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This fic is a compilation of six scenes I thought of including in Fray but didn’t make the cut, so now I’m just turning them into semi-one shots. Just something to post for fun until I embark on a couple of new, more serious Rogan projects I have planned. Expect scenes of Logan just hanging out with Laura/Rogue doing (kinda) normal things, from all over the two timelines the story originally followed. Not plot-driven. Mainly fluff, although expect some smut from some of the Logan/Rogue scenes. *Warning: obviously some spoilers for Fray depending on when the scenes take place. So, if you haven’t read that, you might be kinda confused or some things may get spoiled for ya. But you own your life, so do what you want, beautiful. But you’ve been warned. ;) Enjoy the happiness!
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2. Chapter 2: Fever Dreams by englishmajor226 [Reviews - 1] star star star star star (4384 words)