Things didn't come to a head for a few more weeks. Rogue suddenly became unreasonably irritable and snappy, and would then burst into tears and apologize profusely. Everyone tried to handle it as well as they could, blaming hormones for the trouble, but Logan couldn't help the nagging suspicion that something else was going on.

Early one morning he was woken up by a soft tapping at his door. "Logan? Can I come in?" Marie asked quietly.

"Come on in kid," he replied. "Everything okay?" he asked, concerned, as she tentatively opened the door and stepped into the room.

"... No," she eventually replied, blushing bright red where she stopped awkwardly in the middle of the room, before she continued, "I know you said you didn't want to ... move our relationship to the next level until I was older but... oh God ... imhornyashellandicantgetmyselfoffwiththisstupidbellyintheway!" she finished in a rush.

Logan frowned, he'd caught something about her wanting to do something and her belly… "You want to try that again kid, a little slower, what's your bump getting in the way of?"

Marie blushed even redder, as she hung her head and repeated, "I'm horny, that's why I've been such a bitch lately, but I can't... I can't... take care of it myself, because the stupid bump is in the way."

"Uh, okay..." Logan replied uncertainly, just what exactly was she wanting him to do about it? It almost sounded like she wanted...

"Okay? Just okay? That's it!? For fucks sake Logan I need you to... I want..." she cut herself off with an irritated growl before turning around walking out with a parting, 'never mind', thrown over her shoulder.

It took a few minutes for Logan to get his brain back in gear, the woman of his dreams, literally, just walked into his room and asked him to get her off and he totally fucked it up. With a sigh he rolled out of bed and followed after her, sure enough he stepped into her room to find her lying on the bed crying.

"Scoot over kid," he mumbled, nudging her over to make enough room for him on the bed too.

"No, it's okay, I shouldn't have asked, it was stupid, I'm sorry for putting you on the spot like that, and I'm sorry for getting mad, and..." He pressed a finger to her lips to silence her.

"You just surprised me is all, you can come to me for anything Marie, and this is obviously something you really need, I can make an exception," he added with a wink, sliding into the bed behind her, spooning her comfortably as his hand came to rest on her belly.

"Um, so, uh do I need to do something?" she asked a moment later, when he made no effort to do anything further.

"Yeah, lie still and relax," Logan murmured into her shoulder, as his hand gently massaged her belly.

Marie could feel the odd sensation of the baby moving around inside her, baby was always pretty active in the morning, she liked to stretch in the morning, but she was also very active whenever Logan was around, right now she could feel some part of baby, pressing back on the spot where Logan's hand was touching her belly. He huffed a little laugh as he poked back gently when baby kicked his hand.

After several minutes Logan felt Marie finally relax, slowly his ministrations shifted, his hand sliding up to her breasts. Her arousal, which had been hanging in the air for weeks, grew, and he took that as his cue for his hand to travel in the other direction. Slowly and gently he shifted her position, never leaving off touching her, until he got his hand between her legs. She was so wet her panties were soaked, and she unconsciously bucked against his hand as he began to touch her.

She was beautiful he thought, as he watched her drowning in the sensations he was producing in her. When she finally came, he kissed her shoulder gently but didn't stop. He made her climax twice more, not stopping until she was lying on the bed almost catatonic in pleasure. With a final kiss, he rolled off the bed and tugged her covers up, leaving her to sleep for a while longer. Stepping into his own shower moments later he wrapped a hand around his painfully hard shaft as he closed his eyes, picturing the gorgeous woman he'd just seen writhing underneath him, the same pleasure filled look on her face. Damn, maybe that wasn't such a good idea after all.

Later that morning Rogue made her way down to breakfast with a big smile on her face, she wasn't bitchy that day, or any of the days following.


Logan briefly wondered if their near daily activity met the Professor's definition of 'sexual activity' but decided he really didn't care; it was what Marie needed and he was going to do it whether Chuck liked it or not. It's not like they were actually having sex, or like anyone knew what was going on, though if he kept grinning like an idiot, and getting hard every time Marie smiled at him a certain way, they might start to catch on.

"Rogue seems a lot happier these days," Ororo mentioned suddenly.

"Yeah, though she's started commiserating with beached whales lately," Logan replied with a chuckle.

"Has she mentioned more about what she's planning for her delivery?" Jean asked, she had gone over all the options with them both at one of her check-ups but aside from saying she would think on it, Rogue hadn't really made any hard or fast decisions.

"She mentioned not wanting a c-section unless medically necessary, and no drugs, I think she's just wanting to play it by ear and let baby come when and how she's ready to," Logan replied, "Aside from those two things she doesn't seem to have any hard and fast preferences."

"Well, okay, just let me know what happens when it happens so I know when to be on standby, even if it's one in the morning, when she's got to an hour in of contractions four minutes apart, and one minute long, or if the contractions are more frequent than that all of a sudden, wake me up," Jean reminded him.

"Will do," Logan confirmed again, he didn't mention that Marie had also said she didn't want the doctor hovering, wanting her left out of loop for as long as possible as she didn't want to be pressured into anything.

"So, what's the latest on the delivery date pool from the baby shower?" Ororo asked conspiratorially, "Have you made a guess yet Logan?"

Logan glanced back over his shoulder to make sure Rogue wasn't close, before he answered with a grin, "I figured she'll be annoyed with me so I had Jubes sneak it in secretly, I reckon she's going over, my money's on the tenth, I even narrowed it down to sometime between five and seven am, that kid is just far too comfortable, but still predictable."

"Who's predictable?" Rogue asked, walking up behind him.

"Baby," Logan replied, nodding to her belly, "With her early morning exercise routine."

"Ugh, yeah, some days I swear she's trying to kick her way clear out of me," Rogue replied, pulling a face, "As much as I love her, I'm gonna be glad when that part's over, anyway, I gotta go, see you all later." She waved before she moved out of the room.

"She's going to be so mad with you if that prediction is right," Ororo said with a laugh, once the girl in question was out of the room.
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