Author's Chapter Notes:
Been writing far too much angst lately, time to get back to the humorous stuff, a little bit of light relief for us all (every pun intended)!
Room Service

She’d held on as long as she could, but once outside the marquee it all fell apart. She hurried to the nearest bench and collapsing on it, held her stomach as she guffawed. Doubled over and laughing the sound rang out across the lawn, with tears streaming down her cheek and clutching the stitch in her side, she could only shake her head as she looked up at him.

That hard-ass expression he was wearing only made it worse, his arms crossed tightly over his broad chest, his brow furrowed and growling low, she could only picture him as he had been a few minutes ago.

With his pants undone, mussed up hair and stupidly waving broken chair arms at Scott. ‘Oh God…’ were the only words she could rush out in between hurried breaths.

‘Dammit Rogue…’ He tried his best to stay angry at her, but standing over and watching her writhe around on that bench, kicking her legs in the air, peals of her warm laughter hanging in the air, he could only break into a wry smile.

He had to admit it had been pretty funny, the look on Scott’s face, the wrecked chair, and after all it had made things all that more interesting, as well as giving them a way out.
He shook his head and sat next to her, she calmed down enough to wrap her arms about his neck and gently kiss his cheek.

He looked across at her, still acting just a little bit annoyed, huffing like the big bad Wolverine he was, she smiled sweetly, and kissed him again, deeper this time, her lips pressing warmly against his, her tongue brushing against his mouth, he offered the slightest stubborn resistance before giving in, opening up to her fully, glad for the tongue that reached in and tasted every inch of him.

He reached around her, his strong arm encircling her waist and pulling her into his lap, she settled comfortably there, her bare thighs pressing firmly against his hips. She pressed her forehead against his, her hair falling about them. She deepened their kiss further, her wandering hands moving slowly up and down his chest.

She fisted her hand in his hair, and sighed deeply as his lips moved towards the softness of her neck, arching back further to allow him better access, she all but moaned his name as he nipped at her flesh, his sharp teeth leaving their mark.

They were losing themselves again, Logan fresh from having learnt his lesson couldn’t help but grin at the disapproving glances from the interfering old ladies that passed, he even winked at one, barely managing to keep himself from laughing out loud.

But they couldn’t do this here, as painful as it was he had to remove her from his lap, putting his hands firmly on his shoulders pushing her back just as a young mother hurried past holding her hand firmly over the eyes of her staring five year old son.
Fuck, if this wasn’t a turn up for the books, Logan doing the responsible thing. She looked down at him disappointed and just a little confused.

He smiled at her and shook his head; ‘darlin’ ain’t no way we can do this ‘ere.’

She looked around her at last and taking in their very public surroundings nodded, she moved to climb out of his lap, but before doing so reached out and took his mouth again in a fierce kiss. Breakin’ off the contact at last she grasped his head firmly and whispered, ‘Then baby let’s take this somewhere more private, tell me ya already booked a room?’

He nodded and smiled wickedly at her, ‘I’ve got a better idea.’ Barely waiting until she had climbed off him, before he sprang to his feet took her by the hand and hurried to the main reception of the hotel. They practically ran all the way, her hair and her dress billowing around her; she tripped a little, lost one of her shoes in the grass and stopped to retrieve it.

He growled as she pulled her hand away from him and headed back for her shoe, she barely had time to grab it before he reached behind her grabbed her by the waist and threw her over his shoulder, carrying her cave-man like to the front entrance of the hotel.

It was a pricey affair, the hotel Scott had booked for his little commitment ceremony, and the interior showed it, all marble floors and oak panels, the only thing looking out of place was a giddy and panting Rogue and a growling Logan, with his shirt hanging open, hair mussed up. She held her shoes in her hand, the soles of her feet padding quietly along the cool floor.

They approached the main desk, wanting to appear calm and collected, he pushing a hand through his hair, buttoning up his shirt all wrong and she smoothing down her dress, she smiled sweetly at the man behind the desk, and he couldn’t help but stare at them both.

