Author's Chapter Notes:
I hope someone has the time to give this baby the love and it deserves.
They say the way a man looks at you has the power to make you melt. And the way his eyes licked the peek-a-boo of my now bare skin I dared to flaunt proved it.

I felt myself catch fire like the amber I saw smoldering there as he devoured every inch of me and ravaged every curve of my body. I could almost taste the smoke catch in my throat, making it rasp and choke around words I’d long forgotten the meaning of, and felt every torturous drop of sweat slide down my body, devastated it wasn't those strong hands and rough fingers, puddling between my thighs. Like molten honey on a hot summer day, thick, sweet and slick. I was panting, and suffocating. Lost in the sudden lack of air diving us. And he hadn’t even touched me. And I had no idea if he had any intention of doing so, ever.
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