It took some time for the building to go quiet. As best he could tell there were close to two hundred people living on site, and that meant some were up until well after midnight.

He had spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the woods, thinking, remembering, he found a clearing with a pond and a waterfall. Not only did it conjure up memories of he and Marie, some accompanied by a baby Lucy, but also another woman, and a man, they must be more family, he wondered if they were here too. He would ask Marie, she would know.

Once it was quiet enough, he slipped back inside, through the door he came out but this time going inside the main building through the janitor’s closet. It wasn't until he got inside that he realised his new problem, he didn't know how to find them, he didn't know where their rooms were, or their scents... or did he? He decided to start at the highest floor, there were less people the higher in the building you went, according to the lights that came on, and then went out, throughout the evening. He took the stairs up, testing the various scents as he went.

Suddenly his senses lit up as he was passing the fourth-floor landing, his mind screaming out in recognition. Marie.

He followed the scent down to the far end of the hall, until he was standing in front of a solid wood door. Four scents were on the door, though one was barely a trace, that person must have just been visiting. Silently he turned the handle and slowly eased the door open, peering into the room as he did.

The room he stepped into was a living room and kitchen, to the right was a second door, standing wide open and leading into a bathroom, all these rooms were empty. Stealthily he made his way to the nearest of the two doors to his left; a little girl’s bedroom, the bed was mussed but empty. The door right beside opened onto a little boy’s bedroom, but it too was unoccupied, that left one door, which was closed.

The muted click of the latch turning sounded thunderously loud to his ears but not loud enough to drown out the pounding of his heart. Slowly the door opened revealing the rooms occupants to him. Marie was fast asleep in bed, the little boy cuddled up in her arms, Lucy on his other side - Logan chuckled silently as he observed her lying almost perpendicular to the other occupants of the bed, one leg sticking out from the top of the blanket and her arm on the pillow rather than her head. Lucy always did like to sleep in odd positions, he would have thought she'd have grown out of it by now.

He quietly shut the door behind him, before he dropped a pillowcase over the bedside lamp and flicked it on, filling the room with a soft glow, not bright enough to wake anyone but enough for them to see by. Kneeling on the bed, he felt it dip under his weight, Marie did too and stirred sleepily, by the time her eyes opened he was leaning over her, his face inches above hers.

"Mm, Logan," she whispered, a soft sleepy smile crossing her face as she looked up at him, obviously not having realised she was awake yet. "I miss you," she said, one hand coming up to caress his bearded cheek.

"I've missed you too Marie," he almost purred, her touch felt so good. He softly kissed the inside of wrist as he watched awareness begin to creep into her eyes, a frown wrinkling her brow as she began to match what she was seeing, with what she was feeling, with what she heard. Her eyes opened wide suddenly and she opened her mouth to speak but he quickly pressed a finger to her lips. "We need to leave now, whatever you and Lucy and..." he looked uncertainly at the child asleep at her side not sure whether to include him too.

"Levi," Marie replied softly, tears filling her eyes as she continued, "I found out I was pregnant two weeks after you disappeared, he's your son Logan."

He felt an odd mix of relief and sorrow when she said that, relief that Marie hadn't been pushed to find solace with another man, and sorrow that he had missed his own son's birth and early life. Nodding as he smiled tightly before pressing a kiss to her forehead, his own tears matching hers, he continued. "Anything you and the kids need, pack light, and quietly, if we can get out of here without waking them, we should be able to avoid detection," he told her.

"Why do we need to avoid detection, Logan we need to tell everyone, how did you get out, where were they holding you, was anyone else there..." she began to pepper him with questions until he shushed her again.

"Marie... I've been out for almost two months, they've been keeping me downstairs, at first I didn't remember who everyone was, or where I was, but when I finally got to trust someone enough, I asked Hank about you... he tried to get Charles to reunite us but he wouldn't, Hank told me he had done all he could but I would have to find you myself, you were waiting for me, I got out this afternoon... when I overheard Charles telling you he wanted to send you away, somewhere else, I can only assume he was hoping to stop us running into each other... we need to leave Marie, I don't feel comfortable here, I want answers but not while you and the kids are in harm's way."

"Uncle Charlie knew?" Marie replied incredulously, as she thought over everything he had told her. He was right, until they got answers, they were safer away from here, they may even be safer away once they had answers.

With a decisive nod, she gently extracted herself from the bed, bobbing down she pulled a half-packed emergency bag out from under the bed. Hurriedly she threw several changes of clothes into the bag, and her laptop, before she hurried, silently, into the children's bedrooms and did the same with the bags under their beds. She was packed and ready to go in less than ten minutes.

"Do you have a car?" Logan asked softly, tenderly watching the still sleeping children.

"Yeah, it's gassed up and ready to go too," she answered.

With a nod, Logan took the kids two bags, throwing them over his shoulder, he took one last look at the slumbering children before he suggested quietly, "You take Levi, don't want him to freak out if he wakes up with me carrying him, I'll get Lucy." Quickly they scooped up their charges, and Marie led the way out of the room toward the garage. They took the elevator to the ground floor, Logan hitting each floor button to send the elevator back up, in the most time-consuming way, to hopefully prevent them being followed, as they stepped out.

When Marie opened the garage door, the cool gentle breeze that blew in stirred Lucy slightly. "Mmmommy where we goin'," she asked sleepily, her cheek pressed up against Logan's shoulder.

