Story Notes:
The first chapter is a poem that literally took me 5 minutes to write and snowballed into what it is now. It turns a character I normally love into something twisted but that suited my mood. Very rough draft i know, but I didn't feel the need to change anything.
Mind twisted
You say you love me
I wonder why you feel the need to lie to me
I know what this is
I know what I am to you
A trail of disjointed thoughts
It hurts so good when you hit me
You have me when you want her
The only red i can give you is my blood
You're broken and I try to rebuild you
With soft words and a quiet smile
Fix the cracks that a clenched fist keep together
It's easy to take your pain and ignore mine
But I'm not enough
And I won't give you up
The pain is worth it
To see your twisted smile
And I'm numb to anything but you
The scars twist and tighten with your words of hate and hopelessness
So eager to strangle me with your brand of love
I'm so empty without it
You fill me up with your anger and grief
I understand completely
You hate (love?) me for it
You would do anything to push me away
Anything to chain me to your side
In the end you break us both
I smile when the light reflects
So sharp and beautiful
It means our end
Your eyes are closed and you stumble
But I'm here as always
And I kiss you one last time
As my blood drains so slowly
Slow enough to weaken you
I'm not the woman you love
Not anyone you want
Just the air you try so hard to choke back and hold in
But like you I hurt
Worse than anything we could possibly do to each other
I'm not yours, not yet
And you're certainly not mine
In that moment we are the same
Maybe we are twisted
But in death we are equals
Both loving someone lost to us
Chapter End Notes:
Do you know who it is? Am i really that transparent. Review if you like. I know I was feeling a little dramatic when I wrote this. I'm writing an epilogue to wrap it up.
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