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Marks the spot. Wolverine & Rogue Wisdom
Everything I Needed To Know About Life I Learned From Wolverine and Rogue...

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1) Having deadly skin needs not be an impediment to doing body shots with the clawed guy of your dreams.

2) Forget what you mother told you - sometimes, a rough & tumble bar in northern Alberta is the perfect place to meet somone special

3) Gloves are sexy. So are flannel shirts and big, redneck belt buckles.

4) If you truly love someone, let him go. If it's meant to be, he'll give you his dogtags.

5) In your life, you will meet people like Jean Grey - smart, gorgeous, and so perfect you'll sometimes want to puke. Don't worry, though. Someone somewhere is jeaous of you, too.

6) Never take things for granted. One minute, you could be snuggled up to the love of your life. The next, you might be in a duffel bag slung over the bad guy's shoulder.

7) Sometimes, the only thing to do is to take a chance and stow away in some mutant cage fighter's bike trailer.

8) Just because she's younger doesn't mean she's not doable.

9) Any place on earth is better than Mississippi.

10) If you're freaking out while everyone around you is calm, it probably means that you're in love with the mutant girl who's been kidnapped by the baddies.

11) Dude, if you found her in an alley, she's NOT MARIE.

12) Whatever you do, never EVER get between a wolverine and his mate. You could get seriously hurt.

13) If you're not sure that your girl knows how you feel about her, don't say it with dogtags.

14) Even growly bad asses need love.

15) Black leather = good. Jeans and flannel = good. Bedding = good. The moral: anything looks good on Logan. Especially Rogue.

16) Real men press that weird button on the motorcycle without worrying about what it'll do.

17) Unless you're a mutant with a superhealing factor, always wear your seatbelt.

18) Going home with strange men in shadey bars can lead to being stabbed through the chest.

19) Yes, beef jerky CAN be inhaled without first being chewed.

20) Exchanging real names in SuperheroLand... Dude, that's heavy.

21) Even almost falling off the Statue of Liberty is worth it if you manage to save your girl.

22) Unless you have a death wish - do NOT mess with Marie. Logan tends to get pissy about that.

23) Forget diamonds. Dogtags are a girls best friend.

24) Gloves can be quite a turn on.

25) Yes, scarves make good saliva absorbers, and possibly bad breaths.

26) who cares if he has no past and is probably way too old for you as long as he's hot and dominant.

27) who cares if he's not a virgin?

28) never underestimate the power of a redneck belt buckle ;)

29) Skunk stripes look wicked cool, even on a mutant.

30) Dr. Pepper is not a wussy drink. It's a great substitute for beer...really!

31) If you wanna steal a car, get Logan. He has 'connections'. ;D

32) Never trust blue mutants. They take your girl, then they come after you.. (SCARY!!!!!!! OO)

33) A quote from Josey and the Pussey Cats. "Holy Sh!t!" That girl has a skunk on her forhead!! Oh wait..thats just her hair, but that's messed up!"

35) Forbidden love is the sexiest kind of love there is.

36) It's all right if you can't stop thinking about Wolverine, because you're in good company.

37) Always have a cool yet oridginal hair style and wear it for life, others like you will be drawn to you.

38) Keep drinking beer and stay fighting. Nobody will ever interrupt when you're bizzy...

41) All you need is love... and a body stocking

42) WHo needs a stupid dumb jock when you've got a strong hot muscular wolverine on your ass

43) Well two persons in the same painful situation - they are outcasts, think the world is crazy, hate themselves, are both dark and blue - have a better and more exciting and speciel friendship than other(So Iceman can ice-fuck off!)

44) Boys are too much trouble: They go into comas after kissing you, make fun of you until you run away, and freeze their rivals' hands. Give up on boys and get a man (with claws, a healing power, and a big belt buckle). A man won't fall into a coma after kissing you, he'll run away *with* you, and he'll kick anyone's ass who dares to get near you.


46) There is nothing sexier then belt buckles claws and lots and lots of alcohol all icehole is good for is ice breath he's got bartending potential!

47) If the girl you're trying to save starts changing hair color right before your eyes, it's time to get serious about the whole rescue thing.

48) If you think your professor may be telepathic, don't start daydreaming about a certain kick-ass canadian in the middle of physics.

49) ALWAYS turn your ruby glasses down to the lowest setting before attempting to blast green goo off your sweetheart's face.

50) Dogtags are never a substitution for an engagement ring.

51) Just because the man wakes up and stabs you through the chest, you shouldn't completely give up on the relationship. If it happens repeatedly, consider turning your attention to the nearby one-eyed cutie.

52) Her: When in doubt - run away. Him: When in doubt - run away....hmmm, do you see a pattern?

53) a hot guy with claws and dog tags always knows more than some bold guy in a wheel chair.

