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I usually suck at these things so here goes nothing.

I'm a 30-something wife and mother of furry, feathered, scaled, and finned critters, but no bipedal humanoids (hubby acting like a baby doesn't count and neither does my four-legged daughter when she wakes around on her hind legs!) I've been flirting with writing for most of my life, but sadly have minimal time to work on it, and some of those projects have morphed many times over the course of the twenty years or so since the first few broke down the door into my brain and set up house... and refused to leave no matter how many times I've called the eviction agency to get them kicked out. Sigh. They are as well-behaved as my dog, which is to say, not at all LOL!

So, anyway, I've been reading fiction since I can remember, and have always had a special spot for Logan and Wolverine... and after the X-movies, for Rogue as well. I am addicted to feralness? ferality? or just ferals? hmmmm! LOL! Either way, I love them, love reading about them, love writing about them, just love them. And as I sit here typing this out, I've realized that I've loved the concept of overcoming/mastering the feral in order to regain or learn one's humanity since before I even knew what that meant: long before I discovered Wolverine I have story snippets about that topic. Well, well, you learn something new about yourself every day :D
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Written for the "50 Reasons" Rogan challenge. Marie shows Logan her old room... things happen.

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Series: "50 Reasons" Rogan challenge
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