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Logan and Scott pick up the chase.
There was chaos at the Mansion after the girls got back from the mall. The rage and frenzy that Xavier had been expecting out of Logan didn’t disappoint. Luckily, he had been in the Danger Room when they found out about Rogue and Jean’s disappearance, the equipment didn’t take any damage that it wasn’t created for and could easily be repaired.

Xavier, feeling that Scott was too close to this situation, took lead on the mission. He called everyone to the Ready Room for a strategic meeting. But before they could begin, Xavier sensed the presence of a delivery man on the campus. Having heard the messenger long before it arrived, sent Ororo upstairs to greet the man and take his message. When she returned it was still unopened. “It’s addressed to Scott and Logan.”

Scott took the paper ‘Ro offered him and tore it open. Logan came to lean over his shoulder. After reading over it once himself, he read it aloud to the team. “Scott Summers and Logan Howlett you will report to the coordinates given and there and there you will learn how to retrieve your missing teammates. Come alone.”

Scott sighed and Logan pulled the paper from his hands. He brought the page to his nose but couldn’t recognize any of the scents and pushed the paper back into Scott’s hands. He prowled the room, back and forth behind the head of the table.

Xavier stated what everyone but Logan was thinking. “We can’t go in there like that and we can’t allow you two to go in alone.”

“We’ll never get them out of there sitting around here, so someone come up with a plan and point me in the right direction to start kicking ass.” Logan growled out.

Scott was the first one to speak. “We’ll need to leave some people back here to make sure that this isn’t a ruse to get at the school. Storm and Shadowcat, you two will come with Logan and I to the meet up. If Jean and Rogue are there, we’ll need the two of you to help get them out. The rest of you are needed here to protect the mansion.”

There was a chorus of agreement around the table and a grunt from Logan. “So when do we leave?” the older man asked. They hunkered down for the next two hours getting all the details straight and when they were finally finished, it was off to work securing the School for a possible invasion then into the jet for the rescue mission.


Logan and Scott disembarked the plane first. Kitty was to follow them until they made it into the building then break off and try to find the women while Logan and Scott worked to take out any of the opposing forces that they would run into. Ororo would work her magic outside, striking the electronics and taking out any ground troops that she could. For Logan and Scott the guards outside the warehouse were easy to dispatch, a quick snapping of the neck showing how ruthless their fearless leader could be when his wife was in danger and he had no other choice. Logan filed that information away for later.

When they entered the facility, it was dark and quiet, too quiet for Logan’s tastes.

“Kitty,” Scott called quietly, “Stay phased and check the rooms for Jean and Rogue. If it looks like it’s getting bad, get out to Ororo and into the jet.”

Kitty nodded and stepped through the wall and out of sight. Logan sniffed the air, strangers everywhere. “There’s a lot of them up ahead.”

Scott nodded the two of them marched carefully forward, claws out and finger on the visor trigger. The room ahead of them was dark, but Logan could hear the rustling and shifting of nervous people gathered together.

“Gotta go in fighting,” he whispered to Scott before charging into the room. Seconds later a blast of red followed him and cut through a line of men in black fatigues. The fighting was quick and hard, hand to hand combat on an expert level. Both sides landing blows while the two X-Men cut through the lines like butter.

Logan wasn’t sure where they were coming from or how many there ultimately were, but as soon as one man fell another three took his place. There were too many of them and he could feel them closing in on him.

The first time they shot him with the electricity he took out the wires with a swipe of the claws. The second time he yanked them from his left calf, the third and fourth hit him at the same time and were quickly followed by a fifth and sixth. He could feel himself going down and he turned to see if he could pull out any of the leads.

When he hit the floor, mind racing and muscles tight, he saw Scott, already down and being carted away, silver bracelets adorning his wrists.


Logan rolled over onto his stomach and pushed himself up with his hands and knees. Marie, who had been sleeping curled up next to him, reacted quickly sinking her hands into his hair and pulling him close.

The smell of her scared but whole, was like a drug shaking off the last remaining effects of whatever had kept him out for so long.

“Hey baby,” she whispered, “Careful now.”

When he finally made it to his knees, he pulled her to him in a crushing embrace. “Darlin’… God you don’t know how crazy I’ve been.”

“I think I do.” She responded and gestured around them. He followed her arm and took stock in their surroundings. Metal walls with a glass ceiling. One door on the center and two mattresses on the floor. A table and four chairs, all made of the same metal. Scott and Jean sat on the far mattress, holding each other protectively, Jean with a far off look on her face.

“Fucking hell,” was all he could say as the door swung open and revealed a face that was somehow familiar.

“My name is William Stryker. Welcome to Weapon X.”
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