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I'm an old X-Men fan, and have always wanted to write fanfic about Wolverine/Logan, but the muse would never appear.

After having online role-played for many years, I managed to meet Jay. He's also a long-time Wolverine fan, and was game to give RP a shot. I personally dislike Jean Grey, always have. Marie and Logan are pretty much a perfect match, in our book.

The story, Only The Lonely, are the re-worked tales of our countless RP sessions. There's angst, humor, sex, EXTREME violence, romance and a bit more humor, and we're very proud of what's been done so far. We both hope you enjoy on our AU Logan and Anna Marie!
Stories by Lisa Honeychan
Logan and Marie have been friends and team-mates for years, but learn they are more alike than they ever expected. Can their budding romance withstand bar-room fights, The Hulk, and a black eye that -won't- heal?

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