Story Notes:
I found several stories when I was cleaning up my external HD. They were written at least a decade ago, and are not good, lol, but I figured I'd post them up for anyone who was bored to peruse and critique.
Merry Christmas I guess!
Rogue looked at herself in the full-length mirror that hung on the inside of her walk-in closet door.

When Jubilee had suggested a themed party to the Professor for her birthday, Rogue had thought no good could come of it as she tried not to think of all the themes Jubilee would be most likely to come up with. What she had finally chosen had surprised everyone, she had chosen a military theme of all things.

While standing assessing her closet contents for ideas Rogue had been stumped, given her wardrobe consisted mostly of various shades of black. She had eventually decided to go as her interpretation of a Black Ops chick until about a week before the party, when, while she had been surfing her favourite website, she had come across an awesome camouflage pattern corset top with a decorative dog tag zipper. She couldn’t resist, especially when the Logan in her head joined her in agreement.

Now here she was standing in her room staring at her reflection.

She was wearing an old pair of black cargo pants, leather army boots she had gotten from a surplus shop before a survival class camping trip the year before, short leather gloves that only covered her hands, and the corset top.

And she looked great. Logan added a whole lot of other descriptive words to the end of the sentence, that caused her to blush under his scrutiny, strange how the man could be halfway across the continent and still do that to her. At least she assumed he was still on the other side of the continent; he hadn’t called in a few weeks but that wasn’t unusual.

Plucking up her courage before she decided to cover up a bit more she hurried out of the room. Colliding with Bobby, her ex-boyfriend, in the process. If she needed any reminder as to why they had broken up she got it when he jerked back from her quickly after seeing all the exposed skin.

Her control could still be a bit spotty at times, mainly in her hands, hence why she had chosen to cover them up, but he still couldn’t grasp that. Looked like he might be reconsidering given the looks he was shooting at her bust that was crammed into her top, she probably should have gotten the next size up.

She smiled sweetly at him, apologized for bumping into him then turned on her heel and headed down the stairs, via the polished smooth banister, managing to land on her feet at the bottom and stay upright... just.

Jean glared at her as she steadied herself while grinning like an idiot. “The banister is not a slide Rogue, if you want one of them try the playground outside.”

Rogue straightened up and gave a mock salute and replied, “Ma’am, yes ma’am,” in her most ‘military’ voice, earning a laugh from several of the younger students who were also occupying the hallway, to whom Rogue bowed low before continuing in the direction of the too loud music in the rec room.

Her first stop once she entered the room was to ask Scott if they could please turn the music down a little. Her hearing had been heightened ever since Logan had touched her the first time and it was just a little on the loud side for her. Then she went looking for the birthday girl.

Jubilee and Kitty were dressed to match in military style khaki shirt-dresses, and army-look boots that went a little too far up their thighs to be standard military issue. They gushed over Rogue’s outfit when they saw her, Jubilee demanding to know where she had got the top from, to which Rogue replied conspiratorially, “Sorry, that is classified information soldier.”

The party progressed late into the night with the party’s chaperones herding the youngest attendees of to bed at around 10pm. By midnight only a handful of the oldest teens remained, even the chaperones had retired for the night and after they had the booze came out. Generally, alcohol was frowned upon at the school but the Professor had allowed it for the older students on this occasion, with a warning to drink sensibly or suffer the consequences. Most of the drinkers hadn’t heeded that warning though, oh but they would be paying for it tomorrow at Scott’s dawn wakeup call!

Rogue didn’t drink, when she had first absorbed Logan the urge to grab a beer and a cigar had been strong for a while, though Logan had tried hard to control the urges for her and stopped her from drinking the few times she had given in. She hated the taste too, and she hadn’t yet tested her control under the influence, she didn’t even want to try that. So, she was one of only a few people still sober standing in the room. Due to that fact she decided it was her duty to watch out for her friends, and by the time Jubilee spilt her third drink Rogue ignored her protests and dragged her and Kitty back up to their room. Kitty and Jubes hadn’t graduated yet so were still sharing a room in the student’s wing, Rogue was one of the few who had graduated early and had her own room.

