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"But being born doesn't allow you to choose your own path in life, either. In fact, being born really offers you no promises at all."
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Story Notes:
I actually started this story many, many years ago. So long in fact that I'm embarassed to give an exact date that it was first posted to other forum. But life got in the way and I forgot all about it and it's been collecting dust ever since. But I finally rediscovered this piece and thought I'd give it another go. A few words have been changed around but otherwise it is still in it's (mostly) original posted format.

This is a crossover between Xmen and Batman. I know there's been crossovers before but with the exception of one ficlet from Dark Ferret, I don't think anyone has done a crossover with this cast before. You won't have to know much about Batman or his storylines to follow along. This is meant to be X-Men concentrated, not the other way around.

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