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Sorry it's been so long. I moved from Louisiana to Connecticut so we've been settling in and I didn't have internet all summer and so much other stuff.

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Hours later Logan was curled around Marie on their mattress, his hand flat against her stomach. She had relayed to him in hushed whispers what happened to her and Jean during the medical exam. It had saddened him, to know that he wasn’t there for such an important time for his mate. He’d reassured her that they had both been the first to know and what was important was that they were safe and whole and the baby was fine.

He wondered, while he held her, what their child would be. Would he end up with a daughter or a son? He mused on that for a long moment. He didn’t care if he had a little boy to run with or a daughter the spitting image of Marie, as long as it was healthy.

Logan dreamt that night of him and her in a cabin in the woods with their baby. It was a pleasant dream that he was loathe to wake up from. Still, when the lights switched on over head he jolted from sleep and rose to his feet. Marie was already awake, sitting on the floor between the mattresses with Jean, deep in conversation.

The door burst open and men poured into the room. Marie and Jean stood quickly, Scott took a step forward toward the men putting him in line with Logan. Stryker came forward to the front of the group.

“What the hell do you want now?” This Scott asked.

“Come with me, all of you.” Though both Scott and Logan were loathe to follow, there wasn’t much choice with the men and their weapons at the ready. Logan kept an arm around Marie as they filed down the hall behind Stryker. He could hear Jean’s heart beating erratically. There was something about her scent that was off, but he couldn’t place it. There was so much that was different here, he mused, she’s probably feeling a state of paranoia that he’s never scented on her before. Stress can do amazing things to your body, Logan knew that all too well.

They were led down a long hall, opposite the direction he’d went when he’d left them for a mission. Marie had long since moved in closer to him, clutching at his clothing. He reassured her with a little caress of his hand on her arm and steeled himself to be a rock for her. It was a long walk and an awkward elevator ride. Eventually they were led to a silver metal door. It stood out from the otherwise white hallway.

Stryker stopped and opened the door inward, revealing a living room with a matching couch and a dining room behind it. He stepped backward, giving them access to the room. Logan and Marie quickly stepped through the door followed by Scott and Jean just as rapidly. Stryker stood in the doorway watching them. Marie and Logan were grouped together in the dining room and Scott and Jean had taken up residence just behind the couch. No one was sitting.

“This will be your home for the foreseeable future.” Stryker said with a sweep of his arm. “You’ve each got your own room; you’ve even got a dining room and a kitchen. I expect you to be much more comfortable here. Now, we’ll give you time to settle in, but Wolverine and Cyclops still need to be seen at medical.” Stryker left and locked the door behind him, but his voice echoed through speakers set in the ceiling. “Remember, the same rules apply.”

After a long moment of staring at the door Marie moved to sit down in one of the couches. It took even longer for Logan to move to sit behind her.

“What kind of sick game is this?” Jean asked from where she stood with Scott. “What, we’re expected to play house now?”

Scott didn’t say anything but instead locked eyes with Logan across the way.

“I don’t know what they’re up to.” Logan said into Marie’s hair. “But we’re going to be ok, we’re going to get out of this eventually.”

It felt like ash in his mouth, like an empty promise. He couldn’t see any way out of this for them other than what Stryker had already planned. Their baby wasn’t going to be born in captivity, which meant that at some point he’d have to pop his claws and deal with being electrocuted. Until then, they’d have to play fucking house. He didn’t have enough information right now and moreover he didn’t have a plan other than cut down every mother fucker in the place. With them still loaded with tranqs, there was no way he was going to hack his way out of this. They needed a plan.

“They’re gearing up for something. When I was supposed to be looking at the ultrasound I heard Stryker say something about Phase 2.” Marie was silent for a long moment. Thinking of the ultrasound, Logan supposed. There wasn’t a bone in his body that didn’t hurt for her. What was supposed to be a time of happiness wasn’t and he would gladly have killed someone if he could have prevented it. Still, he’d vowed to be a rock for her and he would.

“Well, it’s likely got to do with Scooter. If I’m right their first goal was to get me onboard with assassination, then get on to Scooter.” He was quiet for a moment before continuing, his eyes boring into Scotts. “Now they know they’ve got my number. They know I won’t do anything that might put Marie in danger. Now it’s your turn to prove to them that you won’t let them hurt Jeannie to punish you.”

Scott shifted uncomfortably but tightened his grip on his wife. “I will do what I need to do.” He replied, his eyes just as steely.

Marie hadn’t said anything more since her little revelation; instead she had turned inward, thoughtful. Logan wondered at what was going on in her head. Was she worried about the baby? About him? He didn’t know what to do so he took her into his arms once again and stood. He carried her to one of the bedrooms off of the main living area and kicked the door closed behind him.

Marie snaked her arms around his neck as he laid them both down on the bed. “I don’t want to be your weak spot.” She whispered.

“Baby, you’ve always been a weak spot for me, but you’ve also been a source of comfort, strength, wisdom, passion, love and wonder for me. You’re more to me than anything, you’re my life and you’re mine and I’ll never ever let anything happen to you. I promised that years ago and I’m going to keep that promise for as long as I’m alive.”

She kissed him then. Longing and need and all the emotions that she had pent up went into that one searing and passionate kiss. There was no more need for words, just this coming together into one.

Later, when Logan lay sleeping and Marie was still barely clinging to wakefulness she spoke.

“You’re my everything too. You’re mine and if I can spare you from one tiny little hurt, I’ll do it and gladly.”
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