After getting her two friends into bed, for poor Kitty that pretty much meant pushing her at the bed so she could pass out, Rogue headed back downstairs to help the other sober kids clean up the worst of the party mess. They finished about one and all headed off to their various rooms around the mansion. Only Rogue remained, even the kid who supposedly didn’t sleep had disappeared from his usual spot in front of the TV.

For some reason, despite the late, or rather early, hour, she wasn’t sleepy. Sge was restless, in fact nervous, she had the feeling something was about to happen, something big, something that would change her life forever.

Just then she heard the security panel on the front door beep and the door creaked open softly...

Rogue stood where she was in the kitchen barely breathing as she listened to the sound of the front door open, then close. Whoever it was they were light on their feet if the barely audible, even for her, footsteps were anything to go by. Then the footsteps stopped, whoever it was couldn’t seem to decide where to go next.

‘Suck it up girl you're future x-men material, go see who it is,’ she chastised herself for her momentary fear and uncertainty, before moving back into the dimly lit hallway to see who the night time visitor was.

She froze in shock when she saw him, he seemed to do the same.

“Logan? Oh my god is that really you?” Rogue asked in disbelief, maybe she was hallucinating, or she could have fallen asleep somewhere.

“Hey kid,” Logan replied, “You just going to stand there all night staring, or what?” he asked, dropping his bag on the floor and gesturing for her to come closer.

Without a second thought Rogue threw herself into his arms, wrapping her own around his neck she hugged the living daylights out of him. “You never said anything on the phone, why did you come back?” she asked, when she finally released her death grip.

“I said I’d come back, didn’t I?” Logan pointed out.

“Well yeah but why now, without any warning or anything?”

“Darlin’, do I look like the kind of guy who gives people a warning?” Logan asked, he still had his arms around her though they weren’t as close as before.

Rogue laughed at his last comment. “No, I suppose not, so how long are you staying?”

“As long as you’ll have me,” Logan replied.

That response sounded a little odd to Rogue but she shrugged it off. “I’m sure the Professor will try and convince you to stay forever, he’ll go into some long boring speech about--”

“I wasn’t talking about the Professor, Marie.”

Rogue swallowed, slightly nervous at that confession, she had loved Logan since almost the minute she laid eyes on him but had never in a million years expected him to return her feelings. That seemed to be what he was hinting at though.

“So, who were you referring to then, because I think Scott would like you to leave right now, Storm wouldn’t care either way, hmm, I don’t know how Jean would feel about it--" Logan again interrupted her, this time by pressing his lips softly against hers.

“Oh,” Rogue breathed when he pulled away.

“You’re not drunk are you?” Logan asked suddenly, “You smell like a fucking brewery but you sure as hell don’t taste like one.”

Rogue giggled. “Jubilee had a small mishap with her booze and it ended up all over me, three times.”

Logan laughed at that. “So where is everyone else? This place is unusually quiet.”

“Everyone else has retired for the night, either sleeping or passed out after Jubilee’s party.”

“What are you still doing up then?” Logan asked, leaning down to pick up his bag again before pulling her close against him.

“Couldn’t sleep, it’s weird, I think I knew you were coming home,” she said softly, slipping her arm under his and around his strong back as he started walking towards the stairs.

“Is that so.”

“Mmhmm,” Rogue answered contentedly, as Logan hauled her up the stairs, “Where are we going?”

“Bed sounds good,” Logan responded as they stepped off the stairs onto the second floor.

“Ok, well my room is--"

“Don’t tell me,” Logan interjected, visibly scenting the air.

Rogue rolled her eyes with a grin. “Show off.”

Logan just smirked at her before leading the way down the hallway to the very last room, “This was my room,” Logan said surprised.

“Yeah, the Professor gave me my own room after you left and I chose this one,” at Logan’s curious look she continued, “I was having trouble sleeping, this room reminded me of you, and that made me feel safe.”

Logan pulled her closer and dropped a kiss on the top of her head, before throwing a quick glance down the hall then pulling her quickly into the room and shutting the door, throwing the deadbolt in the process. The next second she was on the bed.

