Lessons Before Bedtime by Beth
Summary: Marie has questions. Logan has answers. Adult Themes.
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1. Chapter 1 by Beth

Chapter 1 by Beth
Author's Notes:
DO NOT do any of the kinky stuff in this story unless you are a mutant with an adamantium neck and healing abilities. Seriously.
It was habit now - Marie coming to him when she was working something out in her head, they'd been doing it for years. Sometimes, when he was gone, she would look into the Logan in her head and try to work out an answer, other times she would just wait until he came home.

He liked it when she would come to his room with a notebook of questions to ask him, chewing on her lower lip, wrapping a strand of hair around her finger. He often wondered if she had any idea how damn much he'd really like to chew on that lip and thread his fingers through her hair. Instead, he would cuddle with her, trying not to be too obvious when he looked down her shirt or when his hands rested slightly too long on her ass.

He had kept up the fašade of sexual disinterest when he came back and she could touch, and she was touching that black-eyed thief. It was then that he decided to make the mansion his permanent address, instead of leaving for months, he would leave only for weeks. When he came back this last time, young mutant love had run it's course, and apparently Remy was no longer the object of his Marie's touch.

He didn't mind that at all.

She had come to his suite tonight with a question on her mind, and it was just like the old times again, cuddling on the couch next to him, fingers in her hair, worrying her full bottom lip between her teeth.

"If you had to kill someone, Logan. How would you do it?"

He blinked at her, pondered where the request had come from, but considered the question seriously.

"Depends on what the reason you're doing it for. Business or Pleasure?"

"Hmmm... how are they different?"

"Pleasure is all about making sure that they know that you were the one, that they have no doubts that they have been seriously fucked for fucking with you. Business, ya gotta be more ... circumspect. It's a made to order thing. Sometimes, if it's business, you have to be clean if that's the orders, other times you can be a little bit more creative."

She curled up tighter into him, her fingers straying to his legs where she picked at the tight jeans and rubbed his knees. A part of his brain noticed that one of his hands was now lying on top of a breast, and the other loosely wrapped around her waist.

"Why the interest in killin', Marie?"

"Never know when you'll need to know things like that."

He nodded, pleased that her exposure to Scooter's sometimes life-threatening ethics hadn't dulled his girl's common sense.

"So what would be the best way to do it, if you were doing it for pleasure?"

"Depends on what they've done. They hurt you, definitely the claws. Definitely slow. 'Course I'd need a place with easy clean up, and a way to get rid of the pieces." He didn't even notice, aside from a warm feeling taking over his mood, when he started to caress her breast through the oxford shirt she wore with the skirt that was entirely too short and the leather boots.

He liked Marie in leather. He definitely liked Marie in leather.

"And if you were doing it for business?"

"Like I said darlin', that's made to order work. Thing about business though, you should try to be as far away as you can, if you can. Or else be ready to fade into the background, where no one will ever suspect you. Most important thing either way is to never get caught."

"So if I was going to do it, I'd have to get away clean." She nodded sagely, then got up off the couch, crawling over his body to do it, one knee implanting itself straight into his groin. "Ooops. Sorry, about that, sugar."

"Don't worry about it, darlin'." When she turned to the mini-fridge in the corner of his room to grab a couple of beers, he adjusted himself, trying to tame the urges that her knee on his cock had started stirring up in him.

She opened the bottles at the desk, then brought one over to him, and he noticed again that she bent pretty far over when she handed it to him. Deep purple bra - lace and silk if he wasn't mistaken. His tags wedged firmly between breasts that looked entirely too attractive to him.

"What if he's bigger than me?" She had to repeat herself a second time he was too busy contemplating how her nipples would taste to hear the question the first time she asked it.

"Huh, Marie? Sorry, was thinking about Monday's training session."

She smiled at him, a little bit of the hunter in her grin. "You're such a good teacher, Logan. I said, what if he's bigger than me?"

"Odds are they're always gonna be bigger than you are darlin'... best bet is to go for a tap to the back of the head. One shot, and you can get him down."

"What if I can't get that far away?"

"Then use all ya got darlin'."

"Whadda mean Logan?"

Rolling off the couch, he moved stealthily over to her, putting his beer bottle on the desk next to hers. A tight little grin answered her raised eyebrows, and he unbuttoned first three buttons on her shirt, then a fourth. Spreading the fabric so that the tops of her breasts, the chain to his tags, and a bit of the purple bra were exposed, he leant back and smiled at her.

