Give the poor guy a break!
"We love Scotty, he's so cute! He's for fun and not aBUSE!" ~ Nancy Lorenz

PETS was started when the Angst Grrls noticed that Movie Mutant Scott Summers was being put down again and again, and made to suffer needlessly for no reason at all. Angered by the bad characterization and really bad treatment of what was an interesting and great character, People for the Ethical Treatment of Scott was started by the Grrls in hopes of changing things for the better for poor Scott.

People who join PETS swear to treat Scott like a decent character and not make him suffer needlessly. Stand up for Scott! He's more than an X-Man! He's Cyclops!

Take a button or a banner, link back to this site, and have fun protecting Scott!



banner by Nancy Lorenz

*Not affiliated with the other PETS, People For the Ethical Treatment of Spike. They've got a great website. Check 'em out.