Story Notes:
This was a drabble written three years ago in answer to a prompt on weightlifting/x-men. Takes place after Meeting Death.
"Is that a challenge?"

Piotr smirked at Bobby's question. "I do not think you could take me up with it."

Sam tried not to laugh. "I think we can take you on. I think we can find a judge, too."

Piotr lay back down on the weightlifting bench and pressed an enormous amount of weight several times without effort before putting it back on the rack and sitting up once more.

"I can lift more metal than anyone in your class, Bobby. Find a judge. This should be fun."

"We'll be back in a minute, Homme," said Remy.

It didn't take Sam, Bobby, and Remy long to find Rogue and tell her their plan.

"Ah'm not doing it, guys. Someone could get hurt," she said.

"But you have to do it. He thinks he can lift more than anyone in our class, but he wasn't thinking of anyone but us three. You can take him on, Rogue. You have to defend our honor," Sam argued.

"We will get a fair judge," wheedled Remy. "Maybe Cyclops. He and Wolverine are back and still down in the hangar area."

"Logan's back?" She smiled slightly and looked away, but not before they saw her blush of happiness.

"Come, 'chere," said Remy. "At least you can walk by the gym on your way to the hangar. Toss a barbell at the Russian. Show him you can lift any metal he can."

"Metal? Heh." Bobby sported a wicked grin. "I hadn't thought of that. How about I arrange it so you win and you don't have to lift a finger?"

He whispered something in her ear and Rogue nodded. "Ah'll agree to that."

Remy laughed delightedly. "I will get the judge."

Remy entered the gym with Scott and Logan in tow, both still in uniform from the mission they had just completed. Scott showed interest but Logan was obviously tired and his face was smeared with blood.

Bobby bowed. "Cyclops, would you mind judging this exhibition of strength?"

"I'll be fair," Scott said. "What are the terms?"

Bobby turned to Piotr. "What did you say again? That you could beat any in our class?"

"I am not lifting against Rogue," said the giant. "I thought you three would take me on."

Wolverine folded his arms across his chest and frowned. "You backing down?" he growled.

Piotr's eyes widened and he grinned in defeat. "No. Okay. Yes. I take her on."

Logan shrugged and removed his jacket. Then he stretched out on a nearby bench and closed his eyes. "Wake me when it's over."

"Good," said Bobby. "Cyclops, Piotr said he could lift more metal than anyone in our class. Rogue says she can beat him."

Scott nodded. "Metal it is. Who goes first?"

"I don't know." Piotr scratched his head.

"How about the lady goes first," offered Bobby. Rogue nodded, walked over to Piotr, and then said something in a low tone.

"What?" Piotr blushed deeply. "I, uh." He looked around the room wildly for a moment, eyes landing on Logan. There was a slight snore from the bench. "But that's not right."

"Did she ask you to lift metal?" asked Scott.

"Yes, but." Piotr swallowed hard. “I forfeit?"

"You forfeit?" Scott shook his head. "What did she ask you to lift?"

"About a hundred pounds of Adamantium," Rogue said lightly.

She winked at Piotr, who started to chuckle. He offered a hand and they shook. Sam started laughing and then Remy. Bobby joined in and slapped the Russian on the back.

"Now you know better than to challenge our class," said Bobby.

Scott smiled. "That was bad, guys."

"Bad, but funny," said Piotr.

"Come on, Piotr," Scott said. "I'll treat you to a beverage of your choice while I tell you the story of how these guys bested me one Halloween. They don't play fair."

"No they do not." Piotr boomed out a laugh. "Please tell me the story."

"It all started with some pranks," Scott began as he led the big man from the gym. The others followed, 'helping' Scott get the story right.

Finally, only Rogue and the sleeping Logan were left. She walked up to him and slapped him lightly on the leg before straddling him and the bench.

"Ah know you aren't asleep."

He opened his eyes, shifted his hips underneath her, and held her waist with his hands. "Adamantium, huh? He could have lifted me easily."

"The metal, yeah. But wrap one grumpy Wolverine around that Adamatium and it becomes a whole different kind of challenge." She leaned over and kissed him soundly. "Don't you think?"
Chapter End Notes:
I leave the rest of what they ended up doing to your imaginations...
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