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Kitty's petite fist smashed against the alarm clock on the bed side table as it read out 6AM. Groaning, she rolled over to go back to sleep only to find a mass of black hair poking out from the duvet. Shocked, she made a quick and clumsy attempt to jump out of the bed, but squealed in surprise as she ended up  tangled on the ground.
It was only when she got another, bashful, peek at the bundle of hair, did she realize that said bundle of hair was in-fact...rogue. "Um, Rogue, are you awake?" All she received was a groan, proving the girl was somewhat responsive.

Panic overwhelmed Kitty as she heard three taps against the door, "Yikes! I totally forgot Bobby was coming to pick me up. Quick get under the covers," and flung the duvet over rogue's curvy form, "Not.A.Sound." She whispered as she neared the door; and as she suspected, came to meet the boy's smiling face as it opened, but before the door could open fully, Kitty jammed it with her foot and blocked Bobby's view with her body.

"Hey, you ready for breakfast? But I'm guessing not considering you're still in your P.Js." He snickered. Kitty blushed, now very conscious of her hair...

"yeah, just give me a few minutes," she said, slamming the door in his face before he could reply.

"OK, so breakfast is now, but I'm guessing you don't want to go down-so I'll bring you something up later," the brunette rushed as she hurried to dress and organize her stuff, "Um, if i can't I'll send Jubes, besides that there's some snacks under the bed and you have my cell. Don't worry, I won't tell the professor, so...BYE." And with that, she was gone.

Rogue rolled over and immediately felt tired again and drifted back to sleep.


"So what's up with you?" Bobby asked as the two walked down the hallway to the canteen.

"Nothing," She shrugged, "How's Dr Grey holding up?"

"She woke up last night, Logan's been hanging around her all mourning." Bitterness was evident in his voice, "Kind of weird actually..." Kitty hesitantly slid her hand into his, blushing as she did so, "One second she was lying on the slab and next she's literally right behind me!" He shuddered at the memory. Just as he said that, the red headed woman in question passed the couple sending an unnerving smile in their direction before gliding up the stairs.

"Creepy." Kitty laughed, once the woman was no-longer within hearing distance. However, she couldn't dismiss the feeling that something definitely wasn't right.


Rogue was so deep in sleep, she didn't hear the turn of the door knob, and most certainly didn't feel the shadow blocking the sun's rays shining through the window. One sharp, red fingernail flicked the black locks covering her face. The silhouette cocked it's head in speculation.
The only sound in the room was her light breaths as she slept, face serene besides the slight crease of her brow, which was the only proof her body still ached.

"Soon...You'll remember."


It was now the afternoon, and Rogue finally woke to the rustling of a rapper. Dazed, she sat up and peered around the room, recalling the events of the night before, but tensed as her eyes landed on kitty nibbling a packet of crisps as she flicked through a magazine on the floor.

Kitty was completely engrossed until Rogue crawled out of bed and into the bathroom to freshen up. "Oh, hey! Your awake. Didn't want to wake you up. Jubes is bringing up some food now." Rogue nodded her appreciation as she exited the bathroom, but came to a halt as Kitty screeched "Rogue, y-your bangs-your hair, Its black and like-really long!"
"what are u talking about?" Her head was still throbbing too much to concentrate.

Kitty leapt up and dragged her to the full mirror on the opposite wall; and the pair studied her reflection, taking in the minor but significant differences. The jet black hair now down to her waist at uneven lengths, the streaks gone-well that explains the migraine, she thought. Her skin was still sickly pale, but not so bad. In-fact, Rogue could remember this similar appearance to when she was a child.

"You look so much...younger-but older, if that makes sense."

It wasn't until both pairs gazes finally came to rest on their bare hands, linked together. Skin touching skin. No barrier. Rogue couldn't breathe, the turmoil of emotions rippling beneath the surface of her watery gaze, threatened to overwhelm her.

"Why are you helping me? Is this because of-"

"It isn't pity," Kitty interrupted, "I didn't know I'd fall for him, he was my friend and so were you, and I know your angry...but can we...I don't want to lose your friendship. I'm sorry."

Rogue thought about everything kitty had done for her, including being the first to befriend the girl with deadly skin, and realized although deep down, the bitterness would still be there, a black stain. But she could forgive her.


Jubes came in with a tray of food, whilst texting on her phone, oblivious to the emotional exchange as Rogue smiled, "OK."

"Hey guys, whipped up a feast! got nachos, popcorn, sweets, soda, chips and leftover's from dinner!" Jubilee announced as she set down the tray of food and laid them out on the rug, then gestured to rogue as she added, "Bye the way Logan's been looking for you, but I told him you hadn't come back yet-oh nice hair-and I suggest you don't go, like, anywhere...Kids are starting to say some real bullshit about how your a traitor and blah."
"Oh yeah! Jubes totally freaked and broke one guys nose. I was too funny" Kitty grinned, reassuring the timid girl.

There was a single knock at the door and the three girls looked at each-other, trying to decide who would answer. Jubilee opened it, "Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Rogue, it's Logan" she muttered, stepping aside for the girl.

Rogue blushed and stepped under his intense gaze as he looked her over. "When did you get back?"

"Last night."

"You did it then," He leaned against the door frame, and even then he towered over her, it was kind of attractive. Rogue crossed her arms and nodded, unable to meet his eyes as hers watered, "you ok?" Logan's voice lowered.

She swallowed as she struggled to keep her emotions in check.
~I'm not your father, I'm your friend~
"I-It hurt. A lot." A tear fell. God did she wish he'd been with her, her heart would have been significantly less heavier.

Gently, he lifted her chin until she had no choice but to meet his gaze."Why didn't you come to me?" And he meant it. If she came to him with a fuckin' splinter he would have dropped everything and hightailed it to hank, just for that. For once in his life he cared...At that he glanced down at the dog tags still nestled in the valley of her breasts. She was his. She knew that right?

"You were busy...Dr Grey was..." Apparently Not.

Before Rogue could even blink, Logan's head dipped until his lips were brushing against the shell of her ear and touched the chain as low as it could go before it disappeared under top, "You ain't Jeanie, Marie. And she ain't the one I gave 'em to. Do you understand Marie?"  His growl sent a shudder down her spine. That's new. A smile crawled its way back on her face, and she blushed the deepest shade of red as her two now best friends dragged her back into the room, with the excuse that it was 'girls night'.

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