Marie lifted her head and looked at the door. She thought she heard yelling. It was faint through the thick metal walls but it was screams. She was sure of it. She wondered if someone had gotten loose. She silently rooted for whoever it was that was causing the commotion. Suddenly her door opened and standing in front of here was a blood spattered wild eyed mutant with knives sticking out of his fists.

He tossed a remote at her, barked at her to be silent and then he was gone. She could hear her pulse thudding in her ears. This was her chance. She heard more yells and for a moment she thought they were coming for her. She shoved the remote behind her and sat on it. The commotion faded as they went down the hall and she sighed. She pulled out the precious remote and scrolled through it.

Thankfully it was backlit and she was able to examine it in the dimly lit cell. She knew she had to wait to use it; she didn’t want to go out in the middle of the mess.
She thought back to the stranger. Why had he given the remote to her? What was going to happen to him now? She shuddered at the thought. He was tall, muscular and had those knives, but she knew they had weapons designed to handle them. She closed her eyes and prayed that the stranger would be ok. He didn’t look like one they could take down easily.

While she waited and listened carefully she examined the remote. She realized their little remotes were nothing more than a small tablet preloaded with access to all the rooms. She looked for a map but couldn’t find one, she sighed with irritation. Her thoughts again went to the stranger. It had been silent for hours.

She wondered if they would be on high alert for the rest of the night. She didn’t want to blow her chance. Her mind raced. Could she leave with just the remote? How would she fight? Her mutation was permanently switched off thanks to the chip imbedded in the base of her skull. She knew how to throw a punch but she was unable to fight off the prods and batons. She wished she knew where the stranger was and what happened to him. If he was alive she would release him. She owed him at least that much. She seriously doubted he was alive but she had to be sure.

Marie dropped down to do pushups, she had too much energy to sit still and she knew she needed to be stronger. When her arms could lift her no longer she began to panic. Her odds of getting out alive by herself were very slim. She had never been able to tell where she was and she seriously doubted that right at the end of the hall was a door to the outside. And even then, they were at war. She cocked her head to the side; then again, once she got out she would be a human so she didn’t have to worry about that. She just had to get out. Hanging her head she realized she was starting to lose it. She needed to focus on just getting out or they would drive her mad like they wanted.

The sound of a baton clicking along the wall signified someone approached. It had been too long since they had come for her. “Shit.” She looked around, there was nowhere to hide it but she wasn’t ready.

Holding the remote in her hands she stared at the walls, there was no place to hide it. She heard the lock disengage on her door. There went her chance of escaping.
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