Two nights later, Marie and the other X-Men sat around a large table, enjoying a bountiful feast gotten by Hank and Jean. This evening could very well mistaken for a holiday meal, but was just a celebration for the fine victory they had on the battlefield days before. All of their favorites were on the table. Pizza, steak, ribs, mashed potatoes, and even Chinese takeout. It was the best they'd eaten in quite some time, and the team was eating with gusto. Laughter and the toasting of glasses could be heard echoing through the halls of the mansion. But, one hero is missing. Apparently, Logan had not shown up yet. He claimed he'd be in a while back, he wanted to be alone with his thoughts in the garage, working at his bench. What was keeping him this time?

"And then? Logan rushed him from bahind, slicing it's head off with such power, the dumb 'ol thing didn't know it was finished! The head did this crazzzy spin and ah hadta get outta the way!"

The mutant known as Rogue, aka Anna Marie Raven (or just Marie to close friends) threw her head back and laughed, enjoying the telling of the story to those in the group that missed the lethal (and amusing) way Wolverine had killed off the final Sentinel. She was happy they seemed to enjoy her tale, as there were hearty laughs all around. Finishing up her walnut shrimp, she waved her chopsticks in the air for dramatic effect.

"Then SNICKT! No more pain in the ass machine! Hey, where IS Logan? Anyone seen him? It's nawt like he's one ta miss food!" She stood up, and grabbed a plate, taking a few ribs with her. She then spied a cold 6-pack of Molson's lager, and took that, as well. "Ahm gonna go find him, gang. Peter, ya eat the last of the steak, Logan's gonna have words with ya, sugah!" The party was in full-swing, and only Ororo even noticed her leave the gathering. Winking at the weather Goddess, she left the room, her 2 items carried in each glove-covered hand. She was dressed in an emerald green fleece sweater, black leggings, and brown, knee-high boots, the heels made a slight clicking on the marble floor of the main hall. She poked her head into Logan's room, the door having been left open. No Logan there. She walked further, the 6-pack making her fingers cold even thru the thin softness of her black leather gloves. Not in any of the classrooms, nor did she EVER think he'd be there! Finally she remembered the garage. Walking downstairs. she was relieved to see the door was open, fingers crossed he was inside. She strode into the large space, and saw him on one side, working at his bench. AC/DC was blaring from a nearby CD player.

Hunched over the workspace, there was the sound of a hammer falling repeatedly on a rather large piece of metal. Bowed over it was Logan, banging away and QUITE unhappy.

"Grrrrr...Piece a' lousy crap! Why ain't ya going in there! Ehhhhh..Don't make me turn ya into art for the kiddies.."

Growling under his breath as he continuted to work at the transmission of his motorcycle. Unfortunately for him, his earlier trek out on the roads of the countryside gave him a rather nasty run-in with the states' lovely scenery. The gruff snarling continued.

"Uuuggh, wouldn'thafta be fixin' my bike, if them roads had those potholes fixed..I wouldn't go breaking my bike!"

The abuse continued to the destitute metal for some time, but letting out a final grunt of frustration, he put down the hammer, and grabbed his cigar. It was out cold, and it added to his already foul mood. Figures..Damn. Taking his battered Zippo from his jeans pocket; he re-lit it, taking a long, slow drag, savoring the sweetness. Suddenly, he felt another sensation, hunger!

"Ah crap! The time! Ughh, looks like there's no sense in me lookin' like i'm stallin'. Better go and get some grub" He muttered to himself. Standing up, he noticed how grimy her was from all the grease. His white tank-top was streaked with oily blackness, his hands covered with it, as well. A smudge had also found it's way onto his face, above his eyebrow. Better get cleaned up, I ain't no caveman..No matter what Summers likes ta think.

He turned just as he finished washing up in the shop-basin, and noticed Marie off the the side, standing there. He was genuinely surprised to have not heard her come in, and turned off the blasting Highway To Hell from the CD player.