"On an adventure sweetie but only if you go back to sleep," Marie replied softly

"I like this adventure," Lucy replied in a whisper, "It smells like daddy," she added in a sleepy murmur.

"Go back to sleep baby," Marie replied, smiling at Logan, tears in her eyes as she stopped at the SUV closest to the garage door.

Quietly popping the back doors open, Marie set about gently manoeuvring Levi into his car-seat, she propped his head up with a little neck pillow and covered him with a blanket that was tucked in the seat pocket. Logan lay Lucy's seat back a little before he gently settled her into the seat, securing her seat belt before tucking a blanket over her too.

"Love you daddy," Lucy murmured in her sleep, as she settled into the seat.

Pressing a soft kiss to her forehead, Logan replied in a whisper, "Daddy loves you too cutie pie." He smiled as he watched a sleepy smile turn up her lips, before she fell fully back to sleep again.

Shutting the doors with a quiet click and gentle rock of the vehicle, Logan instructed Marie to take the driver's seat. "Get it in neutral but don't start the engine, I'll push it down to the gate, don't want to wake anyone at this last point," he said, kissing her, before letting her get into the car. She shot him a thumbs up a moment later, from the driver’s seat, to let him know she was ready. He shoved the car but it didn't want to go, frowning he shoved again, before he grinned. "Marie, handbrake," he whispered. She blushed and oops'd, releasing the handbrake with a giggle. The next time he shoved, the car rolled smoothly out of the garage, once it got moving it rolled smoothly down the driveway, the gates at the end picking up their approach and opening automatically allowing them to pass.

The brakes came on, bringing the vehicle to a smooth halt at the roadside and he moved to the front of the vehicle. "Who's driving?" he asked Marie.

"You," she immediately replied, "Wait, you remember how?" she checked.

"Well, I remembered the handbrake had to be released to roll the car," he teased, chuckling at the childish tongue she stuck out in response before she climbed over the centre console into the passenger seat.

He started the vehicle once he was in the seat, checking their backseat passengers were still asleep before he pulled out onto the road. An hour later he glanced over at Marie, her eyes were struggling to stay open as she rested her head against the headrest, just watching him with a happy smile on her face. Reaching over her picked up her hand, twining their fingers together, he kissed her hand before suggesting she get some sleep. Before long only the steady breathing of his family could be heard throughout the car.


Just before dawn, he pulled into a mountain campground, pulling up to the office he parked the SUV on such an angle that if Marie woke, she would be able to see him in the office, before he dug through her purse looking for cash. He booked them the furthest cabin into the campground, collecting keys before heading back out, none of his passengers stirred as the car restarted and he drove them to the cabin. He parked, hidden around the back of the cabin, unlocking the doors before he gently woke Marie. "Let's get these kids into bed," he said, kissing her softly as she stretched out the crick in her back. The cabin had two bedrooms, with a king size bed in each, so they put the kids down in one room, taking the other for their own.

As Marie climbed into bed, she giggled tiredly picking at her nightie. "I didn't think to get dressed before we left."

"Good, now you don't have to change again," Logan said, stripping off his shirt as he kicked off the boots he had been given at the mansion. He suddenly realised he didn't have a change of clothes, oh well, they could sort that out at some point. He climbed into bed, still clad in his jeans, content to lie in the arms of this incredible woman who loved him enough to hold onto him for four and a half years... she had other ideas though. "Marie, sleep, there'll be time for that later," he chuckled, as he kissed her back softly, trying to stop the hands that were attempting to remove his pants.

"The kids will be awake later," she argued, batting away the hands that were trying to halt her progress.

"All the more reason for you to sleep now," Logan replied, grinning down at her increasing frustration, she was so damn cute when she was annoyed.

"Logan please, I've waited so long to have you back, I need to feel you, all of you," she begged, pouting at him adorably.

With a sad smile he pulled her closer, kissing her deeply. "Alright, you win," he gave in. He slid his hands inside her nightie as she eagerly straddled his thighs while she set about getting his pants out of the way. He was hard before she even managed to get his pants open, lifting his hips to slide the tight denim down enough to free himself, Marie had moved over him before he could get them further. She guided his rigid length to her folds, as he tugged her panties aside, and was lowering herself on him before he had a chance to draw breath.

"I've missed you, so, so much," Marie repeated, as she slowly sank down onto him.

"Fuck, I've missed you too," he groaned, as he felt himself sink into her heat, the real thing was even better than the dreams and memories that had kept him warm lately.

They stayed still for a time, just drinking in the sensation of being 'together' again after so long, before Marie began to rock onto him. With a deep rumbling growl Logan clamped his hands down on her hips, rolling her hips over his shaft in a steady deep rhythm, it wasn't long until she came, clamping a hand over her mouth as she moaned loudly, not wanting to wake the kids. He wasn't done just yet though, and with a quick movement had Marie on her back, sinking into her deeper as he lifted her thighs to wrap her legs around his waist.

"I love you, I love you so much, you were all I thought about in there, only you, and Lucy, god, I was so scared I would get out and you would have moved on without me," Logan whispered, as he kissed her gently and continued to thrust into her.

"Never, never Logan, you're mine, and I'm yours, forever, only you," Marie replied, kissing him back with equal ferocity after her statement.

When they finally came, together, muffling each other’s cried of completion, they could finally sleep. Wrapped in each other they lay sated and happy, Marie resting her head on his chest, listening to his strong steady heartbeat, as Logan buried his nose in her hair, saturating his senses in her as the dawn glow grew.
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