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Lil' Mojo Risin' (not her real name) is nothing but a bawdy Cockney lout, which is strange, considering that she was born and raised in Pittsburgh. Politically speaking, she is your friendly neighbourhood Quasi-Marxist-Anarchist-Rocker-Second-Class-Citizen-Subversive-Complete-and-Utter-Rock & Roll-Lunatic-Fool. Ms. Blue is a rock guiatarist and frontman, blueswoman, writer, political animal and full-bore loony. Her heroes are Nicolo Machiavelli, the historical Jesus Christ, Karl Marx, all of the Who, especially Moon and Townshend , Keith Richards, Jim Morrison, Che Guevara, Thomas Jefferson, and Friedrich Nietzche. Her goal in life is to be completely free, and to facilitate this end she plans on destroying the entirety of Civilisation-As-We-Know-It and make the whole world sort of like a Led Zeppelin tour from the Seventies. To facilitate these aims, she plans on creating a string of platinum albums and other heartbreaking works of staggering and yet bizzare and degenerate genius. In order to live, she writes, sings and plays the guitar. Her hobbies are sex, politics, mayhem, eating, masturbation and shocking people. She would like to invite you to embrace entropy unless you are otherwise involved, and reminds you that nothing is true and everything is permissible.

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Movie/Comic hybrid. Rogue has two lives, one on either side of the cape. She loves two men. Logan has two lives, too, but without Jean, he wants to shed Wolverine. Can Marie and Logan escape the X-Men and the Brotherhood? Can mutants lead normal lives, like everybody else? Or has Magneto been right, all along?

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