"Use these baby, stick em right out there, let him get a hint of what he could get. When he's close enough, use the knife, right up under his chin, hard and fast." To emphasize his point he placed his hands over her breasts and gave a squeeze, and to his immense satisfaction, heard her breath catch and saw the shiver that moved through her. And felt the nipples under his hands harden into pebbles beneath the cotton and silk.

Removing his hands, he reached around her and grabbed his beer and took a healthy swig.

"What if I don't have a knife?" Her hands played with his shirt for a minute, then grabbed her own beer and took a more ladylike sip. She looked over his shoulder and her eyes landed on the cigar box she had given him one Christmas. Her body brushed against his when she moved to cross the room, her breasts lingering for a few seconds on his chest before she moved on.

"Then use whatever you can find, if you're in an office, there are plenty of things you can use."

"Like what?"

"Paper spindle, depending on the angle use it in the ear or the eye. If you think you have some strength over him, or even better if it's a woman, use a pen. Box cutters can be good, if they're sharp, you can cut a throat good and quick with a really sharp blade. It won't go deep to, so remember you'll have to work at it some once they're down if you don't have the time for them just to bleed out."

"That's gross, sugar." She bit the end off the cigar and lit it, her mouth molding to the diameter of it, then slowly pulled it out of her mouth, and puckering her lips, blew the worst smoke circles he had ever seen. Or would have seen if he had been paying attention to anything but her lips as her tongue darted out to wet them.

"You're trying to kill someone Marie, not write them a fuckin' Christmas card."


"No buts. Use phone cords or computer cords to strangle. Once had to use picture wire, but you shouldn't do that unless you have leather gloves on baby. Hurt your hands when you garrote 'em."

"How does that work, anyway?"

"Come 'ere."

She moved to his side at the desk, and he took the mouse with a yank pulled the plug free of the tower. Then he took the cigar away and after taking a drag, stubbed it out in the ashtray on the desk.

"You have to be able to get behind them, and always make sure you are steady on your feet, then loop it over their head, and twist the cords so that every time you twist, it's pulling tighter and deeper, cutting off the windpipe. "

He sat down on the chair and gave her the mouse. "Start with it looped once, so you can just slip it over, then just start pulling and twisting. Feet apart so you can keep your balance."

She came behind him and took the looped cord and pull it back, but not hard, and twisted it, this time more surely, faster, giving him less to complain about her technique. He could feel the pressure on his windpipe, then felt it release as she let go.

"If ya do it for real darlin', still gotta be quicker and tighter, okay?"

"Logan, you have welts on your neck," she sounded shocked.

He was shocked when she threw herself into his lap and started kissing the already fading red marks, looking up at him, with shining brown eyes. "I'll kiss it and make it better," her concern obvious as she kissed his neck, her body pressing into his.

When the marks were gone, and she had finished her healing kisses, he just put his arms around her, and she cuddled into him again.

"What if there's more than one?"

"Then distance is your best bet. Definitely sniping works best. Or a bomb. Only good thing I can say about Scooter. He'd be good at groups at a distance."

"I don't think Scott would appreciate you saying that."

"Yeah, he'd be pissed I called him Scooter. I'm shakin' in my boots."

"Now if you want to really make a statement, ya gotta do it in a public place. Then ya gotta decide on collateral damage."

"Collateral damage?" Her eyes were wide at that, her mouth pinched into a frown.

"Yeah, you know, do you want to kill people around 'em."

"I don't think I would Logan, I really don't like that idea. Unless they're all bad," she looked up at him with eyes round. "If they're all bad, then a group thing wouldn't be too bad. But not if they're just every day people."

"Okay baby, you can do it all real careful like, but you have to be really precise. Like if you use a bomb, ya need to make sure you know the guy's routine, so you can get him when he's alone, or when he's with people who deserve killin' just as much."

"Sounds like a lot of work."

"Killin' people can be a lot of work sometimes."

A slow smile curved her lips at that, her tongue darting out to run over them. He felt his jeans become even more uncomfortable, and she shifted automatically in his lap, bringing her hip to press firmly on his erection, then shifting so her leg was lying on it.

"What if I wanted to get them for hurting you, Logan? What if I wanted to get them slow?"

"Marie, first thing is to get away clean. You haven't accomplished much if you don't survive it. Once you know how to get away, then you can choose how to get them."

"If I could get away, say I had the bike, and no one was around." She rubbed her cheek against his chest and started playing with the buttons on his denim shirt.

"That ain't very realistic darlin'."

"But say it was?"

