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My first mistake.

Comfort. Ease. Reliability. Ignorance.


I froze.

“Don’t look so surprised. Where was the first place that you went, Rogue? After you got rid of your powers? Or should I say, Marie? Because I’m willing to bet that it wasn’t my bed.” His laugh was cold, cruel. And it stung. “That’s what I thought.”

So I slapped him. For seeing into the black abyss swirling around where all my insides used to be. Where I stood on the precipice, teetering on the verge of the vast, seemingly endless emptiness and fear I felt, threatening to fall into nothing as if it wasn’t already too late. The meaning of which I had found before I’d come here.

And he knew.

Logan was gone.

And it was all… for nothing.

Falling hurt, and something inside me snapped.

But it wasn’t me that hit the ground.

I guess that means girl’s night’s canceled.

It wasn’t her fault, really.

She probably could’ve saved herself from the impact had she seen it coming.

How did she not see that coming?

Truth is, it surprised me too.

Being thrust into the darkness.

My darkness.
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