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Reviewer: Kerryanah Signed star star star half star [Report This]
Date: 11/04/2009 6:06:25 PM Title: Chapter 2

"rinse and repeat" - i love that line. very well done, i always have a peek when you update and i'm never regretful that i did so.

the last few paragraphs though ... did it seem a lil ... uh ... hmmm... like it was poetic? or was it just me?

Author's Response: Whoops – and I specifically promised no more poetry!!! The working title was ‘Demons and Storms’ and I might yet change it back! – It’s hard enough for me to understand what’s going on in my head let alone try and explain it but I’ll give it a go; Logan is often portrayed as wild, more animal than man – I was aiming for more man than beast but an untamed version, one used to being on his own and emotionless and therefore struggling with unknown feelings - hence him calling them ‘demons.’ He may be more man but I still see him at home with nature, so I have him contemplating his predicament using the sun/snow etc. I wasn’t aiming for poetic; I was trying for a bit more depth to the man side whilst still keeping his other side. I seem to have missed depth and gone off course to somewhere over the top!! Warning; you may well need you’re poetic head on for the last part! Thanks for fb x

Reviewer: Moviemom44 Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/04/2009 11:24:26 AM Title: Chapter 2

That's it! That's it! You may not be the first to come up with this, but you made it clearer to me than any Rogan I've ever read -- it's her complete unflinching acceptance of him, of all of his demons, that makes her different from everyone else, that makes him want her--love her--like no one else. I can't wait for Chapter 3! -- Wendie

Author's Response: It won't be long, it's done [sort of] I've just got to play with it - hopefully at the weekend [pretty pathetic timescale for so few words but too many things to do with so little time!!] Glad you're still enjoying it, thanks for fb and for speed I hereby send you yet another gold star x

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