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We get to the sex now...not in the normal way, but something that I've seen once or twice. Enjoy!
Sweet Treats

Marie worked like a demon all day, even Logan who came in to get fed only took up a small space in the now fully operational kitchen. Whatever the Church Social was it was ‘Important’ to everyone here, several of the guests had put requests in for food to be baked. So they were still baking till the early hours, piles and piles of pies, tarts, cookies, cakes and breads were finally being boxed up for the morning. Take out had been the order of the day and her own dinner still laid half eaten in the carton, at one thirty her now frazzled employer had told her to stop. If they couldn’t make do with what they had here; then it’d have to do because they both needed some sleep before the morning. Her old eyes turned to see Marie wiping a dirty gloved hand over her hair and trying to stifle a yawn and failing, “He been keeping you awake has he?” The tone wasn’t the usual harsh one she’d been used to, the one that usually told her to get her ass in gear and to get something in or out.
She stumbled for a reply, “No, it’s not like that…I know him but it was a long time ago. A different place altogether.” She nodded and flicked on the gas to heat the kettle up, her eyes never leaving the pile of food in front of them both.
“Look’s like everyone will eat well tomorrow, I’ll need you on serving duty, that’ll mean a dress.” Marie moved to the now steaming kettle and turned it off the heat before the whistle sounded waking guests above them. Cups appeared as did tea and soon they were sat admiring the work that would be gone by tomorrow evening.
“The Church Social isn’t what you’d call ‘historic’ but for us it’s a big thing. We like to have our little traditions; it’s what keeps us going while the tourists are invading. It’s the time we get to show the rest of the world that just because we’re a small town in Michigan we’re still important. I mean we live in a town called ‘Wolverine’ for heavens sake, it should tell people something about us that live here.” Her eyes glittered as she looked for a reaction to her words, Marie was smiling about the name. She’d seen it on the map she’d bought just outside New York, her mind had been made up then, she’d go there and see where the road took her afterward.

When she looked up at the woman who’d taken her in, given her a job and fed her Marie could see the cracks beginning to appear before her eyes. Her hair was silver-white, knuckles that had been through too many winters were red and sore, her skin even looked papery in the half light and Marie took another look at the woman who’d saved her.
“Thank you, for everything.” The silence of the kitchen spread out and filled all the corners of the slowly cooling room, the mingled smells of the food perfuming it with sweetness. The older woman drank her tea and watched the night outside, only turning to look at Marie when her cup was dry.
“Don’t thank me yet dear, you haven’t seen what you’re wearing tomorrow. We might not have a long history compared to some places but what we have we stick to.” They both moved a little slower to the stairs and Marie was sure she’d seen a shadow duck down behind the rails. “Make sure you get some sleep Marie, we’ve got a long day ahead of us and probably no thanks along with it.” As her employer moved upward Marie reached out to her older hand on the banister.
“Thank you for…” she stopped her saying anything by patting her hand and just moving to her bed, Marie knew then that she knew she was a mutant; she’d known and didn’t care. All that mattered was that she was willing to work and share her abilities, practical people tended to have the same view and here in Wolverine, everyone was ‘practical’. Flicking off the switch that lit the stairs Marie made her way to bed, passing the deep shadows on the third turn without even seeing Logan crouched there.


Her back was killing her, the damn dress let her legs move but her stomach and back were held rigid, the stays she’d been put in were enough to make a grown man cry. The bloomers were something else entirely, long legged with ribbons below the knee; yet the top of them had been an odd affair with a couple of loops and buttons.
The day had been rushed, she hadn’t seen Logan much apart from him hauling food to and fro, he’d been commandeered by several people when they’d heard he was good with his hands. So he’d been putting up stalls, tents, swings, rides, all sorts of things since the sun had been up. For her part she’d mostly been organised by her boss, strapped into a dress that had been her grandmothers and given the task of feeding anyone who showed her a ticket.

Pies were the first to go and her apron was covered in the mixed colours of several fruits, her face had been a picture when Logan had been in the queue and he’d asked her for a piece of her own pie. She’d almost dropped the one she’d had in her hands much to his amusement, he’d then asked her for a slice of the pie she’d made herself. She’d given him the entire thing just to get him to leave, the looks from the others in the queue hadn’t been welcoming when he’d turned away with it all. “Baked it for the help, you know how hungry these rough types can get, better to keep them happy though, there’s enough to feed everyone three times over.” Logan had heard every word she’d spoken and he’d watched her as he’d eaten every single morsel from the plate she’d given him.
Things were finally quietening down around three in the afternoon, the sun was beating down and all she wanted to do was get into some shade. When her partner in the bake sale of the gods arrived back she asked if she could take a break, to which she got the reply “Hasn’t Mary Chalmbers come to you yet? She should have taken over from you at 12.30! Just wait until I get hold of her, go and get some rest Marie, take something to drink and come back when you’re ready to go home.” She’d left her post then, plucking a few of her own favourites from the table and lifting an entire bottle of soda she went to get her feet some well earned rest.

