Author's Chapter Notes:
Last one, peeps! I hope everyone enjoyed this little venture into voyeurism.
It was two-thirty in the morning, and all Bobby Drake could think about was getting a glass of water to take upstairs to his room. The cab had just dropped him off. He was weaving just a little as he walked, and the headache building behind his eyes was a warning of what he could expect if he didn't get water, aspirin and bed in that order. Next time he went into the city to visit John, he was not, under any circumstances, going to drink so much. Nope.

As Bobby neared the kitchen, he heard voices. He hoped they were real voices and not an indication of his current state.

“So, you heard me and Jubilee in the gym this morning, and you thought what, sugar?”

Bobby recognized the slightly stunned voice of Rogue. Okay, probably not in his head then.

“Well, you two were panting and grunting...what else was I supposed to think?”

Bobby's forward motion came to a screeching halt at that one. Logan...what had he heard? What was going on? Did he think Rogue and Jubilee were having sex? Bobby might have laughed if his head hadn't hurt so much.

“I can't believe...wait. You left after that, right?”

“Nope. Remy showed up, though.”

“Oh.” A short pause, during which Bobby debated his need for that glass of water. “Oh, my God!”

That didn't sound like a happy Rogue. No, that sounded like an I'm-so-embarrassed-you-might-be-able-to-start-a-fire-on-my-face Rogue.

“If it makes you feel any better, I definitely agree that you're a sex goddess. Especially after the last five times.”

Wow. Oh, wow. Rogue and Logan? Bobby wondered if he wasn't really having an incredibly strange drunken dream after all. First Rogue and Jubilee, now Rogue and Logan?


“And for your information, I do not want you to leave off the leather any time soon. Skin-tight black looks hot on you, baby.”

“Really?” Now Rogue's voice was syrupy-sweet, and Bobby heard rustling and...was that a zipper?

“Oh, yeah. But the bikini was pretty good, too. I'll get you a replacement.”

Was it Bobby's imagination, or did Logan just purr? Hell, this was probably all some sort of sick product of his imagination...right?

“Promise sugar?” More rustling.

“Hell, yeah!”

Bobby did not want to know. He turned around quickly, which made the dark hallway spin a little wildly. Once it was mostly settled, he moved as far away as he could from the moans and sighs behind him. He would just figure out another way to take the damn aspirin. Anything other than going in the kitchen.

Trudging up the stairs to the teachers' wing, he decided to stop by Jubilee's room and see if she had a spare glass, since he knew she was a night owl. If she was asleep already, it wasn't likely that it would have been for long. Bobby made sure to count the doors as he stumbled down the hall. Jubilee was fourth on the right. One, two, three...there! Just as he was about to knock, Bobby heard something. He bit back a groan when he realized what it was.

“Holy shit, Remy, that feels...oh, wow!”

“Chere like, yes?”

“Oooh, yeah...chere definitely likes!”

Bobby glared at the door for a moment. Stupid Cajun. Stupid Jubilee. Fuck the aspirin. He'd rather have a hangover than deal with the sex lives of his friends at this point. Bobby sighed and headed towards his own door, sixth on the left. Just as he passed the fifth door on the left he heard something that made him feel like banging his head on the wall because, shit, couldn't he just get a break?

“Yes, Scott, YES!”

That was it. He was going to move into the city. Maybe John would like a roommate.
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