The End by AerynsFallen
Summary: A dark and twisted ending for one of the Xmen. It can be graphic but I changed the ending so it's a little less bleak and a little more hopeful.
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Marie Lived by AerynsFallen
Author's Notes:
Yep, not a huge fan of sad endings, apparently not even my own. So here it is...a short alternate ending. Do not read if you liked the original angsty've been warned!!!
Logan cried when he found her. He tore into Scott's dead body, wanting to inflict pain on the one person he'd trusted to take care of her. His Marie. It was too late for revenge, too late for apologies and forgiveness. He'd come back too late...

So Logan held Marie and cried. He held her body close and cried for the lies he'd told her. She was too young but he'd vowed to wait so she could grow up. Scott had told him to wait for Marie to mature. He was the one to blame for the lies Logan had told Marie. To protect her, Scott said. Logan hurt her and left. For what purpose hadn't been clear but he was guilty enough and ashamed enough to do what Scott said. Logan knew then he wasn't good enough for her, Scott had told him so...

And this is what listening to Scott had brought him...pain and agony and grief so strong he wanted to tear himself open to escape it. It hurt even worse when he realized Scott had sent him away so he could abuse Marie and to make her feel as broken as Scott was.

Ororo watched Logan as he rocked back and forth murmuring Marie's name over and over. Tears stained her face as she witnessed the scene before her. What Scott had done appalled her. What he'd done was so sickening that she could only assume Jean's death had driven him insane. She blamed herself for something she was blind to. She had no words of comfort for Logan, especially knowing he was perhaps only minutes too late to save Marie. The hand fate had dealt was cruel in the extreme.

Logan called her name over and over, he kissed her forehead and lips and cried even harder when her own lips remained chilled and unresponsive. He threaded thier hands together and rubbed his cheek against hers. The Wolverine snarled at anyone that reached to take his mate away. They remained like that for what seemed like an eternity, but was merely moments. Logan rocking Marie. He felt dizzy suddenly and his body ached. A familiar burn that made him gasp in disbelief. He pushed Marie away to see for himself. Her eyes opened and he smiled.
End Notes:
One more chapter I think from Marie's Should I leave it as is???
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