"Marie, I didn't hear ya come in." He watched her, and noticed the food and drink in her hands. He let a small chuckle escape his lips, and inclined his head to her. "Guess ya read my mind, there."

She'd watched him bang on the defenseless bike, heard his growled mutterings and was unable to stop the look of amused mirth on her lips. To watch him unaware was an -extremely- rare thing, and she'd enjoyed the sight. She blinked at his admission of not hearing her come into the garage.

"Oh really, sugah? YOU not hear me? Ah find that kinda hard ta believe!"

She walked closer to him, the amusement still appear ant. "And that ol' bike o'yours has seen worse days, and ya know it! Maybe, if ya were a bit nicer to it, instead a-bangin' away on the poor thang..It might work ah bit better! Ah come bringin' gifts, ta steal ya away from this dirty ol' place. Loose track a-time, didn't ya?" She was giving him a knowing smile now. "No matter, ah jest finished mahself, but ahl have a beer or two, while ya git yer food on, if ya don't mind the company."

Logan noticed she was wearing her soft, protective black gloves, as she passed him the plate. Her control must not be as good as she told me, yet.. He spied the ribs on the plate, but quickly his azure eyes went back up to Marie. "Thank ya, darlin." He felt his earlier temper fading away around the woman, and it made him smirk inwardly.

"Feel like eatin' inside, or somewhere else? Her flirty demeanor was most definately on, as she winked at him.

The wink made him smile, taking him back to two days earlier, and their midnight confessions to each other. In fact, it was about the only thing he'd thought of since, and he felt the slightest blush creep across his face. She was a beautiful woman, and that moment they had shared was amazing, but he was used more to one-night stands than the idea of a "girlfriend". It would just get painful and messy, and not end well, he thought. Still, he was a man, and the sight before him was more tempting than he'd seen in a LONG time.

He had many thoughts on his mind, and many things he'd like to say to her, but even more..He wanted to hear what she felt about it all. He almost ached to ask her what she thought, but he was a private man..Things like that did not come easy for him.

Snapping himself from his thoughtful reverie, he decided to give her a teasing wink back at her.

"Thanks, Marie, this looks mighty tasty. Yeah, i've been out here for too long. Let's go out to the swing on the porch in the back. It's a bit more quiet."

She led the way outside, and it was a briskly cold night. Walking beside he smaller companion, she told him about the party going on inside.

"Ah only grabbed ya a few ribs. If yer wantin' more, ahm sure ah could sneak a few more out, as long as Kitty hasn't eaten 'em all!" She walked backwards as she spoke, keeping eye contact with Logan. Smiling, she relaxed a bit as she noticed his attitude was also calming as she chatted. She still held the 6-pack, dangling it by a finger. "Ah know a 6-pack doesn't even give ya a buzz. It's gotta take at least 100 beers exactly ta do that, ah bet!" Laughing, she took a seat after Logan did, carefully placing herself a -little- further away from someone she'd only passionately kissed nights earlier. She popped open a beer, and slid it over to him, and made quick work of getting hers open as well. Raising it to him, she toasted.

"Ta good work, and good friends. May they always be there for ya sugah!"

She smiled as she touched her can to his, her eyes shining in the half-light. It was colder than she originally thought, and she was glad she wore a sweater. Shyly, she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, giving him a sidelong glance.

"What's on yer mind? Ya seem a bit distracted, hon. Hope it's nothin' ahve done!" She teased him slightly, trying to make light of her bit of awkwardness.

Logan took a long swig from his can, and exhaled, the cool brew going down his throat. It tasted good, but not great. Not like it usually did, and he pondered that for a brief moment. He placed the can on the ground, and stared up into the night sky, and sighed. Looking down at the plate of ribs that Marie had kindly brought him, his mind began to wander. His hunger was suddenly elsewhere. Something else was on his mind, and it wasn't food.

