We're the best there is at what we do, and what we do will never happen in the movies.
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Marks the spot. Quote Game
The Diebin Quote Game

#1: "I don't like the color yellow. It's bright, it's cheerful, and it's pretty much impossible to look brooding and angry when you're covered in bright, bright yellow."

#2: "Even if you're as good at running as I am--don't try it after the girl of your dreams has been feeling you up. It can be . . . uncomfortable."

#3: "I was /not/ going to pick her up and fucking hold her while she ate. That was just a little to reminiscent of the whole breast feeding thing, and I'll be damned if I even go there."

#4: "So, when are you going to stop being a pansy and do something about the fact that I'm throwing myself at you and Scott's helping?"

#5: "You're ready," he whispered, and his hand ghosted down my body. And then his hands locked around my waist and held me as his face pressed against my shoulder. "Touch yourself, and I'll help you."

#6: "You know, I think giving them the room next to us was Charles' way of saying he thinks I'm a little to uptight."

#7: "I think she was a little disappointed that I didn't pull her in and just hoist her up against the shower wall and do the nasty right there, but I have to admit I was just too fucking surprised to do anything about it."

#8: "Wanting to get it on with someone who can kill you by touching you is /always/ dangerous. But there were ways around that."

#9: "I've seen some of the stuff Jubilee finds appropriate. Porn stars would blush."

#10: "I was afraid to find out that five thousand dollars had bought more than my past--that it had bought my soul too."

#11: "Love had faded into a twisted lust and hatred, discouragement and even resentment left far behind as hope twisted into need and she succumbed to the basest urge to own and possess."

#12: "It was Logan touching me, and it was Logan touching himself, and it was me touching myself, and I wasn't sure who was happier, the Logan inside me that there was finally a hand he recognized as his own resting on my body, or me, because the hand sliding over my chest and stomach wasn't small and covered in fabric."

#13: "Cool, calculating, animal eyes that are forever weighing the pros and cons, forever testing the waters. Logan could never speak again, and I could understand everything he ever wanted to say just by watching his eyes."

#14: "He had made her come three times on three different nights before he realized that what he was doing might not be right."

#15: "What, was I supposed to come fling myself into your arms, dog tags a jinglin' around my neck?" "These tags?"

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