Author's Chapter Notes:
And the epilogue. Wow I really felt the need to finish this since I am writing this as I go...hope it turns out okay...
Logan cried when he heard the news. He was too late to save her. Too late when he pressed his lips to her forehead in a desperate attempt to bring her back. He clenched the ring he was holding into a twisted knot of metal. He was too late when his lips sought hers.
His first and last taste of the woman he loved.
He roared and clawed the dead body of Scott Summers. 'Take care of her' he'd told him. Take care of her until he returned.
And now she was dead and Scott had killed her. No one had seen it coming. No one had been the slightest concerned when Scott had begun to seek Rogue out. No one had been concerned when Rogue had clung to Scott. After all Scott had lost Jean and Logan had left his Marie without a goodbye and words that had wormed under her skin and twisted around her heart.
"I don't love you kid and I never will."
No one thought it odd that Scott and Rogue sought solace in each other. And maybe it was cause for a little concern when Scott started hanging out with Rogue in her room with the doors locked. This tryst would burn out with the realization that they weren't what each other needed. Besides Scott was noble and no matter how much Jean's death twisted him up he wouldn't intentionally hurt Rogue, right?
But no one knew how much Jean's death had actually affected him. No one knew that he took out his rage and despair on Marie. No one could hear him twisting the words Logan said to her to turn her as twisted as he had become.
So no one knew that in the end he had to end it for them both.
Because Rogue was his, more than Marie had ever been Logan's, and he wouldn't give her up.
So when Logan called to say he would be back for his Marie, Scott snapped.
When he entered her room she eyed the knife with desolate, hungry eyes. There were no goodbyes. She embraced him as he shoved the knife into her stomach. They kissed and she felt the love he had for her.
Twisted and wrapped so closely with fear and self loathing. But as the light died from both thier eyes she smiled.
He hadn't lied after all9
Chapter End Notes:
And it is finished!!! I officially purged myself of all my angst.
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