"Well then you could do it by what they have goin' for 'em. If they're bigger than you, always a gun - it'll let you get some distance between him and you. If you think you can take em, and if they don't seem to be too careful about guarding their back, a garrote job can be good. Or if you know you'll have some time to clean up, use a knife, come behind em, and just slice and dice." The middle claw shot out with a *snikt* at this, and he smiled grimly.

Flexing, he pulled the blade back into his forearm. "But always be ready with something else, know if you need to use something heavy, or be ready for them to fight back. Sleepin's a good time to get the job done, 'specially for a woman. A couple of Rophies in a drink at a bar, and you can take him home and do what ya want at your leisure. Just make sure you drive, don't ever let someone you just drugged drive, too dangerous. You remember that darlin'."

He smirked at her fascinated look, enjoying the way she was petting his chest, the way she didn't object when he started fondling her hip, moving his hand to the hem of the short skirt, then back up. She took the hand with the now retracted claw, and brought the knuckles to her lips, kissing the healed incision where the claw had come out.

"You shouldn't do that Logan, you said it hurts you." Marie's large doe like eyes were sweet and innocent as she rubbed the hand over her face, returning to kiss the knuckles once more.

"Hmmm... but what about mutants? Like Sabertooth?"

"Definitely a tap on the head to start that one out, get him a little dizzy. If you're in the middle of nowhere, where you don't have to worry about interference, a chainsaw wouldn't be out of place, make sure he can't knit himself back together. Don't play to long with the mean ones like him, Marie. Get it done, and get it done right the first time. Never lose sight of how dangerous ones like him are - even for fun."

"Never have too much fun and don't get sloppy, right Logan?" She looked up at him for approval.

"Damn right."

Marie got up off his lap and wandered over to the French doors.

"Okay. Give me a situation."

He pondered this for a minute. "You need to take out a leader of the anti-mutant brigade. He's always well armed, and always has guards." He looked at her, and she smiled slowly, and he could tell she was trying to sort through the him in her mind, to use that with tonight's lesson.

"First thing I would do is dye my hair. Maybe blonde, maybe red."

"Don't forget your eyebrows, darlin'."

"Hmmm... maybe a dark red then." She grinned flirtatiously at him. "I'll borrow a bottle from Jean."

He snorted.



"That answers that question."

"What question?"

"You've never seen her naked."

One part of his brain noticed she looked inordinately pleased by that revelation, another part was just annoyed to have his bluff called on it. "Yeah, well... you need to take out a leader of the anti-mutant brigade. He's always well armed, and always has guards."

The hint of a grin touched her lips, and she moved away from the window, over to the fireplace. Tilted her head, played with her hair as she thought it out.

"Okay, change the hair color, then I'd get an outfit - not too slutty, of course. Proper enough that I could look like reporter, but just enough to make him think thoughts."

Logan considered this and agreed. "Something that'd make a Mormon take to drinking for thinking the kind of thoughts he'd be thinking."

Marie nodded agreeably. "Then I'd have one of the geeks down in tech, maybe Bobby or Warren make me some press credentials. Maybe something international - or a web based thing, maybe mutantwatch.com? Get him on his ego."

Logan nodded encouragingly.

"Definitely have to get him when he's not on his own turf. He would be doing interviews - they always have those guys on the talk shows. Get him when he's coming back from an interview. He should be nice and happy and full of himself."

She walked back toward Logan's position on the couch and unbuttoned another three buttons on her shirt. "Think this would be too obvious, sugar?"

Logan growled, but brought himself back to the lesson with a mental slap.

"Yeah darlin'. They could see that one coming a hundred miles away."


"Maybe the ugly duckling routine then." she buttoned four of the buttons back up, Logan growling as the velvety flesh was covered from his view. She grinned at him, her dark brown eyes sparkling. "A pair of glasses, schoolmarm hairdo. Big purse with nothing in it but notepads and pens and maybe a picture of my cat."

"Of course a wonder bra that would make him think twice, men like that don't they? The idea of giving a girl a thrill. Wouldn't be too hard from that point to get him alone I wouldn't think. Hmmm... maybe a bottle of cramp pills in the purse, but make half of them rophies."

His acknowledging grin was downright evil, but fuck, he was proud of his girl. She knew her shit.

"A nice cup of coffee with the nice man, then when he's out, bring him to the bedroom. From that point it's pretty much what's at hand."

She thought for a minute.

"I suppose there must be some nice pills that could give him a heart attack, if I was going for undetectable."

