Author's Chapter Notes:
Marketing was boring as hell today-- which meant I wrote this goofy as hell story to keep my brain from leaking out. It seems my angst bunny is too busy playing with my accouting homework. Ps You might remember kitchen duty from Meeting Brainwave :)
“I’m not one of your little brats, Scooter. You can’t give me detention.” Logan growled into Scott’s face, sending small drops of spit onto his nose.

Scott grimaced and took a big step back, wiping the fluid off. “Well, maybe if you stopped acting like a teenager I wouldn’t have to treat you like one,” he replied.

The official teacher voice patronizing him fuelled Logan’s anger even more. He didn’t even try to stop the claws from shooting out of his knuckles. The leader of the X-Men however, seemed very unimpressed and crossed his arms of his chest.

“It’s just kitchen duty, Logan. I’m pretty sure what with your healing factor it won’t kill you.”

“It might kill you,” Wolverine hissed.

Scott snorted and rolled his eyes at the old man. “Maybe it’ll make you re-think before the next time you just steal my bike without asking.”

“I was only gone for a few hours!” Logan countered.

“That doesn’t matter. You took my private property without my permission. We call that theft it civilization and its illegal.”

“You little---“

“Plus,” Scott stopped him. “You scratched it.”

Logan’s eyes went wide before they narrowed at him. “Fuck you, One- Eye, I did not.”

Scott huffed. “Men take responsibilities for their mistakes, Logan. All the paint on the left side was scratched off after you ‘barrowed’ it.”

“Listen here, prick,” Logan's index finger and three sharp claws pointed in Scott’s face. “I didn’t scratch you precious little tricycle. I put it back in the same condition I took it in. Fuck, I even filled the damn tank up!”

Scott knocked his hand away, careful of the claws. “You can stop lying any time now. There wasn’t a drop of gas left in that tank,” the leader sneered.

“Bullshit!” Logan yelled.

“That’s what I say!” Scott countered just as loud.

“Listen,” Scott went on, rubbing his forehead. “I think I’m being a damn nice guy here. I’m not making you pay for the damages or the gas.”

“Yeah well I think you’re being a prick! Because I already paid for the gas,” Wolverine pointed the claws to the door that lead to the garage. “And I didn’t damage shit!”

“Logan!—“ Scott started. His fists curled tightly at his sides as he tried to cool his temper. “Fine. You don’t believe me? I’ll show you!” He stomped towards the door that leads out of the kitchen and into the garage.

“You do that!” Logan quipped back and pulled the claws in, following behind him.

They entered the garage and Scott stopped suddenly. Logan came to a halt beside him and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I’m waiting,” he snapped.

Scott looked around the large garage bewildered. “It’s not here…”

Logan cocked an eyebrow at him then took a look around the room himself. Sure enough there was no supped up motorcycle anywhere amongst the cars and vans.

“Where the hell is it, Logan?!” Scott yelled, pushing him.

He stumbled back in surprise and gawked at Scott. He growled and shoved back, sending the leader into the side of a navy blue passenger van. “How the hell am I suppose to know?!”

“You’re the only one that takes it!” Scott countered.

“Hey, *I’M* here! I think that fucking means *I* didn’t take it!”

“That doesn’t mean anything! Besides that you crashed it last night after I went to bed or something and didn’t want to admit it!”

“Go fuck yourself, Scooter. I ain’t scared of you. If I had crashed your damn bike I’d have thrown the gas tank at you!”

Their argument got cut off by the accelerated roar of an engine. They both turned their heads to see a black blur tearing down the drive way, sending dust flying in its wake. It kept coming towards them at record speeds until it entire the garage where it made a sudden turn, coming to a loud screeching halt. Their mouths hung equally far down as the stared at the rider who had its back to them. The rider lifted the helmet off over its head, sending long brown hair tumbling free.

Rogue stepped over the bike and off, shaking a hand through her hair, smiling. She turned around and jumped at the sight of the two comatose men starring blankly at her.

“Oh! Um…” She laughed nervously, tucking Logan’s helmet under her arm. “Hi Scott.”

The corner of his mouth twitched before it went flat again. “Hey, Rogue…”

“Uh…” She looked at the bike to him then back to the bike then back to him. “Sorry, sugah. Ah barrowed ya bike for a bit.”

Not a muscle on Scott’s body moved. Logan’s face however was slowly forming into a lop-sided smile.

“Ahm real sorry, Scott,” Rogue went on and took a small step towards them. She tucked a stray white hair behind her ear and looked up shyly at him. “There was jus’ this sale at tha mall an’ ah didn’t think ya wanted ta go cause ya always so busy with tha X-Men an’ school n’ stuff.” She blinked her eyes at him a few times and her pouty lips curled down into a small frown. “….ya mad?”

“Oh, no,” Scott walked up to her and put his hands on her shoulders. “Of course I’m not mad, Rogue. Just try to make sure you ask me next time, okay?”

She smiled at him then blew him a quick kiss before skipping past him. She threw Logan a ‘hey, sugah’ before she stepped into the house and out of the garage.

Logan watched as Scott walked up to the bike and ran his fingers along the badly scratched side. “Don’t you got something to say to me Scooter?” Logan smirked.

“Yeah. You still have to do kitchen duty,” Scott talked down to the bike.

“What!” Logan roared. “You know it wasn’t me! Rogue’s the one that took all your damn gas and busted it up.”

Scott turned around to face him. “And you still took it without asking, which is why you got kitchen duty in the first place.”

“What about her?!” Logan pointed to the door. “She took it too and you didn’t give her shit!”

A smirk spread across Scotts face as he looked down the bike. He looked back up at Logan and shrugged his shoulders. “It’s cute when she does it.”
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