54) havind white streaks in your hair is a sure sign of beauty.

55) some one who comes equiped with their own weapons will always win.

56) any man who has beef jerkey in his glove compartment ROCKS!

57) anyone who risks his life for you "twice" is a keeper

58) you cant go wrong with a guy who has hair like his and musile like his, and not to menchin the claws.WOW.

59) remember logfan's the only one who can ride a motorcycle without a helmite.

60) if you want a car really bad then just make sure that your the only one who can start it....*snikt*

61) life is full of questions....just don't ask logan!

62) when choseing between two people, two tungs are better then one.

63) buckle your set belt!!!!!

64) when you shoot some one in the head........make sure they don't have a healing ability.

65) don't bother waisting your stun guns on a guy who heals faster than you can shoot them.

66) when choosing between two men pick the six pack not the one eye.

67) whats memory got to do with it?

68) don't judge a book by it's cover...........you might miss out.

69) any man who sirvives a car crash with no scratches or bruses is a keeper.

70) life is like a box of chocolates, some tast bad and then theres logan.

71) Pushing the button on the seatbelt can actually save someone with one eye from having to blast it.

72) When riding on a train and it abruptly stops, get out of the window and hall ass out of there.

73) Never wake up a man with indestructable claws when he sounds like he's getting laid when he sleeps.

74) If you don't like who your dating then let them die in a tragic acident then you won't feel bad about dating the furry guy.

75) never kiss a mutant

77) Big redneck belt buckles are one of the sexiest things EVER! So are claws. And Logan.

78) Beef Jerky is the new 'food of love'.

79) If somebody doesn't want to be kissed by you, don't get sad it's probably because he/she has a posiones skin!

80) Bobby and Rogue kissing in the X2 movie was all a horrible nightmare...........

81) Big trucks with a motor home hitch and a trailer on the back is sexy

82) When you go camping, all you need is Logan. He is the ultimate swiss army knife.

83) a hot older guy coming on to a beautiful underage girl isn't a crime, as long as it's true love...and who's gonna tell a guy with claws that he can't take what he wants?

84) if the guy you've been dating for several months doesn't know your real name, but it took the other guy only 2 minutes to be told that little bit of information, then you're probably dating the wrong guy.

85) Ice man may be hot, but Wolverine is Ghetto Ass Booty Hot! Plus when having sex, it's better to take a risk with claws, than to accidently get frozen stuck with Ice Man.

86) Leather, attitude, and the ability to kick ass - what more could a woman want? - systemhacker

87) When someone tells you they wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole, tell them there are ways around that - systemhacker

90) Body stockings ain't kinky..... They're part of everyday life!

91) Logan wasn't the one who told Storm to fry Magneto when they were in the Statue of Liberty, now was he? If you're gonna put adamantium in someone's skelton, make sure they're a little more even tempered than Logan. If the bad ass guy says he promises to take care of you, keep him!

92) Logan Vs Scott- Who's eyes can you look into?

93) Cats like licking beer off of adamantium claws.

94) If you can't have beer, make sure there's some soda so that not everyone has to resort to chocolate milk.

95) In addition to buckling your seatbelt, you should always keep your eyes on the road. One never knows when another mutant will drop a huge tree in your way.

96) Okay, you lose a fight to the Wolverine. You're upset, that's understandable. But perhaps you should listen to your buddy when he tells you that picking another fight isn't going to be worth it.

97) Who says sideburns went out of style?

98) You don't always need a big fancy diamond necklace. There are times where a set of dog tags will do just fine, especially if they have meaning.

99) If he'll die for you, he's a keeper.

102) Everyone should know how to work a seatbelt

103) Mouths are wonderful tools for getting your man to dress as an elf.

104) As bad as it gets, you'll never have to worry about unintentionally sucking the life force from your boyfriend.

106) YOu don't want to piss off Logan.Ever!

107) When being convinced to return home with your studly lab experiment ALWAYS get away from the man in the cape.

108) If there are trees and snow, its Canada!

109) There is always a sex-cabin.

110) When he is having a bad dream never wake a man up whom has claws in his hands!! Stabbing may occure

111) When you go to your Boyfriend's house, always bring your "Art" teacher along, just for protection.

112) You've heard of Chainsaw art right? well one of the masters must have tought Logan how to become an "art" teacher!

113) Never date someone who's superhero name can be re-interpreted into Snowflake.

114) When left cold on the doorstep with only his dogtags in your hand, remember - in the Marvel Universe, there are always more badass superheros with a personal arsenal and attitude!

115) If you think you've got time to wait and just sit about watching the girl of your dreams, then think again - rumours are that in X3 they're introducing Gambit!

116) Nothing is quite so breathtaking as the view from the Statue of Liberty - Mmm...Logan...

