The End by AerynsFallen
Summary: A dark and twisted ending for one of the Xmen. It can be graphic but I changed the ending so it's a little less bleak and a little more hopeful.
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Logan and Marie by AerynsFallen
Author's Notes:
So here is the official ending. It's short and hopeful and maybe a little abrupt but I hope you can still enjoy it. This ending is thanks to Sparroe and WitchBaby who encouraged me to continue on. Sorry guys might not be exactly the light and fluffy ending you were hoping for!
She was floating in a long forgotten world of light and happiness. She didn’t belong here, not anymore. Someone was calling her name but something was different. It took her a moment to realize that they were calling her Marie. Marie was the name that described a girl that was long gone. Marie was the girl that had been hopelessly in love with Logan. Marie had been the weak little girl that no one wanted. She was Rogue. Because even if no one wanted Rogue, she was needed. Scott needed her. Still that familiar voice called her, over and over. They were so insistent and she wanted so badly to answer them. It was light here, where she was. There was no pain here and it disturbed her just a little. She couldn’t remember a time that she wasn’t in pain, whether it was emotional or physical. But at least she could control the physical. At least she knew that the physical would end.

The person was getting louder and it was really starting to bother her. Why couldn’t they just leave her alone? She growled in annoyance. She was good here, no pain to speak of. And it was a relief. And still they nagged incessantly and their voice was so familiar and filled with such pain. She couldn’t let them hurt. She knew pain and she wouldn’t want anyone to feel like she had. Speaking of pain, where was Scott? Poor, tortured Scott who had needed her so desperately and loved her so intently in their last moments. Her thoughts were interrupted yet again as the same person pleaded with her. Come back Marie. She huffed in annoyance, or at least she would have if she had been corporeal. Oh well, may as well go to that voice and try to soothe at least a little of their hurt. She might’ve understood Scott, felt even certain affection for him but she never stopped hoping deep down that he might one day need her without causing her pain. Want her for her and not what she could give him, a twisted release.

She went towards the voice and was immediately surrounded in pain. She tried to cry out but her lips wouldn’t open. There were so many thoughts in her head, so many that weren’t hers. One voice was dominant and soothing and familiar. A voice she hadn’t allowed herself to hear in so long. Logan was chanting her name over and over and the love he felt for her was so overwhelming that she couldn’t help the tears that fell from her eyes. She opened her eyes and saw his face. He smiled and her heart almost burst from the overwhelming and unfamiliar happiness she felt. Logan loved her. Logan loved her and he’d come back for her. Scott had lied. The smile on her face dimmed as she realized that his was a voice that remained absent. She searched for his presence in her head and found nothing. He was gone. Logan was filling her mind with every thought of love he had ever had. And it should have frightened her, the intensity of his devotion but she let herself bask in it. He was holding her close and it was the only place she’d ever wanted to be. The only selfish thing she’d ever wanted for herself. In his arms, loved by him.

She clung to him and cried. She let herself finally acknowledge all the pain she’d supressed in the last months after his departure. She cried and cried and he held her tenderly, stroked her hair with his calloused palms and nuzzled her cheek with his own grizzled one. She was home and it was everything she’d ever hoped for or imagined. She wasn’t fixed and she was no closer to being healed than before but she knew that with his help she might be able to find Marie again. That with Logan’s help she could let herself hope for things that she hadn’t dared to before. She was secure in the love he felt for her. It surrounded her and for the first time since he’d left she felt certain that everything was going to be okay. There was much to deal with and there was still much they needed to discuss but they could save that for another day. Right now they were Logan and Marie, together. And they loved each other. Maybe that wasn’t all that mattered, but she didn’t care. It was all she needed, all she wanted, all she’d ever hoped for. And she knew Logan felt the same.
End Notes:
Wow those last two chapters were exhausting. Sigh...but it's finished now. Please review and let me know what you think. Loved it? Hated it? I don't mind as long as you tell me what you thought!!!
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