A bit uneasy, he looked back down at his feet, shuffling them. He suddenly felt all of 16 years old again, awkward and shy around a pretty girl. Something he'd not felt in -many- long years. His mind was turning over things at a rapid speed. I know I like Marie, but I don't know..Haven't felt like this since Mariko. It's even different that that. His feelings are not merely passion, but the deepness had yet to be really discovered, he mused.

"Marie, thanks again" His voice was surprisingly soft, trying his best to put his mind at ease, and simply relax. Those thoughts and feelings tho, persisted.
"And no Darlin'.. It's not a thing you've done. You've done nothin' wrong at all. I'm just a little unsure, at the moment is all"

If she was reading his body language right, Logan was actually -shy- around her at the moment. Something about the fiercest, most rage-filled superhero she knew being shy made him a bit more human, and quite endearing to her all of a sudden. This man, who could take out armies with nary a thought (or much help) being sweet to her, it actually made her pulse quicken at the sound of his gravelly voice going so gentle.

"Unsure about what? Blame Hank for getting the Molsen's. It's Canadian, so he thought ya might enjoy it, Eh!" Her goofy attempt at a Canadian accent, wrapped up in a southern drawl was quite comical, and even cute to a certain man who heard it. God, she wanted to touch him SO bad, but she still didn't fully trust her emerging talent for controlling her draining power.

"Tell me, or ELSE, the gloves come off!" She wriggled her glove-encased left hand in mock-threat. "Or, ahl call Jeannie over, and have HER get it outta ya! Ah promise ahl be nicer about it, too." Playfully flirting with Logan now, with him being so shy all of a sudden, made her want to know what was really on his mind. Really know.

Chuckling at her mocking tone, Logan's eyes brightened a bit. He always loved to hear her voice, but with the Canadian accent mixed in, made her seem all the more loveable. "Molsen's, huh? Yeah, he did alright." He stared back at the ground; and then the can, slightly kicking it, nearly tipping it over, like a cat playing delicately. His mind was trying so hard to find the right words.

"Marie, ya don't hafta call out Jeannie. Heh, she wouldn't be much of a help, anyways. Never did care for the whole "mind control-make ya speak" thing anyways. Besides, what I'm thinking ain't got a thing to do with her." He didn't want Jean around? The thought made him give another sigh, this time of disbelief.
"All right, I'll tell. Marie, when we kissed, it was..I don;t know how to say this. But it was about the best thing I've felt in..I don't know, years? I mean, it was like a dream or somethin' comin' true, if ya know what I mean. At first, I thought it was just passion, ya know? Lust, and all that. I like ya so much Marie, but the more I think on it, it just seems like there's more there, I really can't explain."

He says all of this, as he glances down at the woman sitting with him on the bench. His eyes locked with hers, and he worried that he would say the wrong thing to her, and make her uneasy.

The beer-can was at her lips, taking a swig when his admission came tumbling forth. Even with the cold brew, her mouth went dry as sand, her heart nearly pounding out of her chest. She said nothing, as she carefully thought how to respond. She could feel the blood pumping through her head, her inner ears as if on fire. Oh no, Logan seemed to have a crush on her! NO, it's more than that, and you know it, M! You feel it as well, the instant he walks into the room! You love him, and you're too scared to admit it!

"Aw, Logan..honey..ahhh..ummm.." She was squirming a bit now as well, her boot-tip kicking into the dirt, her emerald eyes unreadable. "Ah don't know what ta say. That kiss, it was amazing. But ah don't trust mahself fully, yet. Ah don't to evah see ya hurt, on mah account, sugah. As much as mah heart wants you, it's gonna take time for me ta get myself ready. Ah hope you can see where ahm comin' from, love." She felt her heart breaking as the words left her lips, her one over-riding desire to love someone would just never happen. Not for a mutant like HER.