Logan looked down at her, spread across the bed, hair fanned out behind her. “I’m not going too fast, am I?” he asked concernedly.

“If I said yes what would you do?” Rogue asked.

“Slow down I suppose, but just a little,” Logan replied climbing onto the bed next to her.

Rogue reached up and pressed her lips to Logan’s, when he finally released her from the passionate kiss, she was a little out of breath.

“This is why you left,” she said, the realisation hitting her like a ton of bricks.

“You caught me,” Logan answered, “You were too young for the feelings I was having.”

“And a year made all the difference?” Rogue asked sceptically.

“I have never missed anyone in the last 16 years... except you, I left here because I didn’t want to ruin your life but I couldn’t stay away because it was ruining mine being without you... But it’s up to you darlin’, do you want me?”

Rogue smiled up at him and pressed a soft kiss to his lips before moving her lips to his ear and whispering her answer. “I want you Logan... All of you, Wolverine.”

“Fuck!” Logan responded when she whispered those last four words into his ear.

“What?” Rogue asked, looking surprised, she hadn’t expected that reaction.

“I was kind of hoping you didn’t know about that,” he revealed.

“What, that I didn’t know about Wolverine? That’s weird, I would have thought it would have been easier having me ‘just know’ than having to explain, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah but...” Logan started.

“No buts Logan, he’s there, he’s a part of you, and I love him too,” Rogue interrupted.

“So, what else do you know about me?” Logan asked, sounding jointly teasing and curious.

“Oh, I know all your deepest darkest secrets sugar,” Rogue answered, both teasing and serious at the same time.

“All of them?” Logan asked sceptically.

“Every. Single. Last. Little. One,” Rogue replied.

“Prove it.” Logan challenged, still obviously sceptical.

“You don’t want me to do that,” Rogue answered with a laugh, the Logan on the inside knew the truth in her statements even though the Logan on the outside didn’t, and he was demanding she not go back through all the memories she had absorbed from him, for good reason.

Logan generally wasn’t one to back down from a challenge, and this was obviously one, but the look in Rogue’s eyes was telling him she wasn’t bluffing. “Well, in that case I say we get on to making a few ‘secrets’ we both know what do you say,” he pinned her to the bed with his bulk and feathered kisses along her plump lips before all but devouring her.

“I think I like the idea of that but first,” she leaned closer to whisper into his ear again, “I want you to show me now what you’ve already shown me in my head... Show me what would have happened had Sabretooth not interrupted our journey.”

Logan growled as her remembered that particular fantasy, the very first ‘drop’ that had quickly given way to a flood of steamy fantasies staring the young brown eyed girl. “Later,” he answered, “This one’s special...” With that he captured her lips again beginning to work his magic on her as she had only ever imagined he might.

She didn’t even notice the disappearance of her boots, followed quickly by the dispatching of her cargo pants. Until she felt Logan’s fingers run along the front of her silk panties, the ones she’d thrown on simply because they were the last pair left. Thank goodness she hadn’t done the laundry yet.

He finally severed the heated kiss to allow her to catch her breath, while he continued kissing and nipping down her neck, and along her collarbone. She was still wearing the top she noted absently as Logan skipped that area entirely and went straight to her panty covered crotch, which didn’t stay covered long.

By dawn the exhausted couple was sated and resting. Just as Rogue’s eyes drifted closed, she heard the familiar voice of her ex-teacher coming down the hall.

“Whoops,” she whispered to Logan, “We’re about to get caught.”

“So?” Logan replied, pulling the duvet up higher to cover Rogue before leaving the bed. A few fumbling moments later Rogue heard the door open, just as Scott started pounding on it ordering Rogue to rise and shine.

“Rogue isn’t going anywhere right now One Eye so you can move along.”

Rogue snapped fully awake and glanced over towards the door. She was relieved, and also slightly disappointed, that Logan had found his pants before reaching the door. Oh well, just meant she got to undress him again, which she promptly did as soon as the door shut on the shocked face of one Cyclops, who couldn’t believe his eye!
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