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It’s been over twenty years since he last saw her, that was before the war, before sentinels, before she left him. All he had left now is the vengeance, but Logan never considered what happens after.
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Story Notes:
My first completed fic, I decided to try writing after reading some great stories here. This fic came about from all the darker ideas that popped up for some reason while I’m trying to write a DOFP fic. I might expanded this fic in the future into some kind of redemption themed story, but no promises. I'm not very satisfied with this fic, it is overly melodramatic, needlessly dark and very violent, but it latched on like a lamprey and won't let go. Honestly not sure what came over me.

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1. Chapter 1 by Nebelwerfer42 [Reviews - 2] (4170 words)