Logan woke growling, his claws itching to be released. He sat up against the back wall of the cell and scrubbed a hand across his face. Before he could wake up from his nightmares; now he lived them. He growled low in his chest. He could her talking outside, that was rare. Maybe it meant there were some new guards; new guards wouldn’t know what he was capable of. He smirked at the idea. That would be fun.

He sniffed the air, the little air vent above the door didn’t allow for much fresh air and as stinky as he was, he couldn’t smell them very well. He almost wished they would take him out and give him one of their ice showers. He heard a door open and close and then a few minutes later the door opened again. There was silence and then his door opened. He was still sitting there, back to the wall, watching them. His eyes adjusted quickly and he assessed them. They had the cattle prods, they had probably heard about him. But they didn’t smell too worried. He would work with that. “Get up.” He obliged slowly, popping his neck, he stalked towards them. The small red head registered the danger quicker than the other and lifted the prod to keep the distance between them.

“Walk.” The tall stocky one was over confident and Wolverine smelled no fear on him. The other one, the short red headed boy filled the air with it. Logan’s lips twitched upwards. He would wait for just the right moment. As they walked down the hall he registered the smells. The new girl in the next cell still smelled terrified, this time he smelled burnt flesh and blood in addition to the tears. He rolled his shoulders and his claws itched to be freed. He wanted to kill every fucker in this place.

They stopped him in front of the last door of the hall. Wolverine surged to the forefront of Logan’s consciousness. Metal cattle prods were no match for Adamantium claws. One swipe detached the short one’s head and the other he gutted from balls to adams apple. He grabbed one of their remotes and shoved it in the back pocket of his jeans. Flinging the door open he ran inside, there were two attendants at the showers, just as he knew there would be. Their screams echoed in the tiled room. He turned around and looked franticly; he didn’t see any weapons that would help him. He briefly considered barricading the door but he dismissed the thought with a snarl. Wolverine wanted OUT!

His bare feet padded silently down the hall, he heard them running towards him and he looked down at the remote. He left bloody finger prints as he scanned through the options. He had made it to the cell next to his, he pressed the open button and the lock clicked. Yanking the door open he looked down.

The first thing he noticed was her eyes. Big doe eyes, a swollen face, dark hair framing that same face with a single white streak in the front. He heard the steps nearing, “Be quiet.” He commanded, his voice felt gravely. He threw the remote at her and slammed the door shut. He didn’t hear it shatter so he guessed she caught it before it hit the cement floor. He turned and ran back down the hallway, towards the showers. He didn’t want them to know she had the remote. They would find it when they came to get her so he hoped she would use it before that. It wasn’t much of a chance. But it was a chance. And it was all he could do. At least at the end of the day he could say he taken out four more of the fuckers.

There was nothing he could do to barricade the doors so he waited for them, holding the hose he sprayed them at full force. He felt the bullets but he roared and lunged at them.
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