Indiscretions by Ally (NC-17)
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Rogue and Logan meet up under entirely different circumstances that should probably affect how they react to each other but, well, doesn't. Intrigue abounds as they attempt to stop a slavery ring at all costs. (Please note the change in rating.)
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Genres: Action, Drama, Shipper, UST
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Chapters: 2
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Complete?: No - Published: 06/18/2010 - Last Updated: 06/25/2010
Story Notes:
A/N: This is what happens when you listen to country music for the first time in months and you hear a song that makes you think, “Wow, wouldn’t it be terrible if Rogue and Logan were in that sort of situation?” And then your muse gets this evil grin on her demonic little face and you know what fear is.

A/N 2:This is completely AU, and another one of those "this has been sitting on my hard drive for years" stories. I think I may have started it way back in 2001. Yeah, that long ago. I'm going to have the same hopes as I have for other stories I've posted lately in that I will actually finish this once I've started posting it.

Disclaimer: Okay, let me think. Do I own Marvel? Nah. Don’t know if I’d want to. Do I own 20th Century Fox? Nopers, although I’m sure the money’d be great. So I guess I don’t own these characters either. Damn. That sucks.

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