‘Hey…’ Logan spoke in his usual gruff tone, intimidating and demanding all at once, ‘ma name’s Doc McCoy and this here’s Ms Ororo Monroe, we booked a room for couple friends of ours, ya know the ones getting’ married tomorrow? Thing is we wanna check it out, jus’ to make sure everything’s the way we want it to be…ya know...for them.’

For the longest while the man could only stare vacantly at Logan, his expression saying it all, you really a doctor, cos you sure as hell ain’t the sensitive lookin’ type, the touchy-feely sort of guy who books a room as a present for a newly married couple.

Rogue stepped in when it seemed Logan was jus’ ‘bout ready to make his point in a whole different sort of way, she had no idea what he was playin’ at but she was sure willin’ to play along. She leaned over the desk, pushing her cleavage together, puckering her lips and fluttering her thick eye lashes at the receptionist.

He, willingly entranced, couldn’t help but be sucked in by her every word, he watched intently as she licked her lips slowly, teasingly, following the path of her tongue with his eyes moving slowly across those swollen red lips of hers.

Her voice purred, the Southern lilt in her accent prominent, ‘Look, we just wanna make sure that everythin’ we’ve booked in the room…, that is room…’ and here she got stuck, realising at last that this would have worked better if Logan had told the number of the room before hand.

She turned to look quickly at Logan; he smirked and provided the answer she was lookin’ for, ‘The honeymoon suite…’ She repeated the words automatically to the receptionist before she stopped, cocked her head to one side and realised just what Logan had said.

Turning around she looked at him again, that damn lopsided grin of his wider than ever, and raised her eyebrow questioningly at him, ‘the honeymoon suite?’ she repeated not sure if she had heard right.
He nodded, ‘Yep the honeymoon suite, we figured it’d be a nice surprise, ya know for the newly-weds, before they jet off on their…honeymoon.’

Rogue shook her head, before she shrugged her shoulders, turned back to the receptionist, and repeated smilingly, ‘the honeymoon suite, why not?’ He offered her the key easily, and she squeezed her chest together one last time just for him.

‘Why thank ya sugah.’ He all but melted as she brushed her fingers over his taking the key slowly from his fingers. Logan took her by the arm and headed for the lift, hurrying her along before the damn prick got too frisky and he’d have to stake him to that desk of his.

They stood at the back of the elevator, she handed him the key with a triumphant smile and he shook his head at her growling low, she laughed and he couldn’t help but grab her ass, squeezing tight before snaking his hand higher under that thin unlawfully low cut dress of hers and travelling up to the small of her back.

She pressed back into his touch, his fingers drawing slow teasing circles and she sighed as it moved higher. It was all she could do to stop herself pushing him against the walls of the elevator and getting it on there and then.

But the damn elevator had a security camera and a porter to boot; they’d have to wait ‘til they reached the ‘honeymoon suite’. Fuck, she sighed louder as his hand moved to her hips, the lift moved so damn slowly.

They barely managed to make it down the hallway before he stopped her in front of the room and pulled her close for a lingering kiss, his hands trailing a blazing path up and down her sides, his mouth planting kisses everywhere, along her chin and deep into the base of her neck, she practically melted in his arms as his hand wandered up to her hair and he rolled down the thin shoulder strap of her dress with his tongue.

She fumbled with the card key, pushing him back and opening the door, slipping inside the room, his mouth latching onto hers as he pressed her hard into the door, her arms winding their way around his neck.

It was only then that she thought to look at the honeymoon suite; it turned out to be one helluva room, all soft white linen, white flowers and expensive looking furniture. And it was then she was hit by a small tinge of guilt, she cursed herself for the attack of conscience but pushed Logan back all the same, he looked closely at her confused.

She shook her head, ‘Sorry baby, but we can’t do this ‘ere either.’ He went back to slowly kissing the top of her shoulder, slowly and huskily murmuring the word ‘why’.

