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By the way, I hadn't made this clear: Imagine Magneto as a slightly older version of Michael Fassbender's Magneto.
Time had passed slowly, as if nothing had happened. Phoenix was nowhere to be found; Magneto had been sighted in multiple locations, however never stayed in the same place twice as to evade the x-men. Which was surprising considering his tenacious tendency to be the spotlight of every sinister crime against the humans that hated so. Everyone acted normal. Classes went on as normal. The world continued as normal.

Marie practiced daily in harnessing her ability, learning to tolerate the constant assault of the energy in living beings- be it human or not- every touch she made. Learning to become independent without gloves, and attempting to socialise with fellow students once again. She hated it, but Kitty said it was a working progress and of course they would be weary, students still fear her. Marie's only thought was ‘Yes, but you don’t.’ She smiled, “Maybe.”

With so much time that she spent in solitude, meditation became regular. Marie did not need Xavier for this. She was simply learning herself again, like tuning the strings of a guitar left idle to collect dust.

Phoenix, Marie had called to her out of fear during blood sacrifice; Wolverine, she called him to her out of pain. Kitty, was called to her out of loneliness and she had seeked the Professor Xavier for understanding. These relationships had not happened by random...neither did Bobby.

They were meant to happen. It was a course she had set from young.

Marie had come to realise, perhaps she was the villain? Well, the Antagonist at least. The X-men were the heroes, Phoenix the divine unholy creation- the monster, and Jean the ‘Damsel in distress’. It was laughable really.

Every-time she entered her psych, Marie still felt Wolverine’s essence, his calm. That’s what helped fix her. She was ok now. However she had been brought to a new troubling revelation. No matter what, she needed Wolverine.

That was why, Marie was currently standing outside the doors to the mansion. Logan, had gone for a ride to a bar in the city, to revel in his nightly rituals: drink, fuck and fight (and not in that particular order). He had departed at midnight. It was now dawn, and the sun was rising at the horizon line in the east. She was calling his soul back to her, and despite the man, she knew the Wolverine would not resist.

The adolescent- almost woman- allowed her raven locks to roll over her shoulders from the strong breeze, the cotton black dress she wore fluttering and occasionally defining her curves. In fact, her body had returned to a healthy shape- if not more voluptuous- and tanned, no longer the image of a sickly teenage girl. Also her expression was warmer than it had been, and even though she struggled to mingle she was far more approachable.

Marie was snapped out of her concentration when she felt the interruption of a much stronger soul, one that was almost overpowering. It was heading straight for the mansion! Just as she was about to move Xavier rolled up next to her, followed by Storm, Cyclops and Beast. She turned to see the mansion doors slam closed and the members of the X-men take up defensive positions.

“Wha-Who is it?” Marie stammered, trying to accommodate the overpowering life-force passing back and forth through her from the concrete under her bare feet.

“It’s Magneto!” Storm replied in anticipation. He had been bound to attack at one point, she just hadn’t expected today of all days. A few minutes ago, Storm had been casually nurturing her plants, and hummed lightly as she used her divine gift to saturate them with a slight amount of rain. It was when she elevated above the trees, ready to work her magic that she spotted him, half a mile out. On foot. “Oh no,” Were the only words that left her mouth as she sailed through the professor’s window and into his study. Of course, he knew too and placed the mansion on immediate 'lockdown', a new security system that Beast himself had designed.

Now that magneto was in proximity, Xavier attempted to read his mind and was surprised to find that this time, of all the many times he had tried in the past, Xavier had succeeded. Was the man not wearing his helmet? Apparently not.

After an elongated moment of suspense and anticipation, the gates opened wide with an unfamiliar gentleness, revealing Magneto. An awkward silence filled the air as they all studied him in confusion. It was probably the confusion of Magneto looking...well, not like Magneto.

He donned black cargo pants, that showed his legs to be almost the size of tree trunks; a black vest and a red jacket. Neither were as tight as how Logan wore his clothes, but enough to make out his shockingly muscular build. Not only that but his grey hair had grown out, still slicked back but now down to his shoulders and grown stubble at his jaw. He had slimmed out. An unavoidable circumstance considering there hadn’t been much to do besides work out, read and play chess, and the prison food was absolutely atrocious.

Marie almost smiled at Cyclops’ whisper of, “What the fuck?” But he had a point, she was also shocked at his appearance. Actually, the only person that wasn’t stunned was Xavier.

“Magneto, why are you here? The last time we encountered one another, you made your position quite clear.”

Magneto took a moment to study each of them, until his eyes finally landed on his goal. Marie blinked as his pale eyes pierced hers. No one noticed as he pushed out a wave of his life force and her breathing hitched as she stumbled from the hit, but it wasn’t enough to hurt her.
“I did. I have been enlightened,” He held Marie’s gaze as his next words were directed to her, “Last time, I tried to kill you.” He wasn’t here to kill her, “This time I’m here to protect you,” He was here to save her, “from whatever spider’s plight you face. I have learned you.” She could see the smile in his eyes.
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