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I blame my cousin for all of this. A few months after X1 was released, she said, "You'll love this character: a feral guy with claws and a hairy chest." I was hooked at the first glimpse of Wolverine. I was a goner at that point.

I got started writing minimal fanfic at the Bronze Alternative (Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan board community). Most of the fic writing there was round robins or RPGs. Once I got addicted to Wolverine fic, I never went back.

My first story was "The Set Up" with Logan and Scott in a mess, trying to save each others' lives. "Poison" is probably my masterpiece. I'm working on my first songfic now that's becoming a multichapter beastie (seems to be a habit with me).

I'm female, 52, living in extreme rural south-central Ohio. Yep, I'm a hillbilly. I'm also a bluegrass picker and perform as half of the Second Wind duet, playing old-time mountain music.

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