His grin grew wider as she looked a little depressed about that.

"Well, there are more traditional ways to cause a man's heart to explode darlin'."

She turned to look at him again, and her smile was pure sin, and he had a feeling that she would be in charge of the next lesson tonight.

"I suppose we're back to the buttons then, hmmm?"

"Yeah, you probably shouldn't have more than two of them fastened if you want to make sure it works."

Her head tilted at this, a shadow of a smile on her lips before she put on a more serious face. She started to unbutton her shirt and moved to sit in his lap. "You know sugar, for two buttons, might as well just take the whole thing off, doncha think?"

Well, thinking was getting a lot harder - along with a not so cerebral part of his body. "Yeah, especially if you want to leave in the same clothes you came with."

To prove his point he grabbed the shirt and ripped the final two buttons free, smiling as he heard the little pieces of plastic ping off the mirror over the mantle across the room. She looked down at her ruined shirt, now gaping open, displaying breasts, bra, and tags. She gave him a sweet smile, looking up at him through her hair.

"Should probably soften him up by some kissing first, huh, sugar?"

"Don't think it's a softening kind of thing, Marie, but that sounds like a good start. You go right ahead."

She brought her lips to a hairsbreadth from his, and blew out softly, just a whisper of breath on his lips, then she shifted so her knees were on either side of his hips, pressing into the couch. She pressed him back into the cushions as she firmly pressed her body up to his. Logan noticed that his neck was at a rather uncomfortable angle when she finally - finally- brought her lips to his, but once he felt them, he didn't give a damn. It didn't take long before tongues were warring and hands were moving all over.

She leaned back when she ran out of air, and smiled at him, then started unbuttoning his outer shirt.

"After that, he'll probably be too hot in his clothes, so just like this, I'll help him out of his shirt."

She leaned forward to nip at his neck when she got him free of the outer shirt, leaving him still in his black t-shirt.

"Don't think he'll have a big ass belt buckle like you do sugar. We should probably get rid of that now."

She reached down and pulled it off, bringing the belt with it.

After she got rid of the belt, she laid it on the couch, then slid down his legs to his feet.

"Shoes should go too."

She grabbed one boot clad foot and pulled, throwing one snake skin boot across the room, then the other.

"I suppose, if this is gonna be the last good time the guy is going to have, I suppose keeping his pants on for too long would just be cruel, huh?"

He thought momentarily about the innocent little girl look she was giving him, but then noticed the openly predatory glint in her eyes. He could go with this. "Oh yeah baby, shouldn't be mean, not at a time like this."

She nodded, and with skilled fingers unsnapped, then drew the zipper down, pressing it into the bare skin and sensitive hairs that lay just beneath the jeans, making sure that there was just a hint of pain to the procedure. She stared for a moment once the zipper was down.

"'Course he'd probably be wearing underwear, seeing he'd just been on TV."

Logan was beyond words as Marie pulled up, making him lift his hips so she could get the jeans clear. She moved back and pulled one leg, then the other. The jeans followed the boots across the room.

Logan was left sitting on the black leather couch in only a black t-shirt, white socks, and sideburns.

She sat back on her heels and admired the view. He returned her gaze, and smiled faintly when she took a piece of hair and began playing with it, her slightly turned up nose scrunching as she thought seriously about her next move. Logan could all but hear the wheels turning.

"Now at this point, I should probably take off some of my clothes, like my boots and my pantyhose, since goodness knows, they would just be in the way, and I'm sure he wouldn't want to be inconvenienced by them later, right?"

She made sure he was watching as she sat across from him on the desk chair and pulled off the leather boots, then peeled the pantyhose down her legs, taking her silk panties with them. Then for good measure she arched her back and pulled the shirt off. Oh yeah... purple lace and silk. He liked that.

With a flirtatious smile, she threw the panties at him, aiming so they landed on his burgeoning sex. With a shy little smile, completely contradictory to the woman who just took off his pants and just threw her undies at him; she turned and went into his bathroom, emerging with a few condoms.

Throwing the pantyhose and the condoms on the couch, she sat herself again in his lap, and once again, that thinking part of his brain informed him that they had never done the cuddling like this before. Definitely not with only her in skirt and bra and him in only his t-shirt and socks. And the pink silk panties that were currently hanging off his penis like a flag. He definitely was going to listen to the other part of his brain; the one that said this is a damn good fucking thing.

"He'd probably expect more necking now, right Logan?"

He couldn't manage to verbalize an answer, so he just pulled her closer to him when she moved to kiss him. Oh yeah, this was definitely what any victim would expect.


