Author's Chapter Notes:
Marie finds out a secret....
The box read 'Busty Boondocks volume 4' and the machine was still warm, showing he hadn't been long from the room. She could hear the water running in the shower from where she was and she hoped to god he couldn't hear her in his sanctuary.

It had been well known that Logan defended his porn collection, hell there were tapes he'd played so often the kids knew the worn labels by heart. They'd never watched them, god no but it didn't stop a few of the braver kids trying to steal one.
Last summer Andy, Pete and Bobby had gotten hold of one somehow and were about to watch it when Logan has shoulder charged the door, busted the tv and snatched the recorder tape and all. It was enough for all of the boys to be put on detention for a month and a lecture from Storm about 'appropriate viewing ages'.

It didn't help matters that Logan always had one lurid box cover under his arm at the end of a day of winning mutant rights the hard way. Surely there wasn't that much to do with the porn he stashed was there? She'd seen her dads faded collection of magazines and had flicked through them in the guilty early mornings before her mutation had kicked in. She knew what to expect, hell her room had access cable and there were a few purchases of her own that had been cleared by Storm. Surely it wouldn't hurt to look....

She watched for about thirty seconds, her mouth dropped open wide and her eyes glued to the screen, whatever this was it certainly wasn't 'Busty Boondocks volume 4'. She snapped the machine off just as the water stopped running, she heard Logan come out and she tried to make herself look as if she'd just gotten there. When he came out he certainly looked calmer, better, but she'd never had thought that he'd use the stuff currently in his machine to get it.

"You okay Marie? You look a bit pale..." She smiled quickly and moved toward him her gloved hand out to his chest, her smile suddenly tricky and full of mischief.
"Ah wanted to ask you a favour but you look busy so I'll come back later." Logan grunted and went back into the bathroom, without missing a beat she took the tape and box and wrote a quick note. 'Sorry to fib but I wanted to borrow a movie, I'll bring it back later. Love M' Then she left smiling.

Where the hell was she? She couldn't hide that well, her creams and lotions gave her away, she left a scent trail a mile wide some days. He'd chased her down twice only to lose her again in the bustle of the school, when he'd finally got a lock on her she'd been closed off from him. The girls dorm. He didn't normally go anywhere near the place but he had to now, Marie had his secret and he didn't want anyone to see it. Anger suffused his system and he broke the door open to see a video screen filled with the offending video cover. The girls had notebooks open, their faces were a picture of surprise and shock, this was a *lesson*. He heard Marie finish her lecture quickly, telling the girls that it was her fault Mr Logan was here, she hadn't asked to borrow their source material for their essay on 'Modern viewpoints of Female Sexuality'. When the room finally cleared Logan had the sense to look sorry but when Marie handed him the tape and box she just floored him by saying "I have watched it Logan, no one else has but I did and I want to watch the next one. Tomorrow at six yeah?" He just watched her move away as his world collapsed around him.


The tape was in, he was sitting nervously at the end of his bed with Marie sitting behind him, popcorn in her lap and leaning against his headboard. If she'd really seen what was on the tape she wouldn't be here with him now, nervously he flicked the 'play' button and waited for the reaction.
Twenty minutes later the almost silent munching behind him ceased and a gloved hand settled on his shoulder, "Ah had an uncle who loved this stuff, even bought the stuff to do it at home. He never could get the mixes right though, never enough liquid white."

Logan let his breath out, Marie kissed him chastely on his sideburn leaving a popcorn scent that would plague him for days. "Ah won't tell a soul sugar. Bob Ross is *the * way to relax after a bad day, besides mountains he did some great lake scenes." Logan smiled as she climbed off the bed and went to his door, turning to wink at him before she shut it, her voice adding "But if you want to to see my art collection, you'll need to wear less clothes." Leaving a relieved and smiling Logan behind her, Marie left the Bad-Ass of the mansion to his relaxation, man style. She could imagine the deep dulcet tones of Bob Ross washing over Logan even now as he sat back in his bed, watching the landscape appear on the canvas. Maybe when he was relaxed enough he'd be ready to get excited again.....
Chapter End Notes:
Just a bit of fluff, please comment it feeds the bunnies...
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