Marie was sitting in the rocking chair Logan had bought her, resting, and studying for an upcoming test. Baby was due today but so far, aside from some weird hiccups, nothing out of the ordinary had happened. It looked like baby was going to hold on a little longer.

The suite door opened and she looked up to see who it was. Logan and Victor came in together.

They had ended up sharing the suite with Logan's dad, Marie moving in to share Logan's room and bed, while Victor kept his. It would do for them and baby until Marie graduated and they decided what they were doing about college. Victor had also suggested it would be a good plan so he could be on hand to help them out with the baby, especially in those early months, as the adults filled their heads with horror stories of continuously screaming babies and weeks of sleepless nights.

"What are you two up to?" she asked, eyes narrowed suspiciously, as she spotted the grins they were both sporting.

"Nothing," Logan replied, in an exaggeratedly innocent tone, before he pulled a box out from behind his back. "I figured I should get you something for today given the baby still isn't here yet, cake?"

"Ooh, what kind of cake?" Marie asked, setting her books aside with as little movement as possible.

"Only your favourite, Black Forest Gateau," Logan replied, grinning when her eyes lit up excitedly.

"Yummy, can you plate me a piece?" Marie asked, pointing to her fat round belly as her excuse for not getting up to do it herself.

"Yes ma'am," Logan replied, handing a plate of cake and a fork over a moment later, but not until he'd got a welcome home kiss.

About an hour later Marie started to get sleepy, gently Logan helped her out of the chair, before the pair retired for the night. Logan was so focused on Marie he missed the grin on Victor's face. When the pair were out of the room Victor leaned over and snagged the suite phone.

"Hey Hank, you're ready for this baby, right? ... Yeah, early stages are starting now ... Don't know, it's her first it could go on for days but I just thought you should know, you know, so you don't make any plans to go anywhere ... she's good, I don't think either of them have quite cottoned on yet ... she's just gone to bed ... I'll let you know when it progresses ... 'night, I should probably get some sleep too, not likely to be much once the kid arrives, not if it’s got lungs like its dad at least."

Victor hung up, an odd pride and anticipation welling up inside him, a niggling fear in the back of his mind from the last time he was in a similar situation.

"Look after her Cindy, don't let her or Logan suffer that loss," he whispered into the night, he did not want them to lose Marie the same way they had lost Logan's own mother.


By the next morning Marie was having tiny contractions, Logan didn't want to go to work but Victor pointed out it could be hours, or even days, before her labour progressed any further. He finally headed out after extracting a promise for them to call the minute anything changed.

At ten thirty, just as he was finishing up his morning break, his phone rang, the shop staff froze. Everyone knew about Marie and the baby, and most had overheard Logan tell Tony that morning that he might have to take off suddenly if he got 'the call'. Eventually jumping into action, Logan answered on about the fifth ring.

"What's up?" he asked, trying for casual, like he wasn't standing there, heart in his throat.

"Time to come home dad, baby's ready to meet you, if you hurry you might even beat baby here," Victor answered, a split second before a scream filtered down the line behind him. "If you really hurry," he added.

Logan didn't even wait to say goodbye, hanging up the phone as he grabbed his jacket, fishing his keys out of the pocket as he yelled for Tony that he had to go. Everyone was grinning like idiots, as they watched Logan race out of the shop without even waiting to see if he had been heard.


Skidding to a stop out the front of the school, Logan left his bike where it was, he left the keys with it in case someone needed to move it, and raced inside. The elevator ride to the underground levels, where the medical unit was, was the longest it had ever been, he stood tapping his foot impatiently wishing the car would move faster. Eventually the doors opened and he dashed down the hall to the room he could hear people moving around in.

He almost collided with Victor, sidestepping him at the last minute, and ending up at Marie's side before he even realised he had moved. She was on her hands and knees on the bed, breathing heavily, her face contorted in pain. Logan spoke softly as he approached, not wanting to spook her, she smiled tiredly as she reached for his hand, and whimpered a plea for him to hold her.

Wrapping his arm around her shoulders he whispered encouragingly in her ear, as she rested her damp brow on his shoulder. She squeezed his hand tightly with every contraction, appearing oblivious to everything except the pain in her body and the man holding her. The doctor moved to check her progress 'down there' a short while later, and Logan had to bite back hard on the urge to growl at him, the gentle rumble that filtered through him enough to make Marie giggle between contractions.