When she bit his neck though, he felt the need make sure she knew that part could only be used in practice.

"Baby, you can't bite anyone else. No teeth marks, don't want any evidence, remember?"

She gave up her attention to his neck and looked him in the eye, frowning slightly. "Okay Logan, biting only in practice sessions." Her brow cleared and she gave him her 'I'm an A Student' smile. He thought about asking how regularly they would practice, but when her lips moved back to his, he decided the question and answer period could wait a bit.

"Do you think he'd be about to explode yet Logan? I mean his heart, that is." She nodded at the last and gave him an innocent look.

When he could think enough to put words into a sentence, bit out, "I don't think he'd be there quite yet Marie."

She nodded, and tilting her head, wrapped a plait of hair around a finger, chewing at the end - looking for all the world like she was at the ice cream shop trying to choose between chocolate and vanilla.

"Do you think playing with his penis would get him closer to exploding, Logan?"

She looked up at the gurgling sound that came from him, frowning, eyes opening extra wide. "Logan? Don't you think that would work?"

"Oh yeah, Marie, that could definitely work."

She beamed at him like he had just put a gold star on her homework.

Then with a parting kiss and a nip to his chin, slid down to the floor and opened his legs, placing herself in between, her soft skin touching the sensitive skin of his inner thighs.

With one hand caressing his balls, she applied her mouth to his erection, starting with licks and nips, until finally she opened her mouth and took as much as she could in, then closing her jaw lightly she moved upwards, her teeth gently raking over the ultra sensitive flesh.

When she brought her head up, she looked at his eyes, and saw that they had started to glaze over. She blew gently on his manhood, then gave the head little kisses, until his eyes closed. Smiling at his deep breathing and the under his breath constant refrain of 'fuck fuck oh god fuck', she took the silk panties that fallen to side and put his cock through one of the leg holes, then twisted it, until his eyes shot back open at the painful pressure.

"It could hurt him if I did this, but not enough to kill him, so maybe I shouldn't do that any more. What do you think, Logan?"

It took him a minute to get his voice back. "That would probably be a good idea Marie. Don't want to tip him off too soon."

She twisted the panties one last time, and his eyes shut again. They might have even rolled back in his head. She untangled the panties and threw them over her shoulder, to the nice neat pile that she had left her gear in, not the unruly around the room mess she had left Logan's clothes in.

"He probably won't be that interested in my protection, so I should probably put the condom on now, that would be a good idea, don't you think, Logan?"

She took his low growl as an affirmative, and skillfully rolled the condom down his now fully engorged shaft.

She climbed into his lap then, her knees once again going to either side of his hips, her skirt falling about them.

Logan stirred at the feeling of her body around his and began to touch her. Running his hands over her, massaging her breasts through the silk and lace, coming into contact with the tags around her neck, then running one hand down under her skirt to her clit. He fondled and prodded the swollen bundle of nerves until it was making her shake slightly in an effort to achieve release.

He was watching her now, and her smile was innocent seduction as she molded her body to his once again, bringing his head back to lay on the back of the couch so she could kiss him. With his hands guiding her hips, she leaned back, and he slid into her, then raised her up, then down, then she began to move her body on his, grinding fiercely down on him. Her nails clawed into his shoulders, even through the black cotton t-shirt they would have left marks on any man without Logan's particular mutation.

He ran his hands down her body as she moved, bringing his fingers between them, once again taunting her clit, then leaving to grasp her body and bringing it into full contact with his. She watched him, and managed to bring one hand in between their bodies to take the place of his, and with a few more strokes, finished what he had started. She went over, and saw through slitted eyes that he was watching her as she came.

She smiled prettily for him, and relaxed on his body, enjoying the feeling his hardness still inside her inner channel. A few seconds and she started moving again, using her inner muscles to clench and release, clench and release, until his eyes closed, his hips moving up into hers with bruising force.

And she smiled again, and if he had seen it, had his eyes been open, he would have noticed that this time it was different.

Marie used one hand to grasp the belt buckle and dragged the belt and the pantyhose over to her. As he moved, she took the belt and drew the holed end through the buckle, and on his next thrust, brought it over his head, and around his neck, the pantyhose for now left unused by her side.

Logan was beyond anything - all he could feel were the inner muscles clasping him, pulling him deeper into her, just where he wanted to be, had wanted to be for so long.

He didn't even feel it when she first started to pull the belt tight.

He didn't feel it until the redneck belt buckle bit into his windpipe and the tightening of the leather on his throat.