‘Come on Logan,’ God, he was so good at working that one spot, she found it hard to breathe never mind speak, ‘this is Storm and Hank’s wedding present for Jean and Scott, we can’t spoil it for them, and havin’ sex on their wedding bed is one surprise Scott ain’t gonna be too happy ‘bout.’

He looked up at her at last, ‘Who says ol’ one-eye has to know anyhow, we’ll leave the place jus’ as we found it, and who says we’re gonna need the bed.’ He growled sexily at her, his hand wandering down to her thigh and slowly slipping under her thin dress.

She hissed as his fingers slipped in between her panties and the apex of her thighs, pressing hard against her already tight bundle of nerves, teasing little circles over her clit, working the nub, harder and tighter, her eyelids shut heavily, and she breathed his name, ‘Logan…we can’t…’ but her head fell back against the door, the last of her resistance fading away, as she melted beneath his expert touch.

She reached up and slammed the flat of her hand against the door as pleasure took over and she thrust into his probing fingers, he smirked at her watching as he dragged her closer to the edge, teasing the release slowly out of her. He brought his mouth close to hers and whispered, ‘besides honey, ya still owe me a scream…’

Fuck responsibility, he was gonna get his revenge for her little stunt in the marquee, and it’d keep him laughin’ a while knowin’ that he’d gotten to test drive ol’ Cyke’s room before the self-righteous prick had a chance to with his little red-head.

The ceremony, or at least the practise run went on for a quite a while after Rogue and Logan’s departure, and predictably Scott thought with them two gone with no more embarrassing incidents and no more broken furniture.

He sighed contentedly as he kissed Jean signalling the end of the ritual, and stood smiling as his friends and fellow X-men gathered around to congratulate them, yep this was gonna be a day to remember, and tomorrow would be even better.

They walked outside the brilliant sunshine showing off the green of the hotel gardens perfectly, hand in hand with Jean; he strolled along and found himself joined by a very happy Storm and Hank. The Professor also joined them as he linked his arm around his beautiful wife.

Storm, usually the more sedate and calm of the X-men despite her name and powers, was today more excited than he’d ever seen her. She hugged them both fiercely and practically jumped up and down, leaving Scott to wonder if one of the X-kids had spiked the punch.

‘I wanted to wait until tomorrow to tell you, but I just can’t! We have a surprise; we booked the hotel honeymoon suite just for you, as our wedding present!’ She spoke the words in such a rush both Scott and Jean had to ask her to repeat what she’d said before, and to say it again, slower.

It registered at last; Storm and Hank had booked the room for their first night together after the commitment ceremony, and more importantly they wanted to show off the room.

Practically dragging them both by the hand, they marched them into the hotel, grabbed the manager along the way, who had a master key to every room apparently, all of them wholly failing to notice the very worried looking receptionist who scratched his head in confusion.

He walked around the vast room in the thick Indian cotton robe they’d found hanging in one of the dressers, it had the monogrammed initials of the hotel, and though Logan would skewer anyone before he ever admitted it, he had to confess the damn thing was comfortable.

Rogue had decided to have a shower before they left, and in so far as leaving the room just as they’d found it, well they hadn’t done too badly, yeah they’d knocked over the vase, and got a dirty great big stain on the plush carpet because of it, but he figured they’d both been pretty tamed considering the damage they could have done.

And they hadn’t had sex on the bed, nope, they’d had sex on the table, the dresser, the floor, and even against the wall at one point but, and she’d been strict ‘bout that rule, no sex on the bed.

He heard her turn on the shower, the water splashing against the tiles and he smiled wryly to himself, it was a damn good thing she’d thought to absorb some of his healing before they’d started, or that last round against the window would have been a no-go.

But she was full of his surprises, his girl, and just like a much sexier version of the Duracell bunny, she’d proven she could go on and on and on….