"You are fully dilated now Marie, whenever your body tells you you're ready, go ahead and push," Hank told her gently, before moving away from the pair again. Victor had explained to him that Logan, being feral, would, however involuntarily, not be pleased with his presence near Marie at this time. They had both heard the muted growl though so knew Logan was trying to keep that reaction in check.

About two minutes later, Marie suddenly pushed herself more upright, her forearms resting on Logan's shoulders, and her head bowed to rest her forehead on his. With the next contraction she pushed, hard, her fingers that were tangled in Logan's hair, pulling sharply. After a few panting gasps she pushed again with another contraction, instinctively Logan reached down, between her legs. A moment later a slimy lump of flesh met his hand, a tiny body following the fat head a moment later, as Marie gasped in relief.

Gently following Hank's directions Logan shifted the baby around, making sure its mouth was clear as it began to scream shrilly. The sound brought a smile to both their faces, Marie sighing in relief as she rested against Logan, her forehead dropping back to his shoulder so she could look down at her baby.

"You were right," she commented softly. "It's a girl, god she's so beautiful Logan," Marie murmured.

"Really?" Logan asked teasingly, "I was just thinking she was a little ugly, all squished up and goopy," Logan commented jokingly, "She looks like she's gone three rounds with a lawnmower, and didn’t win, look her nose isn’t even straight." He laughed when Marie huffed good naturedly and smacked his chest, telling him to stop being a jerk.

Twenty minutes later, once the disgusting blob of tissue that was the placenta had been delivered, and baby had been cleaned up some, she was laid back in Marie's arms for her first real cuddle. Both parents gazed down adoringly at her as she dozed, and yawned, and wriggled, periodically opening her eyes to look up at them. She managed to work a tiny hand out of the blanket she was wrapped in, and quickly grabbed hold of the finger Logan stroked it with, before she started to grizzle.

"She's hungry," Marie decided, shifting around so she could offer baby some milk.

Logan couldn't help himself; he just couldn't stop touching her, she was so amazingly perfect. He got a few death glares from the baby as he stroked her head gently while she fed. Eventually she fell asleep at the breast, the slight sucking motion of her mouth stopping as her eyes closed and stayed shut. Marie eased the nipple out of her mouth, putting her boobs away as they watched the tiny baby sleep.

"Now that we know it is a girl, we should give her a name," Logan suggested, they hadn't found out gender earlier in the pregnancy, wanting it to be a surprise, so they hadn't really done much name talk.

"I want to name her Lucy, after your mom," Marie declared, looking up at Logan hopefully.

Logan froze, shocked, he opened his mouth to speak but no words came out, he eventually rested his lips on Marie's forehead, kissing her gently, as he squeezed his eyes shut against the burn of tears. "I like the sound of that," he eventually managed, smiling at her, and down at the baby. "But she needs a name all her own too, a middle name," he suggested.

"Hm, Alice would have been my next pick," Marie suggested, "Lucy Alice Creed?"

"You're gonna give her my last name?" Logan asked curiously, a grin on his face.

"Of course, you're her daddy after all," Marie said.

"Well, yeah, I figured you'd want to hyphenate or something," Logan admitted.

"Gosh no, my last name's too long for that, and hyphenated names are so pretentious," Marie giggled.

"Well, alright then, Lucy Alice it is," Logan said, placing another kiss on Marie's forehead.

A moment later a muted click alerted the new parents that someone was taking photos, Victor was standing at the end of the bed, grinning broadly, phone in hand.

"Who are you sending that too?" Marie asked suspiciously.

"Charlie, your parents, Tony, that should do for now," he advised showing her the picture, and asking for her approval before he sent it.

Marie wanted to go back to her room to sleep a short time later, the multitude of men around her refused to even consider her walking that far. So she had to wait, for someone to find the rarely used wheelchair, before they would allow her to leave. Eventually, she was back in her own bed, little Lucy asleep in the bassinet beside the bed, and Logan hovering over both of them like a mother hen.

She fell asleep tired, aching, but so happy.
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