Logan's emotions took a second to register what EXACTALLY this woman had just said to him. At first, his heart almost seemed to collapse in his chest, at the thought the two couldn't be together. Then, he realized that it would be for the best, as he was so used to being alone. His life, his hardships, his guilt was his alone to bear. But then, he thought a bit deeper. Really Ready? As much as my heart wants you? He began to slowly understand what she was trying to say.
He did understand. He's ALWAYS liked this woman. No..He knew it was more than that, and it always had been. He was just now realizing it.
Despite his hard, tough exterior, there was one thing he was sure of. When he was truly passionate about something, he would NEVER give up on it. This woman was no exception. He also knew that love between mutants was a dangerous combination, especially if the powers could be combustible, but he knew one thing: When it came to love, he didn't care. Wait a second..Mutants? What the hell am I thinking? HUMAN BEINGS, people. This woman before him, she was human deep-down, just like him.

He then realized he loved everything about her.

"Ya gonna say sumthin' hon? Ah hate too much quiet. Reminds me of how alone ah am, at times." Her face fell, as a hot tear dripped into her leggings, making the black fabric darken in the spot, giving away her secret. She made not a peep, her will was so iron, to stay strong and never show weakness. Her teasing, flirty manner was a total cover-up for a sad girl who never wanted the world to see her pain. Taking a deep breath, she quickly wiped away the escaped tear-trail, hoping he hadn't noticed it. yeah, good luck with that, idiot.

Being always confident, it felt out of place for Logan to be seemingly unsure. What the hell... and began to speak his mind to his companion.

"Marie, you and I have been friends for so long. Thick and thin, good and bad. Always been there for each other. But, this ain't no battlefield, you ain't Colossus, and this is...arrrhhhhgg! Just so hard for me to say!" He stands quickly; back to her, one hand clenched into a fist, torn with his emotions. He turns to face her, and notices the silent tears that have escaped her eyes. Those had to come from somewhere, you fool! Tell her NOW, before she slips thru your hands! His lips were drawn in a mulish line of thought.

Taking her by the hand in his protectively, his grip would have crushed iron, he wanted to convey how serious he was to Marie.

"Marie, you're not alone in the world. I'm with ya, kid. I always have been. I may be strong, but you're stronger. You've always been there for me, even when I was down. I guess I just didn't show it as much, me being the tough guy, and all. But that don't change the way I ever felt about ya. Marie..I need you, and want you. Only you. No one else. You'll never be alone again, in this world. And, I'll make DAMN sure you'll know it, too. Marie...I..Marie...I" His voice trails off, and he nearly trembles, the words are so close now! He wants to say them, so badly...

"Ah love you, Logan"

Can I push all the fear away for her? Isn't she worth that much? Can I take this gamble? What if I'm wrong, what will she say? " Aaarrgghhh!" He thinks deeper, and then the words hit him.

"There. Ah had ta say it" Her voice was slightly quiet, but more than sure of herself.

"Marie, I love you. Only you." His eyes burned with conviction, never being more serious in his long, long life. This is the most important thing he'd ever said, and he meant every word.

Another tear slips hotly down her cheek, making another dark spot on her leggings. "But...ah thought ya carried the torch for Jeannie. Ah know what ya said the other night, but ah sill can't believe ah heard it." Her southern accent comes in thicker now, her emotions buried so deep, for what felt like an eternity. It overwhelms her, threatening to make her either bolt off, or punch Logan for making them rear their ugly head. "Ah...I jus' can't..Ah can't go a second without ya creepin' inna my head. All good, don't worry. But, how can ya trust me, when ah don't even trust mahself? Mah love will KILL ya, Logan. But..ah had ta tell ya my true, honest feelings. Ah lie awake every night, just wantin' ta feel loved...Do ya love me enough ta risk it all? Am I worth it?

"Marie, I don't trust anyone in this world, 'cept the guy standing before ya..At least, that's what I USED to stay, before 2 days ago. Now, I'm positive..You and I..We're the same. And, in order to get through this world, and you too..Is to trust each other. I know now, I ain't strong enough, to make it without ya. Kid, I trust ya..I always will. I know what you mean about trusting yourself. Hell, you know how long it me ya trust myself with these here blades? I trust you, Marie. I do. Question is, do you trust me? I'll always be here for you, have faith in that. Always."