He turned at the sound of the bathroom door opening, grinning at her as she stood leaning against the door frame, smiling wickedly, she nodded towards the shower, ‘baby ya gotta check this shower out, you’re never gonna believe how big it is, ah swear it’s one of those walk in things…’

‘Yeah…?’ she nodded in response to his question, still smiling as she reached for the belt of her dressing gown, undoing it slowly and letting it fall to the ground, she kicked it out of the way before stretching out, leaning flush against the door frame, arching her back and sticking her front out.

‘Ah mean… ya really gotta check it out.’ She turned slowly, looking over shoulder, puckering her lips and gesturing with a finger for him to join her. He threw off his robe where he stood and hurried to join her in the bathroom slammin’ the door shut as he did.

He watched the water flow down the smooth skin of her back, fascinated by a particular drop that was heading slowly down her shoulder, settling between her shoulder blades before heading down her spine.

He growled low and latching one hand to her breast and the other taut against her stomach; he pressed himself tight against her, lapping up the water with his tongue. She rubbed against his obvious erection, turning the taps of the shower fully, pressing both hands against the tiles, and pushing her ass out her head turned to watch as he entered her from behind.

He pulled her back against his stomach, burying himself deep inside her, hard and fast so she gasped as he began to move, she reached back and wrapped her arms around his neck, finding his rhythm and matching it, moving up and down, the hot water secondary only to the fire that burned between them.

She grabbed at his hair fiercely as she came, and he bit her shoulder as he followed only seconds later. She laughed lightly as they both came down from the latest high, and turned around to kiss him, the water bouncing off their skin, and he could only look at her through darkened lashes as he brushed the wet hair out of her eyes and kissed her back.

The first thing that struck them as they stepped into the room was the dirty great big stain on the new carpet; the second was the discarded gowns littering the floor.
All of them stood around looking suitably confused until they heard the sounds in the bathroom, the familiar giggling, the grunts and groans.

And then all was clear as with a particular fierce growl a pair of adamantium claws came bursting through the wood of the door sending splinters flying everywhere, they caused ugly gouges before they retracted.

But it didn’t end there, next thing they knew was the bathroom door flying off it hinges, and landing right at their feet, not only that but a very naked Logan balancing precariously over an equally naked Rogue, both lying flat out at on a now useless door.

Rogue screamed first, staring up at an extremely pissed off Scott and Jean, and a blushing Storm and Hank. She clamoured to her feet, pushing Logan with her and hiding her nakedness behind him. She peered from behind his back, biting her lip nervously and trying to avoid the disapproving looks from Scott.

Logan didn’t share her embarrassment he stood tall and proud, hands on his hips and still very much erect. Storm and Jean could only stare as he offered them the full sailor nine gun salute, they couldn’t help but be impressed, damn, Rogue was one very luck mutant!

It was up to Scott to throw them their dressing gowns, Rogue hurriedly tied hers up, but Logan took his time, clearly proud of the wide eyed expressions of the ladies. ‘Catching me out twice in one day huh Cyke, hey Jean ya sure it’s you he wants to marry?’

Scott could only shake his head, ‘Nice Logan, not only do you wreck our wedding present and the room, you make jokes about it as well?’

Logan could only shrug his shoulders and smile as Ol’ one-eye made to push a still staring Jean and Storm out of the room.

Barely an hour later Rogue and Logan found themselves washing dishes in the hotels kitchens. Both flustered from the heat, and Rogue pushing her damp hair out of her face, she rinsed as he dried.

‘Can’t see what we did was so bad, sure as hell didn’t deserve somethin’ like this.’ Logan grumbled. She smiled and shook her head at him, ‘Well we did wreck the room, at least the manager let us work off the damages instead of calling the police.’

He could only huff, she looked at him curiously, ‘how’d ya find out ‘bout the room anyway?’

He grinned, ‘heard Storm and Hank talkin’ about it, heard jus’ ‘bout every word, what comes from extra sensitive hearin’. She scoffed at him, blowing the soap suds from her hands and straight at his sideburns.

‘Yeah, thanks to your big ears ya lug, look where we’ve ended up.’ He growled at her as she blew another round of bubbles at him.
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