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oh, hewwo. i'm gina mags, what's up?

i just became a member of this shipper site, but i've been a fan of Rogan since the X-Men movie first came out. there's something about the pairing of a girl with deadly skin and a guy who cannot die with a bunch of intense, pent-up sexual curiosity and tension that builds between the two like they're binary stars... and it just thrills me ;)

i have one story out called "Imprinted" and it's my first Rogan work so far. i'm excited to see where the story could go.

and not to mention i wanna meet some people who love this pairing just as much as me! :)
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Jean's dead and gone, and Logan took off without saying goodbye to his X-Men--especially one in particular. But instead of Rogue pining over his absence, she eventually learns to move on with her life, and in time gains the affection of Scott, the Cyclops.
Logan returns and finds Rogue is a beautiful woman, young and in love with his former enemy. Will he be able to handle the possibility that his gorgeous, rebellious little Marie may not want him? Will Rogue get over her attraction to Logan once and for all, or will the powerful lust that dwells between them become too great to ignore, and she inevitably succumbs to it?

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