"Marie.." His voice was a mere whisper at that point. "If I were to die, being with you..Showing you that you and I are one. If I were to die in your arms, making love to you. Then, it would have been for everything. I would die the happiest man in the world..I'm willing to risk it all."

Logan spoke the words with total confidence, even through he'd gotten the knowledge she was getting better at controlling her powers. He knew someday would come, he would have nothing to fear being with her, and give her the love she'd deserved her entire life.

But, even if she still had her powers, he'd remain ever fearless, because he knew she'd be happy.

"Darlin'...You're worth everything to me."

Pulling her gloved hand back to herself, she let the words from her beloved sink into her soul, the appearant love in his tone a balm to her lonely heart. She'd -never- heard words like them before, she didn't deserve to hear them, did she? YES, YOU DO. Let him love you, M. Love him for as hard as you can, for as long as you can. To finally earn that deepest trust of another person was a precious gift, and she promised to let THAT override the doubt in her soul.

She relaxed her body, feeling her powers dim to a slight quiver in her mind. She had to begin to trust herself to do the right thing. She KNEW she'd never hurt Logan, so she needed to let it finally sink in. She began to peel off her gloves, placing them next to her in a neat pile. Then, without warning, she pulled her green sweater over her head, exposing her lily-white skin, wearing a snug teal tank-top. A few freckles were sprinkled on her shoulders and chest, and Logan got the urge to kiss each one. The night air made her nipples harden instantly, and she stood up to lock her jade eyes with his blue ones. His seemed darker than usual, like glittering black diamonds to her. An odd thing to think about, as she slowly opened her arms to him.

Logan's thoughts raced as madly as his heart, at that moment. Had she begun to trust him? He wondered, his emotions practically in overdrive at that point. The butterflies in his stomach were practically bursting forth from inside. He knew now that his words were spoken, the very same words he'd been meaning to say over and over if he ever had the chance. He knew they could never be taken back, as she finally knew how this man felt about her. His emotions became more relaxed, and for good reason. The love, HIS love of his life, has opened her arms to him, and was allowing him to be with her, to show he meant what he said. Noticing her excitement and appear ant passion for him, he slowly took his jacket off, as he was suddenly VERY warm as well.

He noted the chill in the air still, and knew what to do. Moving closer, he opened his arms as well. His embrace felt -right- to Anna, his muscled arms holding her in a powerful, yet tender way. He's like a furnace, he's so warm. Enjoying the beautiful silence; savoring the moment, he looked into her eyes, his hand going to stroke her cheek lovingly. He would do his very best to make her the happiest woman on earth, chase her fears away, and always trust him. Lightly, he swept a broad thumb across her cheek, where the tears had been. Leaning in, he whispered as he kissed her. "No more of that mow, Marie..No more tears. I'm here"

Reaching out tentatively a bare hand to Logan's face, she savored the feel of his rough stubble under her touch. The stubble gave way to his thick muttonchops, the corner of her mouth slightly upturning at the different feel.
"Ah know..There's no way ah can cry when ahm able ta feel ya like this. Well, tears o'joy, maybe. Ah love ya so much, Logan. Ah feel like mah heart is gonna break outta mah chest, there's so much of it for ya." She leaned her head closer to him, inhaling his addictive scent should could smell in her dreams, and let her forehead touch his, tenderly. "Ya still feel as good as ya did the other night, by the way. A woman could get used to it, right quick-like"

In a unexpected bit of blissful glee from getting the best hug of her life, she hugged Logan so tight, she nearly picked him up! She did feel his back crack with her strong bear-hug, and she managed to let out a small, gentle laugh.

"Umm, sorry hon. Ah don't have too much huggin' experience, so ah got a little carried away there!" Relaxing her strong hold on his muscular, haired body, she planed the softest whisper of a kiss of his forehead.
"Ah can't go breaking my boyfriend's back, even IF it'll fix itself in a coupla days!"

