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AU story. X-men Evolution with a little X-men the movie mixed in.
Professor X makes a personal request of Logan while he's away from the school, to find and bring home a former stundent of his by the name of Rogue. However, Rogue isn't alone when Logan finds her and he gets more than he bargains for.
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Disclaimer: All rights belong to Mr. Stan Lee, Marvel, Fox, and whomever else owns the X-men. I have not nor will I ever receive compensation for this story.

Warning: I just wanted to let you all know that Logan is somewhat OOC in this story, and if that bothers some of you, then I am sorry, and advise you to pass it on. However, I at least hope most of you will give it a try. Feel free to read and review, as long as you do it with respect. Now onto the show!

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