It was ridiculous, how on earth was she supposed to sit down if she couldn’t bend her back! She’d found a great spot, just under a large maple, shaded and still with a view of the social, she was about to drop everything when Logan walked from behind a stand of trees. He didn’t speak to her, he just manoeuvred her to a different spot, a heavy swing had been set up. A broad plank with four hefty pieces of rope through it, Logan sat first and then pulled Marie between his own legs. When she’d sat down the entire pressure on her spine had gone, leaning back into Logan had eased it even more. He took the soda and food and dropped them just out of the range of the swing’s arc, putting Marie’s hands on the ropes Logan pushed against the ground and they began to swing.
The light breeze that had been tickling her skin all day was now much fresher, the coolness of the shade and the gentle rush of the air made her feel a thousand times better than she had been.

Leaning herself back so she added her weight to the swing, feeling Logan’s hand on her hip as she pushed backward. His grip on her tightening as something else made itself known to her, just behind her, the small of her back just under where her corset finished. A stiffness, a hardness that had nothing to do with corsetry but everything to do with her and the man who was now holding her quite tightly against him. Each push back she made earned her a breathy growl or grunt in her ear, his legs began to grip her own as his other hand released the rope and dipped under her top from behind. The buttons strained as his large hand grasped and groped at her breast, covered by the thin cotton of her undergarments, he was bucking into her backswings now and she was letting everything spiral out of her control.

She’d ‘wanted’ this, ‘needed’ this from him since the train, hell since the bar if she’d been honest with herself, but here, at the social, in full view of everyone? She tried to stop but Logan wasn’t letting her go, when she mumbled ‘Logan, let go of me.’ He’d just growled at her and pulled her back into him hard, her hip would be bruised and she could feel the steel under his skin holding her there. She was wondering how to get out of this when Logan stopped the swing and stood her up, her breast suddenly free of his grip she tried to take a step away from him but she never made it.
She was plonked back down onto his lap and it was then that she felt him, her skirts had been slit, all that separated them was a thin layer of her bloomers and she knew what was holding them together at the crotch and it wasn’t enough to keep him alive. “Logan no! I’ll hurt you, I could…”

She never got the last word out because of the sudden fullness between her thighs, as Logan moved her backward the sensation crept up her insides until there was nothing but pain and fullness. He kept her hands on the ropes and pushed away from the ground, her weight shifted on his lap and she felt him shift inside her body. Each time they passed the swings low point her body thrust down into his, when they were on the upswing he pushed into her. Just how the hell it was happening without killing him she didn’t know, but she could hear his voice in her ear and she tried to listen to him through the sensations her body was being bombarded with.
“I know you can hear me, fuck Marie I’d been waiting all night for you to come up those stairs.” He growled low as she twisted in his lap, getting her weight more evenly spread, feeling him react to her movements across him. “You made me so hard I was seein’ stars, but you were exhausted and I want you ‘awake’!” He thrust deep into her and stilled the swing, her feet resting on his, his hips under hers. She could feel the ropes move as he held onto her hip bone and began to fuck her in earnest, his mouth freed by the movement of his body into hers. Her eyes were closed but still the light and shade of the day made it through the thin layer of her traitorous skin, she listened to Logan, listened to the words he’d been holding in. “Ever since that bar, since I saw your sweet little ass, I’ve been thinking of ways to have you. Coverin’ you in oil, wrappin you up in gauze or silk, havin you naked and me dressed in somethin, anything to have you where you are now. Ball deep in you and never wantin to quit.” His left hand left her hip and soon returned but didn’t stop at her hip, it sneaked under the large skirt of her dress and made for where they were joined. “You’re gonna come for me Marie, you’re gonna come and then I’m gonna fuck you again, till you can’t walk straight!”

