sometimes touching a particular body part in a particular way that should have been illegal in public and probably was. Okay, so maybe he did have a particular type."

#24: "I want to be yours again. It's silly and juvenile and feminine but I do. Yet you'll only take Marie and she's someone I can never return to. Maybe we could keep up the game. Maybe if I stole the soul of someone innocent enough. I could give you Marie. And we could be happy."

#25: "I have periods. I am fertile. I am only going to get fatter from here on in. My metabolism will go down. My baby-fat cells will shrivel up and abandon me like so many of Old Custer's men, and most likely be replaced with cells devoted to creating cellulite. AND - I have survived the worst of puberty - so don't you dare refer to me as a child in my presence again or I will blast your ass to the other side of this mansion."

#26: "Logan must be on top form tonight in his no-touch Olympics, because Rogue is carrying on like tomorrow will never come."

#27: "If I let myself grasp the idea that one single random act of the universe could lead me to being alone and hated, untouched and pitied . I think I'd explode."

#28: "That's it!! Everyone out!! This is not some fucking peep show!! Out!!"

#29: "It's the love that is possession without being property. The love that transcends simple things like bodies. The love that you can walk away from for a year and still feel."

#30: "You're standing still," he says, leaning in, "but don't trick yourself into thinking you're not still running."

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