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Who knows one day I might make it to 100
Seeing Red


He was seeing Red

Pure unadulterated rage coursed through him, snarling, swearing as he lunged forwards. "You stupid motherfucking idiot. How fucking stupid could you fucking be". Arms raised to land his first blow- he was suddenly frozen. Turning his eyes he saw Jean, hand outstretched, her face pale and tense.

"Logan it was an accident. You can't take this out on Scott. It was no one's fault! If anyone is going to be blamed for this its Ro-"

"Shut your mouth before I shut it for you"


She was seeing red

The whole incident played in her head on a loop. Her- running down the hallway- screaming. Voices thundering in her head.

What had started out as Jean's first attempt of "Rogues Mind Therapy Sessions" had undone natural blocks that had been restraining the multiple personalities in Rogues head and they had warred for dominance.

Rogue had crashed out of the office, hands crushed against her head trying fiercely to push them down, away, silent. Light fixtures were shaking, bolts loosening and drawing towards her. A chain of paperclips clattering behind her, German rolling of the back of her tongue- Magneto

The lavish rugs on the hardwood floor grew cold and icy - Bobby. She slipped along, slicing her feet on the icy shards, her skin immediately knitting itself back together, "Run Run Run" echoing through every bone in her body- Logan

And suddenly Scott was there; the fearless leader, the first defence. He had grabbed her firmly round the shoulders- giving a brief shake- thoroughly freaked out by what had appeared before him. It had suddenly dawned on him that no one was coming to his metal calls to help him restrain the young mutant, intensely aware of the younger students in the close proximity. And so, in his moment of panic, he had slapped her. Hard. Across her cheek, with his bare hand.

As soon as his skin made contact with hers, all hell had broken loose.

Mutations kicked in and the pull began. Her deep brown eyes had shot out lasers and his fresh mind thrashed and brawled his way to the front of the others, the mantra "shutyoureyesshutyoureyes" ringing loud After taking out the end wall of the hallway she snapped her eyelids shut and fell to her knees, trembling.

She sat in the medbay- borrowed glasses sitting tightly on her nose, distraughtly bouncing her foot. They did little to hide the tears tricking down her cheeks.

She hated seeing red.
Chapter End Notes:
Don't hate me for making Scott be mean I love him really
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