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I’m English, married with 2 pretty much grown up kids, am still 18 in mind if not in body so there’s a bit of a conflict there!

Never read the comics but from the first time I saw the films something about these two characters got to me like no others, so a long time ago I found my way here [lurked in the shadows for a few years before joining] and have stayed ever since. Loved it then and love it still and with new great authors joining all the time, can’t see me going anywhere any time soon!

I mentioned about new great authors joining all the time – well someone has to balance things up - I’m definitely not in the great author category, more in the ‘I had a go’ one, but if there wasn’t any of the not so great fics we wouldn’t appreciate the good ones so much! So I am in fact helping the appreciation of the great authors if nothing else!

Am longing for someone to write a fic where I actually like Jean, I'm only interested in L/M but If Joanne can get me hooked on stories that contain Logan and Beast there must be someone that can get me over my irrational hatred of a certain red headed fictional character!

So many fics never get completed, quite a few take years! I would rather wait until the finished box is checked. For these and a lot of other reasons I hate chapter reading, although I have been persuaded lately to give it a go and I seem to do ok as long as a fic is updated regularly but I still tend to keep that for the few I trust to do that. If it takes months between updates with the amount I read I would have to start over each time to catch up! Taking that into account reviews from me are usually only one per fic no matter its length but if I have enjoyed something I do like to let people know my thoughts.

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