As he laughed softly at her joking, he realized just how fragile this woman really was on the inside, despite her strong outward appearance. The knowledge made his stoic heart soften a bit more towards this angel of a woman, who showed no fear of him. ~So beautiful~ As his back cracked from the hug and found himself lifted into the air, he couldn't help but laugh at her playful nature. He blinked with the realization her touch was very comforting. He found that word to be perfect for the evening. He allowed himself the rare thought I'm finally comfortable with her, after all these years. He leaned forward and kissed her back, catching the hint of sweet jasmine across her neck. His beastly abilities heightened the sensation even more, making him stifle a groan of desire. Her pale skin was like the smoothest silk, while still being tougher than steel. It was a heady, intoxicating mix for him. She was the perfect mix of muscle and woman; more alluring to him than he would have initially thought, but he was certain he'd be addicted to how she felt in his arms forever.

"Marie, this night..It's just perfect." His mouth trailed a kiss from her neck, to her ear, his voice a fierce, tortured whisper. "I need to hold you..All night long."

She gave him a beautiful smile, from the depths of her soul. "Oh sugah, ah thought ya'd never ask!" She nuzzled closer, her hand on his thick, furred chest, to whisper into his ear. "Mah room, or yours?" To hammer her point home, she took his earlobe between her teeth, giving the slightest pull. "Or, is that TOO tempting for mah Logan tonight?"

He thought for a second on her request. Yes, he sexually craved this woman, there was little doubt. The tightness in his jeans told him that YES, he could more than rise to the occasion. But, she deserved more than a carnal rutting in the mansion. He wanted to make things right, and take his time. Anna was different than the type of woman he took to his bed, he knew he had to tread carefully, or in a spiteful outburst, she could drain him DRY. Granted, he was too old, and thought himself strong enough to dodge her wrath, if it ever came his way. He -loved- a challenge, and Marie might be the best one of all.

"Tonight, I just want your embrace, Marie. Just enjoy this, what we have at this moment. I -do- want you, darlin, no doubt there. I think we should take our time, there's no rush..I'm not going anywhere." Logan's comment was actually tactful, for a change, and he hoped Marie would agree. He also knew she -had- to still be a virgin, and that prospect made him stop in his tracks.

They talked on the swing, joking and laughing for what seemed like only minutes to the couple, when it was actually hours. Logan was quite proud of his self-control, willfully setting aside lecherous thoughts, yet still able to play around innocently with Marie.

Logan looked at his watch, blinking at the time. Nearly 5 am, and the sun would be up soon. He looked out across the grounds of the mansion, and noticed the color over the horizon had begun to change, ever so slightly.

"Marie, when was the last time you stayed up for a sunrise with someone special?"

Marie blinked back in surprise, realizing how forwards she must have come off earlier. "Ahm sorry hon, mah mind jest kinda ran away with itself!" She took notice of the lightening sky, and was soft in her reply. "Never. Ah guess you'll be mah first then. Hope that's okay with ya!"

The bench was hard and not equipped for anything but side-by-side seating. There was the massive expanse of lawn, but the early morning dew sparkled also told Marie it would be a bit cold. Fretting over where they would go, she suddenly had the thought that to feel this, to be in moment was all that mattered. Her misgivings melted away, and she gave him a smile.

"Ahm all yours. Lead the way, my heart."

Extending his capable hand to Marie; his other hand around her shoulders, he slightly kissed her, murmuring into her ear. "I know a place. Trust me."

Leading her over the lawn, they came to a wooded area behind the mansion. His eyes so sharper than hers, he found what he was looking for in the early morning light. A small path, leading into thicker woods.
Logan continued to lead the way; her hand grasped as he came upon a clearing that appeared to be both ancient, but new in the encroaching dawn. He traveled with purpose, as if he'd known of it's existence.

