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He loved to drive, everyone knew. Be it a bike, a flashy sports car or a beat up old truck the Wolverine loved to eat up the tarmac. Often accompanied by some old timey music on the radio and a stolen cigar pinched between his teeth, the scenery would slip by the window. Sometimes he brought Marie along, liking the way the wind caught her long autumnal locks, her scent flowing around him, feeling more than seeing her smile.
She would talk to him about school mostly, how she was constantly struggling behind everyone else. A homeschooled childhood in the deep South did not an education make. Last summer she had signed up for math club, regardless of the fact numbers were her weakest subject. He liked that about her though. She never took it lying down, always working hard, even on things she hated.
One rainy day they pulled into a diner and got a bag of fries between them, the heater staving off the chilly weather.
"How's Math Club goin'?" he asked between a mouthful, tense for her reply.
She wrinkled her nose at the mere mention, waving her hand in a dismissive gesture, "Mmmm ok I guess, there's a competition next weekend so I've to study even more now!"
Logan smiled. Always getting better, always striving to improve.

That girl had drive.
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