Sideways by September (Adult)
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Logan's musings on life get thrown out of balance when Rogue returns.
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Complete?: Yes - Published: 12/22/2007 - Last Updated: 12/24/2007
Story Notes:
This is Logan's POV, so expect lots of swearing *g*. It was supposed to be an innocent Christmas fic, but somewhere along the lines it all went downhill & Logan got horny. Also, I thought I'd give myself a challenge and try and write it in 2nd person, which was... interesting. Not quite sure how it came out. The fic is in three (short) parts, and I was umming and ahhhing whether to post them all in one go, or in chapters - and being crap at decisions I decided to compromise. They will be chapters, but will be posted in quick succession. Next one will probably fairly early tomorrow. So long as I can drag my ass out of bed to post it!

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