117) Never....ever....ask for a beer.....when your a minor....and your in church!

118) When You Neighbor Smokes a Cigar, Does The "Eyebrow Thing", and calls You 'Kid'.... Don't Sit There Like an Idiot Staring at Him All Day..........even if He is 72-yrs old.

119) It seems to be...that,you only hurt the ones you love.

120) Every time I really fall in love I get this "sharp" pain in my heart.... LOL

121) Make sure you invite a wolvie over for Thanksgiving...

122) True love is.... Dogtags

123) once upon a time....I think there might be more to it than that .....:)

124) you'll never look at a lighter the same ....

125) If she's wearing someone else's dog tags--*especially* someone whose name is *Wolverine*--then keep your eyes off, bub.

128) glass of water in a cheap bar: free beef jerky from a glove box: courage to ask elbow length opera gloves: $20 white streaks in hair: a lil pain & fear dogtags: smile and requset adamantium: priceless

131) Just Bcause it's labeled 'EINTKALILFW&R' Doesn't mean that it's not good advice -Jessamyn Vampyre Daughter

132) You read this whole list and your like: "Dude!!! I DO THE SAME THING!!!"....while everybody in your house thinks your mental 'cause you talk to your computer....

134) You read this whole list while screaming: "Dude!!! I DO THE SAME THING!!!".....while everybody in your house thinks your mental 'cause you talk to your computer......:^)

135) *Don't try any of these things at home*

138) It's only okay to hitch a ride with the guy who WINS in a cage fight.

140) If ya see a girl with white or blond steak in her hair dont touch her see might have poisonis skin.

141) its ok to hand your homwork in late/dont hand it in at all because you were up all night reading l/r fanfics and forgot to do it

145) don´t give up

146) Eat Beef Jerky, its good for you!!!

147) No matter what the situation - no matter how severe or life-threatening; even if God himself were about to plow the world down with a magical two-by-four... there will ALWAYS be enough time to slip on a convieniently form-flattering bodysuit before the Heroes fight.

148) always wear a seatbelt un less yo are a mutant with claws. see a guy who calls you 'kid' and has muscles and side burns and has a dogtag with 'wolverine' on it go for it dont just sit there staring! by katie xx i love wolverine xx

149) Motorcycles don't come equipted with seatbelts.

150) You are not a good kisser when you put the first person you kiss into a coma for three weeks.

151) They don't make adamantium-proof vests. So stay away from Logan's girl, bub.

152) True love is when *you* touch *her* willingly!

153) Whoever said nearly being killed by a maniac guy with a bucket on his head on top of the Statue of Liberty wasn't romantic?

154) It's one of those *look* but don't *touch* things. Pity.

155) Stabbing the love of your life through the chest is a turn-on. Go figure.

156) It's not cradle-robbing; it's true love.

157) If you've been dating him for a year and still haven't got around to telling him your real name, it's probably not meant to be.

158) Ice roses are nice. But being alive is better.

159) Abandoned mines, warehouses, military bases, etc. only bring trouble. Turn and run the other way before it's too late.

160) In the Marvel Universe, no one stays dead, no matter how much you want the read-headed ones to.

161) If your icey boyfreind won't even try to uses his powers on water, it's time to check out the guy with the claws.

162) Red haired telekenetics are only useful when impressing others by closing doors. They are completely useless in a fight, in fact they won't even try. And are none too bright anyway.

163) If a guy gets punched in the nuts and takes it like a man that means he can't beat the other guy up. Guys who get punched in the nuts and then beat the living k-rap out of the attacker, are the real men.

165) At some point in your life, you'll meet someone who seems to have it all--looks, brains, poise, the adoration of the man you secretly love. Usually, that person is the one who will go nuts and try to kill everybody.

166) Think of it this way: when you're old and wrinkly, he'll still be young and hot. Yum.

167) only a *real* man can *touch* *real* woman and survive it (twice)

168) You can love each other without touching *smirks*

169) 169. If you need to kick someone's @$$, namely someone who's been making passes at your girl (or guy), make sure you have claws (or can suck the life-force out of them).

170) Please before you go to bed with the girl you love get rid of that belt buckle, it interfere ;)

171) Call the girl you love "darling" or "babe", but not "KID"!!!!

173) Girls with platinum highlights have the most fun

174) 174.) The best way to get a girl's attention is flirting or dropping subtle hints, NOT i repeat NOT stabbing her through the chest so she has to suck the life out of you!!!

175) A guy always wants what he can't have; weather it be because a girl is out of his league or has deadly skin.


177) There is always time for candy, even if the closest candy machine is in the middle of a private school quad, while you're only wearing a lycra jumpsuit.

178) 178: Scott is hot but Logan is way hotter.

