I Get Off by Ally (NC-17)
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Logan's been watching Rogue every night for a while, even though she doesn't know it. Or does she?
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Complete?: No - Published: 12/10/2018 - Last Updated: 12/11/2018
Story Notes:
Okay, kiddies--well, hopefully not. Don't read this if you're underage, etc etc. Anyway, on to the good stuff. This story was inspired by the Halestorm song "I Get Off." If you've never heard it before, I STRONGLY suggest getting on YouTube or somewhere that you can listen to it while reading, or maybe before. It'll explain a few things about why Logan isn't a TOTAL creep in this--even if he doesn't know it. And if you weren't paying attention to the tags for some reason, I'm taking another moment to point out that this is all about the voyeurism kink. It's not one of mine, but the aforementioned song has had this idea spinning around in my head off and on for about four years--I just never got up the nerve to write it until now! So I hope you like it, and please try to keep an open mind even if it isn't your kink, either!

Oh, and the usual disclaimer applies. I don't own X-Men, movie or comic or cartoon verse, whichever one you think this one might apply to. This is all for fun to let the characters play around in my own, slightly perverted sandbox. No profits will be made from this work, although I'll take "payment" in comments and kudos!

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