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I'm also known as My Broken Quill down in and I fell in love as soon as I saw The Back. You know what I'm talking about.


In The Works

* A long one that starts as a Logan/Jean but ends up Logan/Rogue. Lots of angst, romance and drama.

* Logan/Rogue Rogue/Remy. A sad one this time.

* Third part of the Logan and Marie: Rough and Loving It


I canít be bothered to write this on every chapter of every story so Iíll just write it here and tell you it applies to all. Although I play I do not own anything, in fact Iím not even allowed to borrow, which sucks because Hugh Jackman and I would have such cute babies Ö you know, if they uh took after him.

If you spot a mistake of any kind donít be shy to tell me, I will thank you kindly and give you many smilies.

Oh, and yes, you can archive as long as you tell me and give me the address so that I can go swoon at my fic on your fancy site.

Thatís it from me really,

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Series by Kerryanah
When your future looks so bleak it feels like you're stumbling in the dark, with everything and everyone against you, it's sometimes best to just give up. Too bad they love each other.

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