180) Confucious say: Woman with white streaks get in much trouble with men who control metal. It is better to depend on the furry one with claws then it is to wait for the one with a single eye, for he waits to plan things out. The furry one jump in, kick much ass. (moral: when in doubt, wait for logan to come rescue you. Scott can screw off.)

181) when in doubt, claws out, baby.

182) Diamond rings? pfft. only one eyed morons give a girl diamonds. A real man gives Dogtags. ( and possibly wild, uncontrolled sexings.)

183) Ice roses: 200$ Ruby tinted glasses:900$ Knowing that when you come home you get to have great, mindblowing sex with a way older guy who has claws:PRICELESS.

184) 10 things i learned from X-men 1&2: 1) seatbelts are for losers, and men named scott. 2)leather+white streaks= Damn. 3)Blue men with 3 fingers and a tail are hot. 4)Dogtags are the new wedding ring. 5)NEVER disturb a adamantium laced mutant while hes dreaming and making moan noises. 6)When romancing a woman with power leeching skin, always wear a condom. 7)redneck belt buckles and sideburns are sexy. 8) Mutant cage fighting should be an olympic sport. 9)When looking for a man, look to the ones who heal quickly, have claws, and tend to growl at people. sure, hes way older than you by who the hell knows how many years. but hes great in the sack. 10)Dont be a dip and get chained to the statue of liberty, cause in real life, there'll be no fluffy sexy man to save you. unless your name is Marie.

185) When an angry father takes his revenge on your school with the help of his military buddies, always make sure you have a hot guy with a tank top and claws around to save the day.

186) Trying to freeze a man's hand off just looks pathetic when he finds you a few hours later shivering behind the kitchen's island.

187) When you're trying to seduce a hot Canadian, make sure you don't have any tell-tale body markings. Especially if he's the one who gave them to you while you were trying to kill him.

188) Giving a guy his dogtags back is NOT the way to show him you love him!

189) A good guilt trip makes a man promise a lot of things, including life-long protection.

190) When a guy has a special smile for you, he's a keeper.

191) Run away from any man that scares away hungry wolves in winter.

192) You can learn to hate all redheads from a movie.

193) Some words go well together. Jelly and Donut. Harley and Davison. Ass and Hole. Logan and Marie. Yeah!

194) When he says," I'm not your father, Kid...", your relationship is going badly....

196) ..........^SO TRUE!!^........

197) When you first watch the X3 movie trailer.....make sure it's not at 2 in the morning. Screaming and crying ensues.

198) You vow to make Brett Ratner pay. Just because.

199) The perfect wedding--> your dress: off-white, some silk number with no sleeves and a low cut back, a veil, and no underwear, no makeup, no shoes. Your boyfriend--> jeans, boots and a white shirt. On the beach at the sunset Exactly like "eloping with marie" which is one of my favorite fanfics.

200) if you're always saying that logan loves jean (like brett ratner, or the producers of x2&x3 among others) it means that's not true, or at least not so strong you think it is.

201) logan's got a very very very bad taste in women in X3

202) X1, X2, X3... yes, X1: the first cut is the deepest

203) As the X-series moves on, if your powers include being able to suck the life outta someone, you will steadily become less and less important.

204) It's not always a good thing if he (she) can take your breath away...

205) Hot men with adamantium skeletons should ALWAYS wear their jeans a size too small

206) IT'S ONLY FOREVER isn't just a quote from the movie Labyrinth. In truth, it's a description of the Wolverine/Rogue relationship!!!!

207) If your a cop and your chasing a guy with metal claws in his hands, don't tell him to "Put the knives down!" He'll just kick your butt.

208) At two in the morning a person's best friend might finally be convinced of Logan and Marie's love but Bret Ratner won't ever understand. And telling the television / cinema screen this well known fact will not help anything. As much as one might try.

209) Red-headed telepaths are good for; One-eyed people. Ice-men are good for; Making Logan jealous (and being scared lil' wimps that make Logan look even sexier and growlier.) Southern belles with mutated skin are good for; scary-looking yet very extremely hot, cage-fighting, redneck-belt wearing, healing, and protective wolverines.

210) When Logan says 'I Love You' To Jean He Is Lying.

211) When in doubt think "What would Logan do" and then do the exact opposite - unless you want to get fired/arrested/strange looks from clients when you sit behind your desk growling quietly to yourself.

212) When Logan tells Jean he loves her He Is Under The Influence Of Drugs, no doubts about it.

213) If you're a really great fan of the x-men you wonder WTF are the last 6 posts still doing here.. it's an insult to the website !!!

214) Love never bows to a boundary as silly as age.

215) And we all know sex isnt all that important...

216) NEVER tell a man with an ability to get the crap kicked out of him and get up WITHOUT A SCRATCH, that you want your money back because he cheated.

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