"Marie, close your eyes. Don't look now, it's only a bit further." He was almost youthful in his earnestness, his voice held a fervor that made Marie laugh, as she closed her eyes. His grip on her hand never once loosening.

Trust. The hardest thing to gain, the easiest to loose. A heart behind lock and key can never find love without it.

Shivering from the chill, and the nearness of her lover, Marie was nearly giddy herself with what had already transpired the last evening with this riddle of a man. She closed her eyes; and tried her best not to peek, tripping over a small tree-root as she faltered but a moment. With each step of her journey with Logan, she'd learn to trust him, and he, her. She followed him with an open, willing heart, her fear subsiding.

"What is it, darlin'? Where are we goin'?"

"Just a bit further, don't fret now." The warmth in his voice surprised even him, a smirk tugging up the side of his mouth. A few minutes more of travel, more light peeking through the branches, they pushed onwards. Finally, he stopped in a hidden glen, seemingly untouched by human hands. Cliffs around them, a dramatic mountain range on 2 sides. The sun's rays were just beginning to rise over one of the highest peaks, the valley becoming awake. A scene fit for perfection on earth, just for these 2 souls.

"Alright, Marie..Open your eyes."

The new tingle that coursed through her body was completely due to the man at her side. The affection in his timbre made her breath catch; and she could see for the very first time, what a -much- younger, more innocent Logan must have been like. The ego stripped away, the years of hardship and toil gone, to bare only the soul. She knew the sound of his voice, so full of love would carry her the rest of her days a happy woman. Her lips parted slightly as she took it all in, the wonderment unmistakable in her voice.

"It's beautiful..Where are we, anyways?"

"Just a small place I found when I was practicing some tracking a while back, keeping my skills sharp." Drawing up next to Marie, her gazed into her eyes, the sincerity pure there. "This spot looks out to the mountains, and a valley below, but no one knows about it. Almost like an oasis. No city, no people, no distractions. Pretty perfect, if ya ask me. I'm content to finally share it with someone, and it's even better..That it's you. The name? Honestly, darlin', couldn't even tell ya. But rumor says that if ya come here with someone you love..The love will never fade away. I'm not very superstitious, but I figured it would be fitting for the moment."

Behind them, and off to the side was a mid-sized rock, large enough for the two of them to sit, and get the perfect view.

"Hey..The sun's almost up. Let's take a rest, and a gander, and just enjoy." As he spoke, Marie just ate it all up. The scenery, his words, the sunrise about to warm this place that had no name. Seeing the rock in question, she followed him over, shaking her head in disbelief.

"My my, Logan..Ah have ya tell ya, ah would have NEVER picked ya for such a old romantic softie. Who knew ya had it in ya!" The slight chuckle that escaped her lips hid the fact she was surprised at his bringing her here. Sitting down; she leaned against his chest, nestled between his legs, to watch the encroaching sunrise.

The sun gently began it's rise, the colors over the horizon a beautiful mix that no artist could come close to. A few random scattered clouds for the sun to shine through, adding even more drama to the moment. Logan scanned the horizon; then back down at the woman curled next to him, a sigh coming forth as he just enjoyed. Kissing her on the head, he knew this was a moment never to be repeated and he felt very very lucky. He had to take his happiness in bits and pieces, as they came so infrequently to him. He held her closer, the harmony of the wilderness playing a concert of sounds. Alive..It's been forever to feel this. "I love ya, Marie"

The woman who craved touch more than any other, reveled in the caress from the one person she loved and trusted among all others. She snuggled closer into his chest, turning her head to place a soft, slow kiss there. Content, loved, and being HELD, without fear by this amazing man, this night had been perfect. She also knew she'd never tired of his declarations, and gave a silent prayer there would be more for both of them.

"Logan..Ah love you. Thank ya for bein' so perfect, tonight." Her words were spoken in a throaty purr, her own love appear ant.

Smiling; as though he read her mind, his voice was a warm rumble of emotion.

"Marie, thank you. Don't worry..This is only the beginning. You're perfect to me"
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