This wasn’t the man she knew, the soft man who’d saved her, the one who’d asked if she was alright first before thinking of himself. But it had to be, she’d seen him, she’d seen him struggle with the information she’d given him, what did she know of him really? Had what she’d seen been all of him, or were there other pieces of him, things he’d kept hidden from everyone? As his hand moved over her slick folds she let her mind release the questions, the answers would come but not right now. His fingers were covered in something soft and pliable, the sensation adding to her pleasure as he thrust from behind. He found her clit and began to stroke it in time with each push he made into her, his whispers became more heated, punctuated with growls as he neared his own climax. “I almost went into your room back there, at the school, day I left you there. Wanted to see you, wanted to have you, on your knees, my dick in your perfect lips…” the thrust behind that sentence was particularly strong. “Needed to see you take me, want me like I knew you did, wanted to see you play with yourself as you swallowed me whole. Fuck Marie!”
She felt him tense under her and his fingers flew across her flesh, she could see herself before him, knelt there, hands on his hips, taking him as deep as she could without choking. The image making her body fly apart around his finger ends, her voice crying out his name to the summer wind. What she said next had him bucking all the harder, “I’ll do it, just come Logan, please!”

It made no sense, what the hell was she saying! Where had her sense gone? He was out of control, dangerous and she’d just been assaulted if she was honest (she couldn’t say the ‘r’ word here it didn’t count because she’d wanted him too). He didn’t stop touching her sex, he ground it between his fingers and she felt the nebulous flow spike occasionally as he moved inside her. His other hand finally let go of the rope and held her breast tightly, crushing her against him as he came, his entire body stiffened and relaxed as the throbbing sensation filled her. Realising that he was ‘inside’ her, that he was coming ‘inside’ her and she had no protection whatsoever. It was like cold water running through her veins, she moved away from him when he allowed her, turning to see the relaxed and pleased look in his eyes. The condom he’d just removed from himself already being tied and pocketed, so he’d at least thought ahead that much. Part of her wanted to run from him, to run away from this man who’d just taken her, used her but there was something else there. He looked at her calmly, pulled her to him and held her with his back to the social, her gloved hands were on his shoulders and in his hair. He sat there in silence with her, jeans still unbuttoned, his body bare to her touch, she could kill him if she wanted to and there was the invitation to her. He’d done it on purpose, left himself vulnerable, open, he knew she could kill him and he was waiting to see what she did next.

Licking her lips quickly she made sure to cover them with saliva before kissing him, just a peck, but his eyes warmed to life. They’d been expecting the worst, she could see that now, he’d been expecting her to kill him for this, for taking her. Logan’s hand went to a pocket and he pulled out a piece of gauze, a pale white piece of nothing and placed it over his own mouth. Another invitation she willingly took as her hand tucked him away, doing up the buttons one by one, until there was nothing to see but a couple kissing on a swing. His arms wrapped around her and a new ache forming in her womb for a repeat of the sensations he’d just put her through. Finally when he let her go Marie remembered she hadn’t eaten yet, a little wobbly she stood up and Logan helped her to sit back down on the swing. He fed her small pieces of the sticky foods she’d brought, feeling the sugar burn through her tired limbs, Logan looked if anything more alive than he had for days and Marie could only wonder if it had been her touch on him that had sparked it.


They got back to the social about six pm, just when everyone was beginning to pull the stalls down and pack up the remains of whatever was left. Marie saw him leave her at the stall, he didn’t turn back to look at her, he didn’t need to somehow Marie knew he’d be able to feel her eyes on him wherever he went. She helped to pack everything up, got the car loaded and got in next to her employer, a small satisfied smile on her lips. Something her employer couldn’t help but notice, “You got him then?” Marie only turned to look at her when she realised they weren’t moving yet.
“Urm…pardon I wasn’t really….I mean…” the older woman laughed and got the car in gear as Marie watched Logan pull the last stall down, his own gaze resting on the car and it’s occupants.
“Remember young lady, no noise after nine and if he uses the window no-one’ll see him either.” Marie just stared at the woman across from her, she was supposed to be a moral high ground and here she was telling her to ‘get on with it’ and how to go about it. The older woman just laughed at Marie’s sudden paling face, “Hell girl, I’d like to see you try and stop him, he’s got the wild in him that one, not something you’d say no to anyway, not even at my age.”
“Miss Davenham!” The old woman looked at Marie with humour sparkling in her eyes and looked past her to Logan who was now helping to stack the component parts of the stalls.
“What I’ve got eyes haven’t I? I wasn’t always a ‘Miss’ you know, still wouldn’t be if I had a man like him interested in me either.” She patted Marie’s gloved hand and started to move the car, they both felt the weight of Logan’s gaze as they left the social. Although it would be Marie who would find out the true weight of it later.
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