He looked into her eyes then, and saw her calm demeanor, and the tiny smile as she pulled it tighter, the sharp edge of the belt buckle drawing blood.

He stopped moving.

And then grinned back at her, showing teeth.

Her arms went around his neck as she moved closer to him, her breasts tight against his chest. Her mouth moving back to his, her tongue running over his teeth, then moving in to play with his. His hands clasped her rounded ass and started to help her move, and he was rewarded that with every downward plunge, she would tighten the belt oh so slightly, making him even more lightheaded.

When their lips left each other they would demand and encouraging more and more, begging for more sensation, calling each other sugar and baby and darlin'. Then lips would meet again and no more words were needed.

The second he felt her climax, he thrust her hips down, lunged his up, and with the belt tight around his neck, came with a ferocity he couldn't remember feeling before.

She was glued to him, their sweats and scents combining to make the air so heavy, the perfume of it becoming his most favorite thing in the world. He leaned back on the couch, bringing her with him. It was a few minutes before she moved again, lifting her head from his shoulder, though his hands at her lower back never stopped stroking her smooth skin.

He smiled at her, as she ran her hands through his hair, petting him constantly. "So, what did we learn today, class?"

"That fucking the teacher is the best way to ace a final?"

"Cute, darlin', cute."

"Well, always keep your own clothes were you can find them, panties and bra especially. Make sure he's so far gone if you're gonna do it this way. If you had been any less out of it, you could have fought me off. And use his clothing when you can, less evidence of me left behind. Come to think, in hindsight, use the condom for head too."

Logan nodded approvingly.

"Anything else, darlin'?"

"Always make sure you get at least one good orgasm out of it."

"Knew you would be my best student, Marie."

She kissed him then, and took the belt from around his neck. Throwing it back to the couch beside them, she looked at the blood from the belt buckle cuts. The cuts had sealed up a few seconds after she had removed the belt, but they had bled. Marie gave him a worried frown, and bit her lip. Then, putting both her hands in his hair, pulled his head back, but gently this time, and started kissing his neck, licking the blood off.

Fuck. It was making him hard again, still deep inside her. Logan reached around her, taking the bra off, leaving her dressed only in his tags and the skirt. He lifted up off the couch, hands under her ass, keeping her in place. Of the same mind, her legs went around his hips and folded behind, her calves running up and down his ass. She reached between them and pulled his t-shirt up, pausing when it was over his head, just before pulling it off completely to bite him deeply on the shoulder. He growled a purring growl that made him vibrate. All of him, even the part of him still deep within in her. Her eyes opened wide in delight.

"More lessons, Logan?"

"Never gonna stop baby, education's a gift that keeps on giving. Chuck told me that once."

"Far be it from me to disagree with the Professor," she said as he used a claw to get rid of the skirt.

"Lean over."

He did as she asked, and rewarded her with a wolfish smile when she grabbed the pantyhose and the belt from the couch. "So what if I needed to tie him up, you know, to the bed, what would be the best way to do that?"

He headed toward his bedroom then, thinking that it was good that the last interior overhaul at the mansion had included the addition of four poster beds.

It was a few hours and a few lessons on how to make sure a knot was really, really tight before he thought about why she had asked the question again, or more precisely, WHO she had asked the question for.


"Hmmm, sugar?"

He let himself get momentarily distracted by his enjoyment of the endearment - how much better it was when she was lying naked on his chest, boneless and well loved.

"Why did you want to know about killin' techniques?"

"Just was something I was wonderin' about. The you in my head made a mention of it a few days ago."

He pondered that. "You mean when you broke up with Gumbo?"

"Well," she started, playing with his nipples then, fingers lightly pinching, then soothing. "Remy isn't really a factor in all this, Logan. I broke up with him weeks ago. He was just sniffin' around again, and it was annoying. He should finally get the message tomorrow, though."

"Tomorrow?" He really had problems thinking when she did that, especially when she added little bites to the mix, oh fuck damn that was good.

"Well, tomorrow when I come out of your room, we get breakfast and come back up here and aren't seen again until class on Monday... I think that might be a clue. Not to mention you put one more hickey on my neck it's gonna look like a Monet."

God, his girl was a genius.

"Sounds like a good plan to me darlin'," he said as he flipped her over, and when she was on her back, started to apply his lips to her throat, her breasts, working his way down her body.

This teaching business wasn't going to be that bad, but Marie's private lessons before bedtime were definitely going to be his favorite.
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